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Is Yamaha FD01S Acoustic A Good Choice For Beginner?

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The Yamaha F/FX series has always delivered quality products at very reasonable prices. Currently, there are many products that are suitable for many different audiences. One of the popular products with many strengths that people can choose from is the Yamaha FD01S. So what features does this product have and is it suitable for beginners?


Yamaha FD01S Review
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Mahogany
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood

The Yamaha FD01S has a structure with a top made entirely of solid spruce wood. Besides, the back and sides are made of mahogany, while the neck is made of rosewood. Everything on this guitar is covered with a natural wood finish. Even if you look closely, you won’t see any ugly glue and debris. This dreadnought features a high standard molded adjuster, a sleekly designed muffler, and a white plastic seat and nut. Also included is a fender, among other parts.

The unfinished spruce face with not too many layers is sure to surprise you. Because this feature shows the craftsmanship of the people who make the guitar. Yamaha, when it comes to any product, is guaranteed of quality as well as a reasonable price for all audiences. With the above design features, this product line also has a small disadvantage that the neck and nato face have many shiny layers that tend to reduce the bass a bit. It’s a drawback, but this neck also helps you slide and bend more easily.

Their timbre as well as their projection are also presented quite well when this guitar is equipped with tonewood. Specifically, it is a solid spruce top that helps every guitar player to create a clear and crisp sound. Even if everyone wants to set the default for immediate use, it will be met. However, if you want to suit individual needs, it is best to adjust a little.

The Yamaha FD01S is always guaranteed to have good sound quality, delivering good music, although there will be some minor errors. If you choose to use it in a company with other instruments, its sound will be weaker. Because this is also a low-end acoustic guitar.

One piece of advice for you is that if you want the Yamaha FD01S to sound better than you currently have, you should probably look for more suitable replacement strings. If the problem people are concerned with is not having more money to spare, the best option is to reduce the action a bit. After playing for a while and making progress you will definitely enjoy choosing bluegrass with this guitar.

fd01s yamaha
Yamaha FD01S belongs to the low-end segment but still ensures high quality


Build Quality

The full-sized dreadnought model on the Yamaha FD01S delivers a premium solid head acoustic guitar. The top is made of spruce, the neck and back, along with the neck and bridge are all made of rosewood. Everything is perfected when applied with a natural finish.

If you just go through a few of the materials provided, the beginners will really have difficulties and not really be helpful. That’s why you also need to dig a little deeper and then try to dig into some more relevant material. Everyone needs to know that the spruce fitted on this guitar is one of the two most popular woods ever used as a top. The other type if you are curious to know is cedar.

Based on personal preferences to choose these two types of wood, they do not have too much of a difference in quality. As for the Spruce line, they will usually have a brighter and clearer sound and will always improve over time. For example you can understand that while cedar matures from the beginning, conversely spruce, which does not mature for a while. However, soon everyone will receive an extremely strong improvement. 

In both cases given above, you can make the decision to choose which one is right for the type of sound you are looking for. The nato neck and back of this guitar also need to be mentioned. Nato also known as eastern mahogany, this part is guaranteed to have a very similar appearance to the much loved mahogany. Compared to standard mahogany, this version is cheaper but you probably won’t notice much difference in sound when using. Only those who really play professionally with a sharp hand can detect it.

yamaha fd01s acoustic guitar
Yamaha FD01S build Quality ensures the best experience for players



When it comes to hardware, people will give high ratings to the Yamaha FD01S. First of all, the compensating saddle and spruce top are extremely solid. This feature is considered a great plus on a guitar in this price range. This model is judged by the design to have a thinner neck, precisely because this will be a suitable choice for people with smaller hands or easy to use for those who feel more comfortable with a thin neck. than. This guitar also has another hardware advantage that is equipped with a black shield combined with a forged chrome tuner.


The FD01S has a very solid top, ensuring the advantage to enhance the great sound of the guitar. In fact, all-solid wood guitars are also considered more advanced, but the cost is more expensive. When choosing to buy a guitar, even if it’s low-end, it’s affordable. Then the guitar head will have to be a great choice to use. Because in most cases the soundboard, or headboard, is the key to creating the sound you want and need.

Besides, the sound produced on the top surface will definitely have to be much brighter and clearer than the flat surface of multi-layer guitars. The failure to reach the top of an all-solid guitar is not too surprising. However, most people are not able to distinguish the sound of fully solid and only solid guitars.

The only thing that people can distinguish between these two types is the price. In fact, the FD01S is made from spruce with the purpose of increasing the brightness and clarity of the sound. First to mention the great tone and mat. From there everyone will get a solid guitar with great sound. Such strong advantages, but the price they offer is only half that of some other guitars that sound quite similar.


As introduced, the Yamaha FD01S acoustic guitar is designed with a solid spruce top. Besides, the back, sides and neck of the nato along with the neck are all made of rosewood.

These wooden surfaces are all covered by manufacturers with a natural finish to create an elegant and pleasant feeling for users.

Thereby, the top of the Guitar is made of solid spruce wood, so everyone will feel beautiful brightness and illumination, adding to the excitement when learning to play guitar.

On structural analysis, the body length of the FD01S is given as 507 mm (19 15/16″) and the overall length is 1025 (40 ⅜”). Besides, the width is also large enough at the body with 400 mm (15 ¾”) and besides that the distance between the wires is just right at 11.0 mm. One might ask another way it’s a dreadnought guitar. The whole body of this guitar will be a bit softer when used for people with smaller hands. The cause of this is usually mainly due to its neck.

Another one of the most striking and surprising aspects of the construction of this guitar is the use of a non-laminated spruce top. Compared to the price that the product is offered, this feature is beyond the price range, it has better quality than the cheap one. Because of this advantage, Yamaha always receives high praise from customers. In fact, guitar manufacturers all charge a higher price than the quality of the product.


The FD01S Yamaha offers all the features an instrument needs, in addition to guaranteed playability. When you start playing you will also feel that it is easy to play and very good to play. Beginners often find it not as easy as expected. However, if compared with other products, they will realize how well this instrument plays.

Beginners are suitable for this product not only because of its price and features. It is also capable of supporting exactly what you want to play. A concrete example to make it easier for you to understand is that when a beginner can play the dreaded F chord, the FD01S will make it clear and you will hear every note.

Adjustment in intonation is also one of the important factors that evaluate this product quality and ultimately be very stable. Beginners will need to spend most of their time on the first four frets and then the FD01S is absolutely essential. You may not realize it at first, but as you play higher, you’ll find the intonation is very well balanced, creating beautiful music on every key.

yamaha fd01s review
The playing ability of the instrument is guaranteed


Should You Buy Yamaha FD01S?

When it comes to affordable acoustic guitars in the F/FX line, Yamaha has always made sure to deliver a model that matches the FD01S. This has to do with the timbre or the wood material and its use value. For a comparison of bright and deep sound the Yamaha FD01S acoustic guitar isn’t the best out there, but if you don’t need it for professional performance then it will definitely get the job done.

That’s why you also need to consider if you’re looking for an electronic tuner with a pickup for stage performances and in need of personalized tuning changes. Because the Yamaha FD01S are not really good for this purpose.

With a relatively cheap price of only about a hundred dollars, the Yamaha FD01S acoustic guitar will also give you a quality experience. This is really a suitable choice for beginners, especially first-timers.

Alternative Options For Beginners

Not everyone loves the sound or look of the FD01S Yamaha. If you don’t really like it, don’t worry because manufacturers also have a lot of alternatives available. Everything will depend on the needs of each individual as well as how much everyone can afford.

When there is a need to choose a high-quality instrument to practice for large performances, this product is not enough. Then the suitable alternative is the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy. This model is also highly appreciated for its reasonable price, satisfying even the most demanding guests. This instrument is often used in meeting rooms and is relatively smaller than the FD01S model. Therefore, it will not take up too much space and is easy to move.

Besides, another option to consider is the Epiphone DR-100. This product also belongs to the line of entry-level acoustic guitars that really have many interesting features that are suitable for beginners. Even after many years of being born, this instrument still has a very good sound. If your goal is the best acoustic guitars available on the market and price is not a concern then the best option is the legendary Martin D28. This guitar is really great that anyone can refer to

While there are plenty of alternatives out there, most guitarists will actually be satisfied with the look and overall sound of the Yamaha FD01S. While it’s not really the best guitar, it’s guaranteed to do the job and the biggest advantage is that it’s pretty cheap. Beginners who haven’t mastered everything can start from this guitar and then see if it’s a good fit and choose another alternative.


Thus, the above article will help you to know important information related to Yamaha FD01S. This product is really suitable for beginners who do not require too much sound quality. Yamaha FD01S won the hearts of everyone because of its guaranteed quality and the cost is in the surprisingly low price segment. Hopefully, through the above article, everyone will have more knowledge when choosing a guitar to unleash their passion.

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