Yamaha P125 Bundle: Is This Worth Buying in 2022?

yamaha p125 bundle
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The Yamaha brand has succeeded in creating keyboard instruments with great sounds including the P series digital pianos. The P-series pianos offer a wide range of products on the market, among which The Yamaha P-125 is a popular product that many people love. So should you buy a Yamaha p125 bundle or not, let’s follow the shares given below.

How does Yamaha p125 bundle sound?

The sound of the P-125 is an important factor for people to decide whether this product is suitable for selection or not. Compared to previous product models, most of the Yamaha P-125’s sound samples are more realistic and vivid. One can confirm this through the sound of the organ.

When it comes to choosing organ sounds, modern keyboardists will all make the choice for the Hammond B3. This product is one of the popular models offered by Hammond Organ Company. In the sixties, this guitar was extremely famous as the dream of many people. However, this sound sample will not be suitable for rock players.

Many people do not know why the sound of the organ is so realistic. This is because it has relatively complex chords and has to play many notes at the same time. Professional pianists point out that the Yamaha P-125 is superior to the Yamaha P-115 in its ability to produce the most realistic sounds.

When playing jazz on the Yamaha P-125, many people also feel that the sound of the organ has a very nice vibrato. Singers can sing with high-pitched vibratos in a realistic way, without feeling cheesy or fake. In addition, the speaker system of the Yamaha P-125 is certainly powerful and also belongs to a more advanced product line.

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Feature of yamaha p125 bundle

The P-125 is notable for being equipped with a unique two-way speaker system that can output both up and down sound. This is really loved by many artists because it makes the sound output become much richer than previous predecessors. For example, for the Yamaha P-115, one feels that it only produces a top-down sound that is not as diverse as the P125.

The Yamaha P-125 has one more advantage that it provides many sound samples and has more drum beats when output. The number of vocals of this type is 21 voices, compared to the Yamaha P-115’s only 14. This will definitely be a great choice for those who want a lot of rhythm.

The last point in the feature of this keyboard is that it provides additional separation and layering features. Splitting has the advantage of allowing one part of the keyboard to work with different sounds. For the class, it will allow the player to play two or more different sounds at the same time.

p125 yamaha bundle
Feature of yamaha p125 bundle is extremely diverse

The Controls

The layout and arrangement of control buttons on the Yamaha P-125 is appreciated for its convenience. The Yamaha P-125 is equipped with single buttons with about 7 separate sounds of which there are three variations. Where the variant selector will be changed with just one push of a button and there are three more red LEDs to give out a signal to let everyone know which one is selected.

Are Yamaha p125 bundles worth buying?

To know if the Yamaha P125 is really worth buying or not, people need to find out exactly what their needs are. Please pay attention to the actual products to choose to buy the keyboard. Specifically, everyone will need a bench to sit on when playing the piano, unless your family already has one. Besides, the player can also choose a stand to place the P-125.

Choosing the P-125 in a particular bundle will be a good way, suitable for your cost. People when buying can also negotiate with the store and choose to buy the piano itself combined with a number of different accessories. The price when buying the whole set will not be much higher, but close to the price when everyone buys a separate P-125.

Currently on the market there are many places that offer piano combos so you can buy them anywhere easily. At Kraft Music or Guitar Centers, Amazon, people will easily find bundles of Yamaha P-125 with a combination of stand or padded bench with pedals.

There are a variety of bundles you can choose from, which may include an X-style stand with dual bracing, a KT320 style bench on stage, and additional Audio Technical dynamic stereo headphones. and indispensable DIY keyboard books. The general public price for this bundle is in the range of $599.99 and may vary at different points of sale.

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p125 bundle 1024x881
Yamaha p125 bundle is worth owning

If you buy each product separately, the price will of course be much higher. There are many places where you can buy bundles of Yamaha P-125 at the most attractive prices. Amazon is also a place to buy products with extremely competitive bundles. On Amazon, people can also easily find genuine P-125 with many accompanying accessories such as a piano dust cover, a padded bench, an X stand, and a maintenance pedal. To make learning easier, there is no shortage of instructional DVDs, manuals, an extra polishing cloth and especially two free months of live online lessons. This is a great choice that everyone should refer to.

If you want to buy a bundle for a cheaper price on Amazon, you can choose the bundle that offers the piano with a Knox Gear tuning stand and an extra bench with adjustable features. The Yamaha P-125 bundle gives players a variety of choices. If you need anything, you can find it on Amazon for a great price.

Things To Consider

To buy a product, you must first research carefully so as not to lose the benefits. Researching famous retailers will give you the opportunity to choose quality products. Thereby, you need to read the comments and feedback that previous customers have left. Then you can know if the customer is satisfied with what the store has to offer. From there, you can also decide if this is a place worth trusting to buy the product.

Another issue you also need to consider when choosing to buy in bundles is an amplifier. There are many people who do not need this accessory, but for those who use the keyboard on stage, having an additional amplifier is essential for better presentations. The accessory also features the ability to act as a monitor with XLR output and audio direction to the PA. Roland is a perfect recommendation as they also design digital pianos. This location can help customers know exactly what types of sounds need special attention when connecting to the keyboard.

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The use of the product at home or on stage also needs to be considered in stages. Then the keyboard for the stage use will have higher requirements so the corresponding bundle must be found. Performing on stage will require the use of a good stand, plus a bench to sit on and a pedal. When playing at home, if not available, many people will choose to buy a full range of accessories to turn the digital piano into a home acoustic piano.

The family space will need a stand, three pedals, a comfortable bench and should have an extra subwoofer to not be influenced by people around. The subwoofer allows a full, active sound engine to run through something that will produce bass that matches what the keyboard’s sound engine requires. Besides bass, this accessory also adds depth to the sound.

If you are with people who are passionate about musical instruments, it is a great thing to practice together. Conversely, if your friends do not share the same passion, you should consider a bundle with a pair of headphones. Then the right bundle for you to live in that environment should have the following basic features:

All in all, I strongly recommend looking at a package with the following features:

  • A Yamaha P-125
  • A bench
  • A stand
  • Headphones
  • Types of study guide books if you are a beginner




Choosing a Yamaha p125 bundle is the perfect solution for everyone to save a large amount of money compared to buying individually. The bundle also has a lot of features needed for a professional player. However, before looking to buy a product, people need to make sure to consider many factors to ensure they get certain benefits. Hopefully sharing the Yamaha p125 bundle given above will help everyone get the necessary knowledge.

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