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Yamaha F325D 6 String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review (2022)

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Music is one of the most amazing arts in the world, and playing music is absolutely very difficult! If you are a beginner, or basically a person who wants to enter the music industry, consider buying a Yamaha F325D! No need to worry because today, PMDawn.net will give you all the essential information about the Yamaha F325d Acoustic Guitar, from its specifications to pros and cons. Let’s go! 

Overview of Yamaha F325D

f325d yamaha

Yamaha F325D is famous for its unique quality with such a low price. The vast majority of inexpensive guitars marketed at beginners are poorly crafted instruments that are notoriously difficult to master. The “F” line of acoustic guitars from Yamaha are recognized for providing outstanding value, and the F325D is no exception. It is usually considered to be a superb guitar for beginning players due to its low price. Well, that’s why we said that if you are a beginner, F325D Yamaha is a perfect choice! 

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yamaha f325d acoustic guitar

Here is some overall information that you need to know about the F325D! In this section, we will share with you general information about the Yamaha F325D, from its total length to its material! Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we? 

The Yamaha F325D has a scale length of 648 millimeters with a body width of 400 millimeters, and a total length of 1032 millimeters. The body of this special instrument is made of Meranti, while the fingerboard is made of either walnut or laurel. Because of its dreadnought body style, the Yamaha F325D is on the larger side, which some players who are not as tall as others may find to be uncomfortable.

The Meranti and Nato wood that is bonded together makes up the back of the F325D Yamaha, which is a signature of this guitar! The bridge is made of rosewood that has been dyed black, while the top is crafted out of laminated spruce.

The bridge pins and the saddle are both made of plastic, while the spring is made of bronze. The body has a glossy texture, which, in the absence of a strap, may make it more difficult to hold onto the device. If you purchase the F325D with the tobacco sunset design, the finish on the neck will be matte, and the turners will have a chrome plating.


In Yamaha F325D, the dreadnought is designed and specialized to grow the sound. This factor is the reason why the sounds from Yamaha F325D acoustic guitar are much warmer and louder as well as richer. Because of this characteristic, the Yamaha F325D is highly recommended to use for some specific types of music, such as: rock, pop and folk. The 20-fret fingerboard requires less frequent tuning because of the particular interaction it has with the body of the instrument. 

Here is a video for you to examine the sounds of Yamaha F325D:


Because of its rather high action, fretting the strings will need more effort than usual from the player. Nevertheless, a modification to the bridge can be performed in order to bring the activity down. When sitting, the bulky structure of the neck could make it exceedingly difficult for youngsters and persons with smaller hands to play for longer lengths of time.

From our perspective, this is especially true when they have to play for longer amounts of time. Dreadnought guitars are notorious for having bigger base bodies, which is another factor that does not assist the situation.


Durability and steadiness are guaranteed with the F325D Yamaha guitar, despite the fact that its price is quite low. When it comes to their selection of reasonably priced acoustic guitars, Yamaha does not skimp on quality. On the other hand, given that laminated tonewoods are used in their construction, these guitars could not hold up well over time.

The neck has a matte texture, which makes for a more comfortable playing experience than it would have had a shiny coating. When one considers that extended play would very likely result in slipperiness due to perspiration, it makes quite a bit of sense that an unique sort of surface would be designed to prevent this from happening. A matte finish, as opposed to a glossy one, is a better choice to compensate for this.

What others are saying?

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To get you the most general and objective information, in this session, PMDawn.net will bring to you some comments about the Yamaha F325D! Let’s check! 

The majority of individuals appear to find the dreadnought profile of the F325D to be desirable enough. The fact that it has a solid pickguard is another advantage over other guitars in the same price range, which typically have pickguards made of plastic that are more flimsy.

The size of the F325D’s neck is the source of a significant number of customer complaints; this issue manifests itself more clearly in customers who have more petite hands. On the other hand, it is thought of as being a rather adaptable instrument. Because it is made of laminated wood, it does not require special handling because it is not as delicate as other types of wood and may be brought along on travels and other outings.

When compared to the quality of sound that it produces, it is regarded to be quite affordable. It is simple to pick up and play, making it a popular choice among novices.

Pros and Cons

To be concluded, we have made a very detailed and informative list of advantages as well as disadvantages of using Yamaha F325D! Let’s take a careful look at it, shall we?

– When one considers the quality that is ensured for the price, one realizes that it is an incredible deal.
– It is perfect for those just starting out in the music industry! 
– It does not require regular adjusting or tuning! 
– It has a considerable amount of durability and toughness.
– It is only obtainable in right-handed stipulations and configurations.
– The large head is unwieldy and ill-suited for players with small hands because of the discomfort it causes.
– As a result of the structural defects that are completely understandable, there is some slight auditory distortion.
– The electric tuner should not be relied upon.
– It does not come with any electric output choices.
– It is not a guitar that would be suited for usage on stage.

Comparison with other guitar

To be more specific, PMDawn.net will share with you all the information about comparison of Yamaha F325D and other types of guitar! In this section, we will compare the Yamaha F325D with six other types of guitars, which are FG800, FG700s, Ephiphone DR-100, F310p, F335 and FD01S ! Let’s take a closer look at it!

Yamaha F325D vs FG800 vs FG700S

yamaha f325d vs fg800 vs fg700s

First, we will take a stop at the comparison between Yamaha F325D vs the FG800 as well as the FG700s! 

The solid top and overall look are the primary distinguishing characteristics of the three, in addition to the price. The last two seem to have a higher level of brightness. The FG800 and FG700S include a tortoise pickguard, which contributes to their overall appealing appearance.

In addition, the FG800 and FG700S are also constructed out of solid spruce. Both of these more recent examples have more powerful projection and resonance.

Additionally, the Yamaha FG800 has a higher quality level all around. Over the course of time, the FG800 and FG700S come out on top. They are constructed out of sturdy tonewoods, so you can expect them to last for a very long time. If you store them for a longer period of time, their overall quality will improve. Unfortunately, production of the Yamaha FG700S has been discontinued. Another outstanding benefit offered by the FG800 is that It boasts newly developed scalloped bracing that doesn’t actually seem like scalloping at all.The FG800 ensures that the longevity of the top board is maintained in this way. In addition to that, it provides a more natural and acoustic sound.

While the F325D is better suitable for novices due to its more noticeable physical characteristics, the FG800 is better suited for pros and people with previous experience playing and handling acoustic guitars.

Yamaha F325D vs Epiphone DR-100 

yamaha f325d vs epiphone dr 100

In this case, we would say that both of these guitars are perfectly suitable for guitar beginners! However, there are some disadvantages as well as advantages that make the Epiphone DR-100 lose. 

And the reason why the Epiphone DR-100 loses in this comparison is the comfort! The Epiphone, in many critical reviews, is said that it can not bring comfort to guitar players. The Epiphone DR-100 does not offer rolled-edges, which will be quite painful and hurt to move around the neck! 

While the Epiphone DR-100 is hard to move around, the Yamaha F325D that we are talking about is quite ideal since it has some soft edges that narrow the neck! 

Yamaha F325D vs F335 vs F310P


yamaha f325d vs f335 vs f310p

One of the most immediately visible differences between these two acoustic guitars is the F335’s narrower neck, which makes it more appropriate for musicians with smaller hands. This is another one of the differences between these two guitars.

The pickguard on the F325D is made of black tortoiseshell, whilst the one on the Yamaha F335 is red and made of the same material.

The guitar has a more elegant appearance thanks to the gold die-cast tuners found on the F335 model, whereas the tuners found on the F325D model are chrome die-cast. Both guitars perform quite equally in terms of the quality of the sound they produce.

From our opinion, the Yamaha F310p is just a package with a costly price and a similar quality as well as sounds and functions with the Yamaha F325D, we definitely highly recommend you to buy the Yamaha F325D! And for your information, the F335 does not come with a bandle as well as a case, so please take a look and consider before buying it! 

Overall, in this section, we vote for the Yamaha F325D.

Yamaha F325D vs FD01S

yamaha f325d vs fd01s

The Yamaha FD01S is the clear victor in the solid guitar category. It is more costly, but it is of higher quality. The aforementioned also has a higher volume and better projection: It has a bright, clear, and sharp sound that is suitable for everyone. The FD01S is also available as a package, similar to the Yamaha F325D, which are: A gig bag, tuner, strap, new strings, picks, and instructional DVDs are included in the Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package. 

The FD01S offers you such a premium-like appearance and playability. It also comes with a lifetime warranty to alleviate your concerns! Solid-top guitars have a tendency to increase in quality over time, so the FD01S is definitely a HUGE VOTE! 

Is the Yamaha F325D worth it? 

Well, overally, if you are just starting out, it is not necessary for you to make a significant financial investment in the beginning stages.

And yes, in this Yamaha F325D review, this acoustic guitar is without a doubt one of the best guitars in its price range and is among the very best guitars overall. It has the right action, an appealing appearance, incredible sound, and, most importantly, it is within the price range of almost everybody who is interested.


And it is all the essential information that you need about the Yamaha F325D! In today’s edition, we have shared with you all the details about this Yamaha F325D, from its general information, playability as well as duration to the comparison between it and six other types of guitar! PMDawn.net hopes that with our sharing, you can finally choose the guitar that fits you most!

That’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading more articles on Pmdawn.net