Yamaha C40 Guitar Review: Most Popular Classical Beginner’s Guitar

yamaha c40
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After many years of operation, Yamaha is increasingly asserting its position in producing musical instruments, especially guitars. Currently, they are one of the best guitar manufacturing companies. Their classical guitars are often impressive, and the Yamaha C40 guitar is one of them.

Is C40 Yamaha classical guitar good or not? How is its sound quality? Should beginners buy it? Join PMDawn to discover more about this guitar and answer your questions in the article below!

Overview of Yamaha C40

yamaha guitar c40
The c40 Yamaha classical guitar is very suitable for beginners to play guitar

With that said, Yamaha is very famous for its guitar products, especially acoustic guitars. However, this manufacturer once launched a super classic for beginners – the Yamaha guitar c40. It is a full-sized classical guitar that is easy to play and sounds nice.

In general, the c40 Yamaha classical guitar is very suitable for beginners to play guitar. It has a very low price, and the Yamaha c40 is rated as one of the lowest priced classical guitars on the market. If you are just starting out and want to learn how to play classical, this guitar will give you everything you want.

However, if you are a professional, experienced or advanced guitarist, then you should look at another guitar. Yamaha c40 guitar will not meet your playing needs in this case.

Although the quality of the Yamaha c40 guitar is not the best or professional level, its quality can really satisfy beginners. It is suitable for those on an extremely tight budget with a very low price. If you just want to know how it feels to play the guitar and don’t intend to follow it for a long time, you can choose it.

Yamaha c 40 classical guitar
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Meranti
Neck Material Type Nato
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood


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Core features

Although the c40 Yamaha classical guitar is not professional, it still possesses many of the basic features of a classical guitar.

The material that makes the Yamaha c40 is also moderate. Its top is spruce, the back and other sides are made of Meranti. These woods are not as good as solid wood, all wood is laminate. These are all common materials found on guitars of this price range. Because it is for beginners and has a low price range, the company will cut a few things.

Like most classical guitars, the c40 Yamaha classical guitar has a very wide neck. If the player is a child or has small hands, it will be a bit difficult to manipulate the keys. The neck of this guitar is also wide. It is made of nato and rosewood with 19 frets. The scale length of the neck is about 25.9 inches.

The head of the c40 Yamaha guitar is round, with six YTM-01 tuning pegs on it.

You can adjust the sound with a high action. This guitar’s tuner is quite impressive. It will surprise you when the network is more stable and the tone is better for the guitar. However, the original strings are not of good quality, but you can replace the strings if you need to.

In-Depth Review

The Yamaha c40 is a standard classical guitar. Although it does not have many outstanding features, it is quite attractive and suitable for the needs of beginners. At under $200 this guitar is considered one of the best beginner classics on the market.


The construction of this guitar is in line with beginner guitar standards. Although the design and materials cover only the essentials and mid-range, the Yamaha c40 can last as long as a regular guitar.

Although the guitar’s laminate is not as good as other guitar woods, it is very light in weight. This is convenient for you to use and move.

The parts of the Yamaha c40 guitar are pretty standard, you can change the strings yourself. String changes may take place frequently to maintain tone as this is not a real quality guitar.

Also, this guitar doesn’t have room to connect the guitar strap at either end. If you want to wear it when performing, you need to go to a store or a professional to find out.


yamaha c40 guitar
The highlight of this guitar is probably the bridge body

The Yamaha C 40 classical guitar has a body similar to that of other grand acoustic, classical guitars. Its top is made of spruce and has a glossy finish on the body. Although it is not unique and fancy, it has a typical classic style.

The highlight of this guitar is probably the bridge body. It is different, impressive and attractive.

When playing Yamaha c40 you will feel comfort and lightness. You will feel less tired if you have to practice continuously for many hours.

Neck and Head

From the top of the body to the head, the Yamaha c40 guitar measures 22.8 inches. The body-to-neck connection is a classic pigeon-tailed neck joint. The neck of the Yamaha c40 is a Nato neck and the neck is made of Javanese rosewood.

On the neck there are a total of 18 frets on a standard fret. The neck of the Yamaha c40 is a bit wide, so people with small hands are often more difficult to manipulate.

The top of the guitar has a Pearloid tuner and the hardware is made of chrome. They are not top quality but not bad for the price you pay. If you want to play the Yamaha C 40 guitar for a long time then you should upgrade some parts on the top of the guitar. That will help the guitar keep the beat better.


The sound of the c40 Yamaha is a traditional classical guitar sound. Because the wood material is not really the best, the sound of this guitar is not as resonant and rich as more advanced guitars. The sound of this guitar will be weak and low.

If you want a stronger, better and richer classical guitar sound, you should look for another classical guitar. It won’t cost you much if you find the right alternative.


The biggest advantage of this c40 Yamaha classical guitar is that it’s easy to play. Even if you are a beginner, you can play it in the best and most stable way. The lightweight body and smooth neck will make your first few playing moments more comfortable.

The neck is a normal size for an adult but will be a bit large for small hands. However, it still plays quite well.

In general, the playability of this Yamaha c40 is quite stable and highly appreciated for beginner players.

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Best genre to play with C40

The yamaha c40 guitar is equipped with a pretty quality friction modifier, so you can use it well with a few genres of music. However, this guitar is a classical guitar so the music it plays best will be over finger and flamenco styles.

You can also use it to play some folk or jazz music.

Does the Yamaha C40 work as advertised?

Yes, yamaha c40 guitar works as advertised. It is a classical guitar perfectly suited for beginners and works similarly to other beginner guitars.

This guitar acts as an instrument to help players practice guitar technique and style in the early stages. Its sound will help new players lay a good foundation for future music playing.

However, once you have experienced playing with a more professional ear you will realize a few problems with this guitar. The Yamaha c40 is more often muted. It also can’t sound as high and rich as some other guitars.

Pros and Cons

To have a more accurate view of the c40 yamaha classical guitar, we will outline the pros and cons of this product.

Pros of yamaha c40 guitar

  • Very reasonable price
  • Easy to play with beginners
  • Good quality for the price
  • Lightly
  • Products of big brands

Cons of yamaha c40 guitar

  • Material is not good
  • Wide bridge
  • Low and low sound
  • High action
  • Muted sound
  • No strap
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If you feel like the yamaha c40 isn’t the right beginner guitar for you, you can consider these two great alternatives below!

Ibanez AEG10NII

c40 yamaha classical guitar alternative 1024x1024
The Ibanez AEG10NII has a total of 21 keys, and they are made of Javanese rosewood


The Ibanez AEG10NII is also a classical guitar from the Ibanez house. This musical instrument brand, in addition to producing electric guitars and bass guitars, classical guitars are also on their list.

This classical guitar uses nylon strings, and the body is the same as the steel-string acoustic AEG10NII. The styling of the Ibanez AEG10NII is slim, with a body depth of 2.75 inches and a unique cut that gives it an even more classic look.

The materials Ibanez chose for this guitar are spruce (top), mahogany (sides) and tonewoods (back). The neck is made of Indonesian mahogany with a polished satin finish. The Ibanez AEG10NII has a total of 21 keys, and they are made of Javanese rosewood like many guitars of the same section. Partly due to the material, when playing, you will feel they are quite light, sturdy and comfortable in hand.

Despite being a classical guitar, the Ibanez AEG10NII features a Fishman Sonicore pickup and comes with an AEQ-SP1 preamp. These two electrical devices will give players more flexibility with a variety of tunes.

The tuning system on this guitar is very simple. Each adjustment request has its own buttons, such as treble, mid, and bass. In addition, it has a phase reserve switch to reduce the feedback and a volume control knob.

The sound of the Ibanez AEG10NII is beautiful, balanced and engaging. You can adjust the sound with the controls until you get the tone you want.

Overall, the Ibanez AEG10NII is a good and stable guitar for beginners. It is also a great alternative to the yamaha c40.

Ibanez AW54CE

guitar yamaha c40 alternative
The Ibanez AW54CE has a nice body and neck

Next on the list is an Art wood guitar from the Ibanez family – Ibanez AW54CE. Despite its affordable price tag for everyone, this guitar can impress guitar pros. Its performances can be surprisingly diverse and engaging.

The Ibanez AW54CE has a nice body and neck. It has a classic dreadnought body with a length of 25.6 inches and a cutout. Not only does the cut make it easy to play for beginners, but even when you’re playing, the cut makes it easier to manipulate the keys.

The tone and sound of the Ibanez AW54CE are both superb, rich and perfect. Perhaps it’s the light shape and mahogany material that makes the sound resonance at its best.

Although this guitar also has some minor limitations, such as the X brace feature that makes tuning limited, you can overcome it during use. If you are looking for a perfect replacement for the yamaha c40, the Ibanez AW54CE is not a bad choice.

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Is the Yamaha c40 a great guitar for beginners?

Yes, the c40 yamaha classical guitar is a great choice for beginners. It is very easy to play, thanks to the proximity of the nodes. The material that makes the yamaha c40 is also quite light, so it feels comfortable to play, even if you practice for many hours.

Is the Yamaha c40 worth buying?

Yes, you should buy a yamaha c40 when you are a beginner in guitar playing. It has a very low price and is suitable for you to practice. This guitar is easy to play and lays a good foundation for you in the future. You can also buy it when you only have a temporary interest in the guitar but not for a long time.

However, if you are a professional or experienced guitar player, the yamaha c40 cannot meet your guitar playing needs. Its material and sound cannot satisfy you yet. You should choose the higher guitar segments.

Can I replace the nylon strings of the yamaha c40 with a steel one?

Yes, you can. The Yamaha c40 guitar can use both nylon or steel strings. Therefore, if you feel like or find a string that suits you better, you can replace it. Changing your strings will follow the same steps as changing other guitar strings.

Bottom line

If you are personally interested in guitar and want to start learning it, then the Yamaha C40 guitar is good. It has a beautiful design, is light and feels comfortable when playing or active. Although this guitar has some limitations in terms of features and sound quality, the yamaha c40 is absolutely the best choice at such a price.

However, if you do not like the c40 yamaha, you can choose the alternative suggestions outlined in the article. Hopefully, our sharing will help you choose the right guitar when you are just starting out.

That’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading more articles on Pmdawn.net

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