Explain Everything About Fl Studio Asio For Beginner

fl studio asio
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Are you an aficionado of music production who is really familiar with the term “DAW”? Or are you merely a newbie in the music industry whose desire is to possess a personal album created in the comfort of your home? Regardless of your background and qualities, these reviews below are supposed to assist you in comparing the two most potential DAW’s audio managers – FL Studio ASIO and ASIO4ALL in order to decide which one is able to serve your purpose. 


People obviously notice these two names are partly alike to each other, which then results in their claim that there is no difference in its functions. However, this is not true and my mission is to help you distinguish one from the other. 

First of all, ASIO is the abbreviation for the phrase Audio Stream Input/Output. These drivers can be operated simultaneously with the purpose to enhance the acoustic quality processed by our Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) through phases of composing and producing songs. 

Keep in mind that these are automatically attached to the FL Studio application (which used to be known as FruityLoops) – one of the most widespread DAWs ever and you had better employ both of them at the same time. 

ASIO drivers are also highly rated because of their capacity to make up for sound defects existing in a PC.

What is FL Studio ASIO? 

what is fl studio asio
Inputs showing as outputs and vice versa in FL Studio ASIO 

Developed by Image-Line, a Belgian software firm, FL Studio is a DAW for recording and editing audio. FruityLoops was rebranded in 2003 to avoid a legal issue with Kellogg’s, which had been the brand’s previous name. FL Studio is a music production software that has a graphical user interface and a pattern-based music sequencer. It is available in four distinct versions, each of which is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.. 

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What can you do with FL Studio?

The first outstanding feature of FL Studio is MIDI synthesizers and samples library which allow the audience to play live. It also provides a digital piano roll for music writers, composers to freely put notes inside, arrange and edit them by preference. What is really amazing is there is no limitation for your creativity when you are encouraged to add exterior sounds from nature, videos, different songs harmonizing with diverse audio effects. After completing your product, you are able to save and export it to WAV, MP3, or OGG like a professional artist. 

Besides, people can utilize FL Studio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        as a VST (Virtual Studio Technology) instrument in other audio workstation applications or a ReWire client.

What are 4 different editions of FL Studio? 

Up to now, FL Studio has 4 editions in total and each of them features uniquely: 

  • FL Studio Fruity Edition: An optimal choice for a basic user with the demand to simply compose a song based on the piano roll. 
fl studio fruity edition 1024x1024


  • FL Studio Producer Edition: An universal choice as it offers users with more sophisticated functions such as producing a complete track and utilizing a microphone. 
fl studio producer edition
  • FL Studio Signature Bundle: A good bargain consists of Producer Edition and the most innovative plugins. If you long for FL Studio’s best plugins but with an affordable price, give it a shot.
fl studio signature bundle


  • FL Studio All Plugins Bundle: A must-try edition comprises Producer Edition and all native plugins present sold. Go for it in case you’re looking for all FL Studio’s plugins that cost you reasonably. 
fl studio all plugins bundle

Does FL Studio have ASIO Driver? 

As I mentioned earlier, FL Studio ASIO and ASIO4ALL are natively installed in FL Studio in correlation with two key benefits: 

  • Speedier: The adaptation of lower CPU overhead and buffer settings in comparison with that of a typical WDM Driver.
  • More flexible: Multiple selections for listening and playing sounds. For example,. users can use a USB and a headphone at the same time. 

What is ASIO4ALL?

asio4all fl studio 1024x536
Installing and using ASIO

ASIO4ALL is an ASIO driver controlled by third parties that maintains the latency at a low level and blocks all music playlists loaded from any application while a DAW is in use. Specifically, users are restricted to exploit audio resources gathered solely from our music creation interface.

ASIO4ALL also makes latency between audio input and output equipment decrease. This phenomenon will be beneficial for boosting sound speech and quality. 

Under the condition that your PC lacks a dedicated audio card, ASIO4ALL is considered as an alternative as well as a complement to maximize advantages/impacts of audio output. 

In order to experience the free ASIO4ALL trial edition, please get access to asio4all.org. Here, the development team meticulously prepared to instruct people how to open the driver.

What makes FL Studio different from ASIO4ALL?

The most evident difference between FL Studio and ASIO4ALL lies in their position. FL Studio ASIO is originally incorporated in the FL Studio Software whereas ASIO4ALL is under ASIO driver’s management. As ASIO4ALL is generic, the way it is run on FL Studio is likely to be at odds with other DAWs. If it doesn’t function, FL Studio will be an acceptable substitute. 

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Best configuration for Asio 

The settings illustrated below are cautiously calculated and designed to assure the most impressive sound quality and the most flawless performance while using FL Studio. 

Even though you can refer to the data for installation setup on your own, it is necessary you place emphasis on purchasing an appropriate computer with sufficient storage and smooth mechanism to minimize the possibility of technical errors and breakdown. 

Best settings for FL Studio ASIO on Windows:

  • Buffer size: 384
  • Input: Default Input
  • Output: Default Output
  • Hard clip-output: Checked (ON)

 Best settings for FL Studio ASIO on macOS:

  • Device: Built-in Output
  • Sample rate (Hz): 44100
  • Buffer length: 441 SMP (10ms) – 512 SMP
  • Priority: Highest
  • Save Overloads: ON
  • Playback tracking: Mixer
  • Multithread generator processing: ON
  • Multithread Mixer processing: ON
  • Smart disable: ON
  • Resampling quality: 24-point sin
  • Play truncated notes on transport: ON

There are some notes for users:

  • The more the buffer is lengthened, the more the latency is lowered. If this condition extends, the processor may crack under the strain, which may cause system errors. 
  • Stabilizing the latency level under 512 ms will definitely bring about more optimistic results.
  • Therefore, you should pay attention to continually checking and modifying those values until you obtain the most static figures.

Bet ASIO and ASIO4ALL drivers

What I want to highlight in this article is that despite being natively incorporated in FL Studio ( Fruity Loops Studio ), both of those aforementioned drivers should be reset or re-downloaded provided that there is any unexpected emerging problem. 

ASIO and ASIO4ALL are currently shared for free, it just takes you a little time to get it from the Internet if you adhere to the following directions.

FL Studio ASIO

  • Get FL Studio ASIO for Windows: In order to install the FL Studio ASIO driver from the Official Image-Line forum, you are obliged to be logged in to access the software in advance.
  • Get FL Studio ASIO for MacBooks: MacBooks users used to struggle a lot to get themselves the FL Studio ASIO, yet with the recent launching of FL Studio 20, the ASIO installer is now totally compatible with the macOS system and also comes bundled with the FL software.


  • Get ASIO4ALL for Windows: You should install the most newly-updated ASIO4ALL version from the developer’s site in order not to be hacked or cheated by virus-infected websites. 
  • Get ASIO4ALL for MacBooks: There is no compatible version of ASIO4ALL on MacOS but Apple came up with other potential drivers that can wholy replace the ASIO4ALL’s contribution.

ASIO drivers troubleshooting

In this part, we will shift our focus to probable issues arising from these two drivers and propose efficient solutions. 

Why does FL Studio sound strange? (crackling, noise and pops)

These problems are occasionally attributed to the failure of a third-party plugin. Nevertheless, it is all accepted that an error with FL Studio ASIO is the main culprit for this kind of sound distortion. 

ASIO issues have adverse bearing on the worsened quality of sounds, which gradually hamper exciting music releases. 

These errors occur in the form of crackling, pops, glitches, or noise and are the consequence of no buffer underruns.

Buffer underruns result from low buffer memory availability, which can be tackled by extending the buffer length though the Options section of Fruity Loops.

In perious parts, we once defined what is the best settings for ASIO to follow (please look through to gain some valuable information).

Why is FL Studio ASIO not showing up?

This issue is scarcely reported by users and its reasons are perplexing till now. 

However, I know precisely that one of the most feasible and rapid measures to spontaneously fix this problem is resetting FL Daw from the Advanced Settings. If it’s not fine, another method recommended will be reinstalling and updating a whole new edition of Fruity Loops.

Also remind yourself of monitoring the whole process to preserve all your settings, plugin databases, and files associated with this software and preparing data backup carefully. 

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To conclude, ASIO and ASIO4ALL are a requisite for the proper operation of FL Studio. It participates till the final phase of music production which is background noise removal. Therefore, I recommend you apply them with the best settings to your own personal device if you are seriously passionate about creating a song as well as fostering your own creativity. 

I hope that these reviews above help you clarify and differentiate the terms “DAW”, “FL Studio”, “ASIO” and “ASIO4ALL”. What is more important as key to the process is that you can consider and make up your mind of which driver meets your demands.