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The process of playing acoustic requires the most accurate and standard electrical tones. Currently, there are many Taylor lines born to ensure the best user experience. In which, Taylor T5 is the choice that many people are interested in. This electroacoustic line has been built with great design in every tone that you should also learn when playing guitar.

Overview of Taylor T5

The high precision has made Taylor’s neck piece one of guitar legends. In addition, the neck shape combined with the beautifully smooth C-section and clean fingerboards all make you a true pianist. It still works to its full potential, although the fret gauge measuring about 2mm wide x 1mm high has the drawback of being smaller than most contemporary electrics.

Through the uniquely equipped Allen key, the Taylor t5 introduced a new construction of the new NT bolt neck joint. This made it easy for Camp Taylor to attach the neck to the torso. In fact, when observing, people will notice that the head between the neck and the body is almost hidden and cannot be seen. Its characteristic is that unlike many Fender bolts, if people want to move to the other side when under great pressure it will not support.

The T5’s large cut-out body already seems huge compared to the electric snake body. However, when looking at the back and sides, people will discover that they are made of hollow sapele plastic to ensure lightness. Paired with that is a spruce top, which the longitudinal brace manufacturers detailed illustrates its thin electroacoustic starting point. People can sense that it is not acoustic as usual but electro, for the stage.

Additional head-mounted humbuckers also provide the T5 with quality ‘electric’ sounds. Thereby, the body sensor part of the single semi-truck version, but still ensures to retain the spring sensor part. They have been hidden in the heel joint under the keyboard, so it is quite difficult to detect.

The Taylor T5 is also mounted in a bezel with a unique design on the upper shoulder. This addition is an electric five-way lever switch that offers the perfect combination of three pickup lines:

  • Position 1: This is the position of the humbucker under the fretboard and also the appearance of the antique humbucker in the string.
  • Position 2: Also known as the humbucker under the keyboard
  • Location 3: Is the location of the humbucker bridge
  • Position 4: It is located parallel to the bridge humbucker and the humbucker under the neck
  • Position 5: The final position is the bridge humbucker and the under-key humbucker in the series.

The edge of the taylor is also equipped with a red status LED for the 9V battery, which is the power supply for the active preamp/EQ. According to Taylor, the lifetime of the LED part is about 40 hours. Then, three rotary controls can be adjusted through the rubber knob mounted on the face. From there for the volume EQ, bass and treble and especially all with a notch in the middle.

When Taylor T5 review, people also noticed that there is only the output jack. This is a standard passive jack on the side of the guitar. This feature also makes the user experience a little doubtful. However it was, after a reviewer returned to the performance to compare and discovered that a similar output jack had lost its nut and socket slipped inside the body. . At that time, everyone needed to find a way to fix the jack of the chassis to a metal plate so that no unfortunate problems would occur.

taylor t5 review
The product offers the perfect choice for music

How does it sound?

The Taylor T5’s body is relatively shallow, but it’s still guaranteed to have a sound that feels like a well-plugged sound. Besides, its volume is also surprisingly loud. Its five pickup options are also appreciated when they all sound quite ‘acoustic’ thanks to the help of an acoustic amplifier.

The introduction of this dual pickup version is considered to have lost the most sound-like body sensor. However, this does not affect too much of the hidden pickup because when playing the guitar it still captures a full-bodied, rich acoustic voice. This feature can confirm that it is darker than many electronic types, although the sharpness of the sound is still guaranteed.

Any choice when it comes to dubbing this pickup will give players a very acoustic-like sound and with a wide EQ. Through this, people can completely move from the friendliness of the mid-range to new heights with the older heavy mid-voice. The perfection of this characteristic would be better suited to blues and jazz or slide styles.

Because it’s equipped with a power amplifier, position 3 is a good place to start, helping guitarists to create fairly bright, colorful tones with flat EQs. When choosing to knock a little high-end sound from the idea of ​​a guitar or amp, you’ll experience more of an electric-like precision.

Taylor T5 also produces some great original or lo-fi timbre. You can experiment with EQ and volume to create the most usable tones that deliver the best music. Besides, the output sound also produces noticeable active background hisses. The design on the tones is guaranteed to be louder, which will make the guitar a little harder to control. However, this is only a small part of the advantages, so it is not a cause for concern.

Another potential being exploited here is the dual-amplifier setup. However, there is only one EQ on the board, so everyone will have to compromise and adjust each amplifier accordingly. The resulting tones will sound more like sound but need some extra high-end sharpness. Electrophones when making sound will need less highs and more mids.

One thing one should also consider is balancing the strings and this is a very expressive guitar that cannot be compared to many others on the market. This product offers new sounds that give you a new style of instrument for making music.

taylor t5 sound
Unique sound, variety of tones, surprising volume


Taylor has always been famous for designing and successfully building guitars that are both simple and beautiful. The Taylor T5 classic has left many strong impressions on players. Looking at the outside image of the instrument, it is relatively simple but has not lost its all-time elegance. Famous artists still regularly use them for home recording studios.

The Taylor T5 Classic is designed with a mahogany top, and Sapele neck and heel. Besides, the back and sides of the guitar are also equipped with Sapele material and finished in beautiful satin. The material of the neck, the top cover, and the bridge base are all made of ebony, and the guitars are often decorated with a simple diamond inlaid pattern. The top of the T5 is also equipped with two additional sound holes, it is like the leaves do an excellent job in creating the body’s natural resonance.

One of the strong points can be mentioned about the neck of T5. This part is guaranteed to be thin enough for those who love to play electric guitars. However, for musicians who are getting used to using acoustic guitars, they may also find that the thinness of the neck takes time to adapt. This 21-key neck is also manufactured by manufacturers in a 24 7/8 scale. This has the advantage of helping to achieve the perfect balance between the tension required for a realistic sound as well as the comfort of an electric feel. The appearance of the Venetian cross section also allows the player easy access to the top frets.

taylor t5 appearance 1024x422
The guitars are designed simply and beautifully


Before buying a flock, people often pay much attention to the durability of the product because it needs to have a long-term use value. Taylor T5 is one of the perfect choices for everyone because of its excellent build quality guarantee. It’s not inferior to any of Taylor’s premium quality guitars. From the exterior design to the sound output, it’s perfect for everyone.

Fit and Finish

Looking through all of Taylor’s guitars, one can judge that everything looks great. In which T5 becomes more special when bringing a truly perfect beauty. The T5s with the blue finish have a gorgeous royal feel and are equally sexy. Besides, T5 has also successfully met Taylor’s construction standards. This confirms one thing that all of their guitars are built according to very good, methodical processes. The buttons on the T5 are also equipped to match the design style of the guitar, creating a comfortable feeling for the player. For example, if you are playing in the middle of a song and want to adjust, you can feel the knob to adjust in the most reasonable way

taylor t5 fit and finish
The guitars are perfected from the outside design to the internal durability

Feel and playability

T5 has a particularly impressive design when it has a narrow neck with a luxurious and beautiful style. It is similar to the Strat and Ovation Acoustic / Electric products that are loved by many people. Thereby it is also assessed that people can move on this neck very easily and feel extremely comfortable. For those who are already playing acoustic and are used to a wider neck it will take some time to get used to and feel the neck, but it will adjust pretty quickly. With the Taylor T5 everyone can play music more easily.


The Taylor T5 is the perfect choice for professional guitarists, and is easy for beginners to adapt as well. Through what has been shared above about the characteristics of this product, it can be affirmed that it is worth everyone to buy the product. Hopefully through it everyone will have more useful knowledge in choosing a suitable and highest quality guitar for themselves.

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