Taylor 110e Review – Is It A Great Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar?

taylor 110e
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Taylor is one of the leading manufacturers in the world, especially in the line of acoustic guitars. The guitars are easy to play and the sound is impressive. Although Taylor guitars are of good quality, most of them are quite reasonably priced. The Taylor 110e is the perfect choice for beginners or intermediate players. For under $1000, this acoustic guitar should be able to meet most of your needs. So, what’s so special about the Taylor 110e acoustic guitar? Is it worth buying? See our detailed reviews in this article for the most accurate answer!


The first attraction of an acoustic guitar is its appearance. However, the point we need to pay more attention to is the sound. A beautiful guitar but without a good sound is not a good guitar.

In terms of looks, the Taylor 110e acoustic guitar is a beautiful guitar with a very appealing dreadnought shape. It features a Sitka spruce top, and laminated walnut side and back panels. The wood material is not the best, but the Taylor 110e is a great choice for a mid-range price.

Because it’s not made of solid wood, the 110e lacks resonance in the sound. However, that shouldn’t affect the sound quality of this Taylor acoustic guitar much. The Spruce top can deliver the pure sound a guitar needs.

taylor 110e guitar 1024x576The tonewood on the Taylor 110e guitar review is also rated as better than the tonewood on some guitars

The tonewood on the Taylor 110e guitar is also rated as better than the tonewood on some guitars in the same price range. Perhaps because the wood was better treated in the manufacturing process, it not only brought out the vivid tones it also gave the 110e a great sound.

In terms of sound, Taylor 110e impresses many players. The sound is warm in the lows, and the mids are smooth, especially the highs are crisp and clear. Melodies and timbres are well balanced. The sound is also diverse so that players can pursue many different genres of music.

The 110e bracing is designed using Taylor’s famous bracing system. It can generate all phonological characters. This guitar also has the ability to self-record, which is very convenient for you to compose music.

Taylor 110e acoustic guitar
Top Material Type Ebony
Body Material Wood
Neck Material Type Sapele Wood
Fretboard Material Type Ebony


When you look at other 110e guitar reviews, you will certainly find them saying the 110e’s playing ability is very impressive. Both the action and the fingerboard of the 110e guitar are good for the price you pay.


taylor 110e acoustic guitar
Both the keyboard and the bridge of the guitar more perfect

The 110e has an Ebony finger. In fact, Ebony often appears on more advanced guitars, it helps to make both the keyboard and the bridge of the guitar more perfect. The feeling of the keys of this beautiful guitar is also very special and interesting.

However, not all pieces of Ebony are equally good. Given the mid-range price of a 110e guitar, Taylor probably won’t use the best Ebony. Even so, we can still say that this Ebony material can make the fingerboard play better than all the guitars in the same price range.

About action

The Taylor 110e acoustic guitar has a good action setup right from the start. Right from the moment you buy it, you can freely play it without spending the extra money to adjust it. It can be said that this guitar’s action is much better than other cheap or mid-range guitars.

110e Taylor is a low-action guitar so it’s easy to play, even if you’re a newbie. You can notice this when playing barre chords in the high frets. If you are a lover of low-action guitars, the Taylor 110e is a great choice.

About the neck

taylor 110e review 1024x474
The feeling of playing the narrow neck guitar is also great

The 110e’s neck width is smaller than standard, so it will be a bit difficult to play for people with large hands. On the contrary, people with smaller hands or a lover of a narrow neck will definitely love this guitar.

Honestly, the feeling of playing the narrow neck guitar is also great. It doesn’t affect finger selection too much, and it’s even light and easy to grasp.

Guitar string

The 110e Taylor comes with a matching set of strings, so you don’t need to change strings. The types of strings that this guitar often comes with are Medium Gauge Strings or Nanoweb Coated Elixir Light Gauge. While you can play well with these pre-existing strings, you can still substitute your favorite strings if you want.


taylor 110e guitar review 1024x1024
You can create a variety of tones while playing, thanks to the 3 buttons


As noted above, the 110e uses Taylor’s famous bracing system. However, the x-brace system only goes so far, so if you want the sound of this guitar to be louder in large venues, you need to connect to the onboard Expression System 2.

Taylor 110e can record audio. If you choose a good microphone that can record natural sounds, then the recorded sound is pure. However, Expression System 2 will take care of better amplification when you connect to an acoustic amp or PA.

At the back of the saddle are 3 pickups. They can express melodies with realistic sound thanks to the solid spruce wood. The piezoelectric sensors also work very well when it comes to catching warmth and gravity.

You can create a variety of tones while playing, thanks to the 3 buttons. These knobs give you control over bass, treble, and even volume. The dials on the Taylor 110e are further away from the plucking arms but they are neater and easier to control.


At the mid-range price of the Taylor 110e acoustic guitar, we should not expect too much from the highest quality materials. However, I am sure that the quality of this guitar for the money you spend will make you satisfied.

As noted above, the top of the 110e is made of solid Sitka Spruce. It is also the standard wood made for the tops of many guitars. It is quite versatile and can create a balance in tonalities and dynamics of the sound.

The back and sides of the 110e are made from Sapele Laminate. While not solid wood or the highest grade mahogany, this material can help you produce a better sound than many other mid-range guitars.

The neck is made of mahogany, and this Taylor guitar’s bridge is made of Ebony. These are probably the two most premium kinds of wood in this whole guitar. The Ebony on the bridge deck can help it better transfer energy from the strings to the body.

The tusq saddles and nuts, pins are all made from synthetic material for bone regeneration – TUSQ. Many reviews suggest that this bone-like material can control consistency on 110e.


Taylor is considered one of the top guitar brands. They can compete in quality with many famous brands like Gibson or Martin, so the price of a guitarist is not cheap.

When made in the US, Taylor’s high end guitars start at $9,999, which is very expensive! However, they also make mid-range guitars like the American Dream series starting at $1,399.

To expand the market, Taylor started producing guitars in both Mexico and Tecate. Production costs are lower and they can lower the price of the product. This has brought more customers to the company because not every guitar player can spend a large amount of money to buy a guitar.

The Taylor 110e is a mid-range model that ranges from $500 to $1,000. At this price range, it comes from a big brand, the 110e is sought after by many people. However, for a beginner, the price of 110e is really a bit high for them. Even so, many newbies buy this guitar because it’s easy to play, fun, and suitable for practice.

This guitar is more suitable for intermediate players on a tight budget. The sound quality is stable compared to the price range, so it can satisfy the playing needs of many people.

The Taylor 110e acoustic guitar has many of the hallmarks of an expensive acoustic guitar. Featured is the expertly treated Spruce top wood to give the soundboard a clear timbre and rich tone. The rest of the body is made of mahogany and Ebony, which gives the guitar a premium feel. When playing this guitar, you can feel the good of these high end parts. They are both durable and quality.

With a price range of about $800, 110e Taylor is worth your money because its quality is really good.

Who should buy taylor 110e?

A good and easy-to-play guitar, the Taylor 110e is perfectly suited for beginners, intermediate players and some professional guitarists.

Compared to other guitars in the price range, the 110e is a bit better. If you are a new player and have enough budget, then you should consider choosing this guitar. It can help you get used to and practice well at the beginning. Even if your guitar skills increase to mid-range you can still use it.

Intermediate or professional players on a tight budget can also choose to buy this guitar. It has good quality, rich sound and timbre that can satisfy the playing needs of more advanced players.

Comparison between Taylor 110 and Taylor 114

comparison taylor 110e guitar 1024x576
The body shapes of Taylor 110 and Taylor 114 are different

In Taylor 110e reviews, people often compare Taylor 110 and Taylor 114. Due to the same manufacturer, both these guitars have a lot in common. They have the same price, the same top wood and the same bracing system. Honestly, when you look at the two spec sheets, you’ll see they’re identical, even in size.

However, the body shapes of Taylor 110 and Taylor 114 are different. If the 110e has a dreadnought body, the 114e is like a parlor. They have the same depth and width, but a grand auditorium is thinner at the waist.

The Taylor 114, with its dreadnought size and grand auditorium shape, gives you a more comfortable feel on your lap than the 110e, thanks to its deeper curve.

You can clearly see the difference between Taylor 110 and Taylor 114 through the playing video below:

Bottom line

With the Taylor brand, the 110e is one of the cheapest guitars. However, the 110e, with a mid-range price tag, is much better than other guitars from other brands. You can get more benefits than you pay. Its sound is absolutely bright and stable. The diversity of colors and the expression system 2 excels at maintaining a pure sound when amplified.

When you buy the Taylor 110e, you get the company’s performance bag included to help protect and make it easier to carry. The 110e’s somewhat premium quality materials also help keep you hassle-free in maintenance. It’s really durable!

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