Oscar Schmidt OE20 Review Detail

oscar schmidt oe20
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Are you looking for an acoustic guitar for entertaining?  Do you want to learn more about the Oscar Schmidt OE20?  The detailed reviews will help you make a more accurate choice and buy a good guitar without being spoiled.  To choose an excellent guitar we need to evaluate it under many factors from body, neck, price and especially sound.  In this article, we will help you evaluate the Oscar Schmidt OE20 electric guitar from the most unbiased point of view!

Features of Oscar Schmidt OE20

Oscar Schmidt OE20 is considered a promising electric Les Paul.  It is rated by players as an economical and good choice.  Although it is not a product from a big brand, some of its advantages make people pay attention.  So we will take a closer look, is this guitar really worth the money you spend.  Let’s review the features of Oscar Schmidt OE20 below:


Oscar Schmidt OE20 reviews cannot be without the most important part, the body’s guitar.  Of course, a guitar like the Les Paul will have a similar body to it.  The ease and design of the OE20 have been tested and found to be reliable.  It has raised rails and single-cutaway that definitely makes this body more perfect.  The 24-inch and ¾-inch scales provide a balanced body and easier player control.

 Tonewood is one of the factors that affect the quality of sound. Oscar Schmidt understood that, so he used a solid mahogany body to make tonewood for OE20. Upon completion of the essential construction, this section weighs in at 8 pounds. It is lighter than a regular guitar body. Young people or beginners may love this lighter weight.

 The manufacturer also decorates the Oscar Schmidt OE20 with sharp lines. The finish is glossy black and full of mystery and charm. In general, this body has a good design and material, which can bring great quality to the user.

oscar schmidt oe20 electric guitar
Oscar Schmidt used a solid mahogany body to make tonewood for OE20


Although it feels like a Les Paul, the neck of the Oscar Schmidt OE20 will be a little different. It is made of maple and is mounted directly to the body instead of being screwed as usual. You will find a pin on the neck to make the transition more flexible and better.

The OE20 neck design produces a much louder and warmer sound. It differs from a single coiled Fender with a crisp sound. The OE20 delivers a classic with a truly impressive sound.

The special construction of the neck also makes the Oscar Schmidt OE20 easier to play. It has 22 frets and trapezoidal inlays. Neck OE20 seems thinner than Les Paul. The keys are made from Rosetek. This is a completely new material for the keyboard. According to our experience, it works stably, smoothly and is easy to manipulate.

oscar schmidt oe20 reviews
The OE20 neck design produces a much louder and warmer sound


In general, the hardware Oscar Schmidt OE20 is rated by many players as having a suitable structure for the money.  Mid-range guitars like this guitar often cut hardware to save costs, but the OE20 doesn’t.  Hardware of this is completely stable with a sealed die-cast head unit.

 Although the hardware of this guitar is simple and not special, it can bring out their full potential.  It is powerful enough to ensure the sound of this guitar is stable during use.

 It includes two stock humbuckers at the top of the neck, two dual-tone controls and a 3-way truckload toggle switch.  The regulator is molded in sealed chromium that will make the player feel comfortable to use.

oscar schmidt oe20 specs
The hardware Oscar Schmidt OE20 is rated by many players as having a suitable structure


 If you think with the price of the Oscar Schmidt OE20 that you shouldn’t expect too much sound quality, you are mistaken. The sound of this guitar really makes you feel amazing. It is rated by experts as one of the best guitars under $300.

 Its sound is not overly diverse but it is truly distinctive with a clear and flexible timbre. You can use the Oscar Schmidt OE20 for music from country to rock like rock.

oscar schmidt oe20 review
The sound of this guitar really makes you feel amazing


Playability is one of the highlights of this guitar. Oscar Schmidt OE20 really surprises you with its great playability. It is not too suitable for beginners but can bring a comfortable feeling. You can hold this guitar in your lap and it’s not too heavy for you to hold for a long time.

 However, when playing this guitar you need to listen attentively to be able to adjust the sound correctly.

features of oscar schmidt oe20
Oscar Schmidt OE20 really surprises you with its great playability


As a version similar to Les Paul with good quality and stable sound, the Oscar Schmidt OE20 is a mid-range guitar.  It is a guitar under $300 that amazes users in both quality and sound. All in all, the money you spend to buy OE20 is completely worth it.

 Above is the entire Oscar Schmidt OE20 review with the important factors that determine the quality of both the construction and the sound of the guitar. These reviews will not only help you better understand the OE20, but also make the right decision.

oscar schmidt oe20 purple burst guitar the prettiest
It is a guitar under $300 that amazes users in both quality and sound

Pros and Cons Review Oscar Schmidt OE20

 After referring to the detailed reviews above then you can refer to the pros and cons summarized below. It makes it easier to make choices faster.


  •  Great look, impressive
  •  Perfect construction
  •  Good quality
  •  Stable bar and perfect for the price
  •  Good playability


  •  Plastic control
  •  The humming is quite thin
  •  Need to reset when starting to play


Oscar Schmidt OE20 specs are a great choice, but if you don’t like something about this guitar you can look elsewhere. It’s possible that these alternatives could be cheaper or a little more expensive, but overall it’s still cheaper than other high-end guitars.  Here are some OE20 alternatives that we feel are suitable:

  •  Epiphone Les Paul Standard
  •  Epiphone Les Paul 100
  •  Epiphone SG Special
  •  Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

 These guitar models all have many similar characteristics to the Oscar Schmidt OE20 and provide a similar playing feel. It’s really a new experience, but it’s a bit familiar. Hopefully, one of them will work for you.

epiphone les paul 100
Epiphone Les Paul 100


To be able to find guitars that play well and sound good, you need to spend a corresponding amount of money. However, you can find the opposite in the Oscar Schmidt OE20. This guitar will bring players a whole new experience and surprise in both quality and price. Hopefully, our sharing below can help you choose the best guitar!