What Is Special About The Yamaha P71? Is It Worth Buying?

yamaha p71
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Music is what makes our souls more emotional in any case. A piano can produce melodies that make listeners sob. However, not every guitar can produce good tunes.

Yamaha is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality pianos. However, not all of their guitars make you feel satisfied when using them. If you are looking for a digital piano then you should choose the Yamaha P71 88 key. This piano has been reviewed by many experts and has been concluded as the most outstanding P-series model. Why can we claim that? What is special about Yamaha P71? Join us to find out the reason through the analysis and share below!

What is in the Yamaha P71 Bundle package?


yamaha p71 88 key 1024x576
The Yamaha P71 Bundle package

Buying a Yamaha P71 with a package or with individual accessories is up to you. However, you should spend a small amount of money to buy additional utilities. They will better serve your music playing needs during the use of P71 Yamaha.

Inside each P71 Bundle package, you will find Sheet Holder, Manuals, Keyboard and accessories included in the package (Music Rest, AC Adapter, Pedal).

The most important point inside the P71 Bundle package is the Yamaha P71 piano with 88 keys. Here are its specifications:

  • Weight: 11.5 Kgs
  • Shipping weight: 36.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.7 inches
  • Keyboard Type: Graded Hammer Standard
  • Keys: Fully weighted 88-keys
  • Piano Tone: AWM Stereo Sampling
  • Touch Sensitivity: Soft/Medium/Hard/Fixed
  • Voice presets: 10
  • Ports: DC IN, Headphone Jack, Sustain Pedal, USB to Host
  • Modes: Duo and Dual
  • Polyphony: 64
  • Tempo Range: 32 – 280
  • Transpose: -6 to 0.0 to 6
  • Tuning: 414.8 – 440.0 – 446.8 Hz
  • Reverb: 4 types: Room, Hall1, Hall2, Stage

Overview about features and performance

p71 yamaha
This piano can produce catchy tunes and keep you entertained

Yamaha P71 digital piano has a total of 88 keys with transpose from -6 to 0.0 to 6. This piano can produce catchy tunes and keep you entertained. It is worth the money you spend. To help you better understand the performance and features of the P71, in addition to reading the specifications table above, you should read the analysis below.

Build and Design

Although the Yamaha P71 88-key has a rather flimsy entry level price tag, its construction and interior quality are very well built. The simple, compact design not only makes the P71 easy to use, it also exudes a rare elegant beauty. Weighing in at 25 pounds, you can confidently move it with ease to different performance venues.

Dual Mode

Dual mode is considered one of the most special features of the Yamaha P71. You can play the sounds of two instruments at the same time. This is hard to believe but it does happen. Your music can now play in a new and more varied style on one instrument.

P71 allows your creativity to flourish even more. Combining two types of sounds from two different instruments on the P71 makes it easier for you to compose, you can both play the piano and accompany the guitar for yourself.


As mentioned above, the Yamaha P71 88 key is incredibly light in weight, you can easily move it to many different positions. Other acoustic pianos are often passive due to weight, but the P71 not only has a rich sound with outstanding features, but also is very convenient to move.

Fully Weighted Keys


yamaha p71 review
The Yamaha P71 88 key weighted action digital piano might be better than you think

The Yamaha P71 has 88 fully weighted keys that can meet the needs of professional pianists to beginners. The P71’s ergonomic keyboard set can really blow away all competitors in the same segment. The real GHS weighted keys can feel delicately real to the touch. The responsiveness can surprise first-time P71 users.

Although belonging to the digital piano line, the Yamaha P71 88 keys actually use small hammers inside the keyboard. Therefore, every time you play this piano with the GHS action, it feels a bit heavy and has some resistance. It creates a realistic feeling for the player to make the music more emotional. The Yamaha P71 88 key weighted action digital piano might be better than you think.

In addition, you can set the sensitivity of the keys according to your needs. There are 4 different settings for you to choose from. The initial fixed installation will produce sounds of the same quality whether hard or soft. However, other settings will give a completely different sound and feel.

The medium setting is considered the default setting. It provides players with the same sound as acoustic pianos. The other two types of settings including hard setting and soft setting will give harder sensitivity and easier sensitivity in the keys. You can optionally choose the appropriate settings to make the music go in the direction you want.

Sound Quality

Nothing on a piano is more important than its sound. Although everything on the piano is perfect, if it doesn’t sound great, no one will want to own it. Grasping this key point, Yamaha has created all the perfect notes for the P71. Its actual audio performance can surprise many people.

Thanks to Yamaha’s AWM sound engine, the P71 can produce clear, rich bass and treble sounds. The melody really impresses listeners with 10 different piano voices, it even produces a melody similar to the sound of regular acoustic pianos.

The tone of this piano is also very impressive as it is inspired by acoustic pianos. With only the P71 you can have the sound of 1 bright piano, vibrator sound, 1 orchestral piano, 2 organs, 2 electric pianos and finally 2 harpsichords.


In addition to the superior features and the ability to create great sound, the Yamaha P71 88 keys are also easily connected with convenient connection ports. It has a variety of connection options that help musicians connect it with other instruments and accessories.

A P71 piano will have 1 USA port, a headphone jack and a sustain jack. You can connect it to an amplifier or integrate the keyboard sound with music software. However, the P71 does not have MIDI, you can complete the connection via USB.

By any standard, the Yamaha P71 review shows us that it truly is a perfect digital piano in every way. The features it possesses can help you create a lively and emotional melody.

Pros And Cons of Yamaha P71

yamaha p71 88 key weighted action digital piano
In addition to the advantages, the Yamaha P71 also has a few disadvantages

To help you have a better look at the Yamaha P71 88 keys we will give the advantages and disadvantages of this piano. From there you can rely on them to make decisions.


  • Light weight so easy to move
  • Compact, delicate design creates elegant beauty
  • Fully numerically-accented keys produce rich and realistic sound
  • There are many connection options
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced people
  • Good price


  • No LED screen
  • No MIDI connection
  • No recording feature

Should You Buy the P71 Digital Piano?


yamaha p71 digital piano 1024x767
Fully weighted keys not only create lively sound, but also make it easier for players to manipulate

All in all, if you want a digital piano with a great sound and variety, you should buy the yamaha p71 88-key. There are many reasons why buying the P71 is the right decision. We’ll cover some of the main reasons below:

  • Through the new features and performance that we have analyzed above, you can see that the Yamaha P71 is a great version with perfect piano sound. You can feel the outstanding performance as well as the durable construction.
  • Fully weighted keys not only create lively sound, but also make it easier for players to manipulate. A good playing experience for both novice and professional pianists.
  • You just need to spend money to buy the Yamaha P71 Bundle package and do not need to buy any additional accessories to get started. The package will include the power connector, equipment holder and management pedal.
  • The delicate and compact design makes moving the piano more comfortable.
  • Performance, great sound and sophisticated design at an affordable price. You only need to spend a moderate amount of money to buy an all-round piano.


To highlight the advantages of the Yamaha P71 88 keys, we will compare it with Yamaha’s P45, P115 and PX-160. Is the P71 really the leader piano?

Yamaha P71 vs P45

yamaha p71 vs p45 1024x576
The P45 is sold more expensive than the P71

Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45 are two types of guitar that are quite similar in terms of features. The Yamaha P45 is an entry-level keyboard for beginners. It features the same 88-key weighted action as the P71, so most of the sounds they produce are the same.

However, the P45 is sold more expensive than the P71 because the P71 was created to be sold exclusively on Amazon. In general, these two pianos differ mainly in price. The features are all similar and they are all beginner-friendly.

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Yamaha P71 vs P115

yamaha p71 vs p115
The sound produced from the P115 also seems clearer, clearer and more impressive than the P71

The same is a digital piano, but can be considered P115 as a more advanced piano than P71 1 step. The keys of the P115 are matte finished and have optional touch settings according to the player’s wishes. You get more control over sensitivity and feel than with the P71.

The sound produced from the P115 also seems clearer, and more impressive than the P71 thanks to the built-in speaker system and the ability to resonate. However, the price of P115 is higher than that of P71. If you want to experience an enhanced feeling when playing the piano then you can choose the P115.

Yamaha P71 Vs Casio PX-160

yamaha p71 vs casio px 160 1024x1024
The PX-160 is capable of producing a clearer and richer sound even more

One of Yamaha’s formidable competitors in the piano market is Casio. They produce many different lines of digital pianos with constant innovation. The Casio PX-160 is one of their proud products. The PX-160 is capable of producing a clearer and richer sound even more thanks to Casio’s AiR sound technology. It is quite unbelievable that it can support up to 128 polyphony.

In addition, the PX-160 can memorize 90KB with the ability to store up to 60 songs in the music library. This will be a huge archive that makes it easier for artists to play music. If you don’t have headphones or an amplifier, you can completely use the built-in speaker system.

Overall, the Casio PX-160 has a lead over the P71 thanks to some great built-in features and advantages.


As a piano line that is quite famous for its features and reasonable price, there are many questions from readers sent to us. I’ll answer some questions right here!

Does the Yamaha P71 have MIDI?

No, the Yamaha P71 only has a USB-enabled port. However the P71’s USB support will be able to support MIDI input.

Does the Yamaha P71 have weighted keys?

Yes, the Yamaha P71 has 88 fully weighted keys. You can enjoy the realistic feel and sound when playing music.

Does the Yamaha P71 have bluetooth?

No, the Yamaha P71 does not support Bluetooth connectivity, so you can only use headphones with a jack or devices with ports connected to it. However, this is not a big problem because the P71 can connect to most devices through the connector.

Who is the Yamaha P71 suitable for?

The Yamaha P71 is a great piano for the beginner or novice pianist. It has 88 keys similar to an acoustic piano, so it is suitable for teaching or practicing in small spaces.

If you are a lover of the sound of an acoustic piano, you can choose to buy a Yamaha P71 to save more. Although the P71 is not really suitable for performances, in life and daily practice, it is a great choice.

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Many people wonder “Is it worth buying?”. The answer is definitely yes. While the Yamaha P71 88 keys isn’t a perfect piano in every way, at less than $500 it’s a great choice. With 10 high-precision sounds, the P71 can satisfy most musicians. There are certainly other pianos out there that are perfect and sound better, but the P71 will be something different and irreplaceable. Above is our entire yamaha p71 review, hope this information will help you choose the best piano!

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