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Yamaha FG730S Folk Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review

yamaha fg730s
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The Yamaha FG730S is the first acoustic guitar that most people purchase. It is also one of the most well-liked acoustic guitars available on the market right now that is priced reasonably. Let’s start with a review of the Yamaha FG730S and go over some of the information you need to know about the instrument.

Overview of Yamaha FG730S

The Yamaha FG series was conceptualized as a result of the L-impact. Series’s the rosette of the FG730S, which has a yellowish cream binding that extends all the way up to the headstock, has abalone inlay work.

The guitar has a fantastic aesthetic and the two-tone tobacco brown sunburst finish gives it the vibe of a vintage Gibson J45. Vintage cherry sunburst is another alternative finish that has the same effect.

Yamaha FG730S Review
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Sitka-Spruce;rosewood
Neck Material Type Nato Wood
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood


  • 6-string 
  • Sitka spruce solid top
  • Rosewood on the back and sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge 
  • Nato neck
  • X-bracing with no scallops
  • Hand sprayed thin finish on dovetail neck junction
  • Tuners made of die-cast
  • 6.5 pound weight
  • 42.5 x 21 x 6 inches in size


The Yamaha L-Series served as a point of departure for the design of the FG series. The headstock of the FG730S has a yellowish cream binding that runs all the way up to the rosette, which has inlaid abalone.

The bottom end of this guitar isn’t as resonant as the more prevalent nato variations, which contributes to the instrument’s zingy tone.

In all candor, despite the fact that the more expensive guitar has rosewood back and sides, it does not have the edge-of-your-seat attraction of the stripped-down variety, nor does it have the great balance and warmth of the FG730S.

Although the sound quality isn’t the finest, more and more players have been turning to firms like Taylor and Takamine in recent years because of their reputation for high-end acoustics and distinctive tonal features in their instruments. If you’re seeking for an acoustic that really stands out from the crowd, this guitar could be the best option for you because of this reason.

As far as entry-level acoustics are concerned, Yamaha looks to be in a strong position. Although we have no qualms in suggesting the new FG series models to players looking for a cheap acoustic guitar, we do wish that the model names were a bit more memorable. Both the vintage cherry sunburst and the two-tone tobacco brown sunburst look fantastic and provide the instrument an air of having been a vintage Gibson J45.

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Body And Neck

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The dreadnought body shape of the FG730S Yamaha guitar is only one of the many characteristics of the instrument that are flawlessly executed. The use of solid sitka spruce for the top and solid rosewood for the back and sides of the instrument is an interesting option made by Yamaha. They have combined the rosewood with a top wood that has a wonderful sound because of the excellent sound quality of the rosewood. The fretboard is crafted out of stunning rosewood and the neck is a Nato item. Despite this, Yamaha did not prioritize form over function while designing this model. Instead, they prioritized form above function. The Yamaha FG 730S seems to be in pristine shape from the very top to the very bottom. The fretboard and the top of the instrument also have attractive bindings. It includes everything under the sun.


Yamaha kept things as simple as possible in hardware. When you choose a standard saddle, you will get a rosewood bridge that is very durable. On the other side of the combo, it includes a sturdy set of tuners that are capable of dealing with everything that is thrown at them. The Yamaha FG 730S is a solid guitar when it comes to the hardware that it has. Even at this price point, the likelihood of you having to replace your tuners is next to none and likely won’t even come up.


This dreadnought guitar seems to have been created by the team responsible for the FG730S in order to be immediately identifiable as a dreadnought and to communicate its sound in a more forceful manner.

Outstanding clarity and airy highs, as well as lots of dynamic responsiveness, are provided by non-scalloped quarter-sawn X bracing and solid Sitka spruce for the top of the instrument, respectively.

Rosewood is a common material used in the backs and sides of high-quality acoustic guitars, but it is quite uncommon to find it in solid-body electric guitars. The guitar is rather heavy, but the tone it produces is really bright and distinct.

The strain of the strings is no match for the stability provided by the nato neck, which has an adjustable truss rod. Dovetail joints, which are found between the neck and the body of the guitar, are an extremely efficient way to maintain the instrument’s quality.


fg730s yamaha

You have your choice of many different finishes for the FG730S Yamaha solid top acoustic guitar, including Natural, Dusk Sun Red, Tobacco Brown Sunburst, Vintage Cherry Sunburst, Brown Sunburst, and Black. Feel free to make your selection from among these available options.

Action & Feel

The action seems to be just a hair high on the upper frets, but it is not unplayably high in any way, not even for a novice. This is something that can be easily remedied by fiddling about with the saddle, but it is recommended that you take it to an experienced luthier so that they can do it for you.

Playing it is a breeze because of the great feel of the fingerboard and the fact that none of the frets are sticking out.


The Yamaha FG730S is really simple to play. It is loud for rhythm, but it also has great clear tones for fingerstyle playing. The sound quality is truly excellent, thanks to the beautiful rosewood back and sides. Consider this incredible guitar.

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