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The Ultimate Yamaha F335 Acoustic Review

yamaha f335
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Yamaha is one of the most famous brands in the world with many product lines such as boats, motorcycles, cars. After a period of birth, this brand also expanded to produce more musical instruments, especially the type that many people are interested in is the guitar. In particular, the Yamaha F335 is a line of guitar instruments that have been introduced to the market and received special love from many customers. Let’s find out what is special about this product line to attract such a large number of interested people.


The most important feature when learning about the Yamaha F335 is the specifications. Before buying this product, people will also warn you that this is a product line with an extremely affordable price. Therefore, their specifications may not be as you expect. On this instrument, it will not be possible to give you solid mahogany guitars with mahogany keyboards like other expensive product lines.

The Yamaha F335 comes equipped with a full dreadnought bodywork, which comes with a laminated spruce top, and incorporates a meranti back and meranti sides. The neck of the Yamaha F335 is equipped by the manufacturers with a Rosewood neck and a Rosewood bridge. On this one there will be a total of twenty keys, depending on the needs of each player to choose the number of keys, you can play at least fourteen of them.

yamaha f335 acoustic guitar
The technical parameters to note of the Yamaha F335


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Pros and Cons

Acoustic guitar Yamaha F335 was put on the market and received a lot of love from a wide range of customers around the world. The most popular product with this guitar is the Tortoiseshell guard, especially people are very interested in how Yamaha added its guitar with a cast gold tuner.

Although it does not have as many features as other high-end product lines, the Yamaha F335 is also highly appreciated for those who need to perform on stage. The product is guaranteed to support players to perform with solid quality and extremely cheap price. Although it cannot be compared with high-end guitars on the market, at such a low price, it is absolutely a suitable choice for everyone.

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This guitar is equipped with a top of spruce, this wood is also relatively expensive, so it ensures rigidity and certainty. This wood takes a lot of abuse before being used and leaves dents or damage on the guitar. The two sides of the guitar are equipped with a relatively inexpensive wood that is meranti wood, the characteristics of this wood line are relatively similar to plastic material.

Yamaha F335 black acoustic guitar  is really suitable for beginners to play guitar. Experienced players will not be suitable to use this product. Since they are used to playing luxurious guitars, the resin of the meranti will make them uncomfortable.

Arguably the most loved part of this guitar is the finish. Previously, the laminate that Yamaha used on the guitar was not really appreciated. It makes the wood look less realistic and the plastic doesn’t have the natural finish people want. However, all the imperfections that appeared on the guitar were then filled in by the manufacturers with an additional amount of laminate. However, this addition also takes away some of the overall feel and look of the instrument.

The Yamaha acoustic guitar F335 is suitable for those who do not care much for their aesthetic beauty. If you are like that then this is the product that you should own. There are many colors offered for the Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar that you can choose according to your preferences such as:

  • Natural colors: Natural colors are often made from Mahogany wood, so the price will naturally be more expensive than other colors.
  • Black solid: Yamaha black guitar has a neck, wooden top and neck that remains the same and has not changed any elements from the original construction of the guitar.
  • Sunburnt Tobacco: This colored Yamaha 335 uses nato wood instead of meranti over the original guitar.

One thing to consider when using this product is that the action on the Yamaha F335 is also extremely high. Beginners will sometimes have a hard time because even experienced guitar players will experience wrist pain. This is also where one would hope to improve the most in this guitar, which is the change down to the lower action.

Another feature you may want to pay attention to with the yamaha f335 acoustic guitar black is that the sound is not represented well and the cause of the impact on the sound is laminated wood. The notes of this product line are lost in the thin membrane, thus creating a very muddy sound. On this guitar it still helps you pick out chords, but it can’t help people pick out certain notes while playing.

The arrangement of everything on the Yamaha F335 blends together, so guitar novices must also be selective. If you are a beginner without any experience, you should not choose this guitar. For those who are new to playing but need to play guitar for themselves, practice, play in a small band or play in a small venue, this will be a great choice.

Pros of Yamaha F335

  • Reliable
  • Perfect for personal use
  • Capable of maintaining the right tone for a long period of time
  • Good price
  • Product is genuine warranty

Cros of Yamaha F335

  • When buying the guitar does not come with a case
  • Sometimes makes players feel uncomfortable
  • The product does not come with an electronic amplifier
  • Does not come with nylon cord

Alternative guitars

Yamaha FG800 solid top acoustic guitar

Yamaha FG800 folk acoustic guitar is also among the entry-level acoustic guitars you can use in place of the Yamaha F335. This product is considered reasonably priced with one of the most popular tonewoods including solid Sitka spruce at the top. Some of the features of the FG800 that you might want to check out include a rosewood bridge and neck. In addition, there are black and white body tethers, molded tuners, and a turtle shield.

Yamaha FG800 will be a great choice if you need to find a product with a low price but still ensure quality. Yamaha offers this product in a variety of sizes, you can choose from dreadnought or concert style. The line also includes a variety of bodies that you can customize for your guitar by color and shape.

Comparing the two products, the FG800 is a bit more expensive than the Yamaha F335, so it has better quality and produces better sound.

yamaha fg800 solid top acoustic guitar
Yamaha FG800 solid top acoustic guitar alternative



Larrivee D-40 Legacy Dreadnought Mahogany Natural Acoustic Guitar

Compared to the price, the Larrivee D-40 Legacy will cost more than the Yamaha F335. This product has a higher price, of course the sound quality and construction of this guitar will also ensure exponentially better use than the F335. This cymbal features a mahogany self-slim neck, Sitka spruce top and mahogany sides and backs. But compared to plywood, mahogany still supports creating a much better sound.

larrivee d 40


On the market today, people have released many better products than the Yamaha F335. However, depending on each different object, people can choose the most suitable product. This is the right investment if you are just looking for a guitar to start with for personal use.

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