PRS SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar Review (Updated 2022)

prs se standard 24
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The PRS SE Standard 24 is a fantastic instrument for the price. It’s a really flexible guitar that can play everything from jazz to heavy metal. It sounds fantastic with overdrive or distortion and cleans up beautifully when the volume is turned down. This blog post will explain everything you need to know about the amazing PRS SE Standard 24 electric guitar, as well as some recommendations for which else you should buy. 

Who should buy PRS SE Standard 24?

The SE Standard 24 is designed for guitarists who want top-of-the-line specs at a reasonable price.

This guitar contains all of the hallmarks of the core Custom 24, including the 24-fret set-neck design, bird inlays, and a PRS-designed tremolo system, and the Paul Reed Smith signature on the headstock.

With characteristics and performance comparable to the PRS flagship model in an entry-level price range, the SE Standard 24 is ideal for beginners looking to upgrade to an all-around reliable workhorse.

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping a collector from adding this piece to their collection.

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Where does the PRS SE Standard 24 sit in the SE line of guitars?

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Paul Reed Smith’s SE or Student Edition Korean-made guitars, which debuted in 2001, are exact recreations of their well-known and sought-after USA or Core models.

Even though they are substantially less expensive than their made-in-Maryland siblings, the PRS SE line has all of the vital elements that identify PRS. Paul Reed Smith is so pleased with how far the Student Edition guitars have progressed that they now have slightly carved tops and the same PRS signature as the USA models.

The PRS SE Standard 24 is the most economical model in the SE lineup. It is essentially a stripped-down version of the SE Custom 24, which is a direct and more cheap copy of the core Custom 24s built in the United States.

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PRS SE Standard 24 Review

No more wasting time, we will head to some review about this amazingly affordable PRS SE Standard 24 electric guitar. To make it easier to visualize, we shall divide it into smaller sections for review.


PRS SE Standard 24 Translucent Blue
Top Material Type Maple, Rose Wood
Body Material Rosewood, Mahogany
Neck Material Type
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood


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Overall, the PRS SE Standard 24 has a quite good sound

The Mahogany body adds warmth and depth to the tones. If you enjoy dark and warm tones, this is a positive sign. It’s ideal for metal, rock, and warm blues.

Because the fretboard is constructed of rosewood, the tone is definitely warm.

The maple neck ensures a clean tone when playing lead passages. This clarity of tone also lends itself to the versatility of this ax.

Two PRS 85/15 “S” Humbuckers are used as pickups. The pickups also have a split-coil feature, which adds even more versatility. If you like, you can add some brighter tones.

These mics provide dark and warm tones, and this guitar doesn’t normally sound too dark or flat.

Normally, this instrument doesn’t sound very dark or flat. And, while it’s true that when you use strong distortion, the sound is undoubtedly dark enough, it needs some brightness in our opinion. And the sound can be a touch murky at times.

However, this guitar sounds fantastic in general. It can play any type of music, although it is designed for rock and metal.

Here’s another audio sample for you:

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The fretboard radius is 10 inches, so the fretboard has considerable curvature to it. This makes playing more comfortable, and the little curve has no effect on your ability to play.

PRS Guitars aren’t known for their lightning-quick necks, and this one is no exception. It’s fast and smooth enough in my perspective, but there are better shredder options available.

The neck is wide and thin. The nut width is 1.69 inches, which is not too wide, even for my small hands. The small neck guarantees that thumb placement is smooth and that the neck is not overly hefty.

This guitar is a lot of fun to play and very comfortable. Upper fret access is also rather nice.

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Generally, the PRS SE Standard 24 provides outstanding value for money, however it does have some flaws.

The tremolo arm (whammy bar) and tuners are one explanation for this. Tremolo arm may quickly throw a guitar out of tune, especially in the first several months. But, thankfully, I received an extremely helpful advice from the long-time owner of his instrument (which appears to work):

Make sure you stretch the strings and play with the whammy bar for several days after you obtain this guitar or change the strings. This extends the guitar’s springs at the rear. It also stretches the guitar’s strings. Give the instrument a few weeks and it will stay in tune better.

Otherwise, the quality is satisfactory. Some users have reported issues with painting (particularly in the corners) and fret buzz, but these are uncommon.


PRS guitars have a curved aesthetic to them that I appreciate. It’s distinctive in a good way. It’s not my preferred body type, but I like it.

And those bird inlays, oh those bird inlays, these are absolutely one of my favorites. Bird inlays usually make me think of adventure and nature.

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To give you a better overview, we’ve compiled a list of PRS SE 24 standard’s pros and cons.


  • Can do nearly everything (versatile)
  • Enjoyable and comfortable to play.
  • Clear tone.
  • It’s lovely appearance (especially the bird inlays!)
  • Have a dark and warm tone.


  • In our view, the tone might be brighter and less murky.
  • Some out-of-the-box tuning difficulties, which normally resolve with spring and string stretching
  • Not the quickest neck
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How to take care PRS SE Standard 24?

Poly finishes are recognized for being strong and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about dents and scratches on this guitar because it is built to take a battering. Most polishes will work on this instrument as well; a good wipe with a clean cloth will instantly return it to its natural brilliance.

Rosewood, like ebony, pau ferro, and other unfinished fingerboards, requires periodic treatment. A coat of lemon oil applied at least twice a year will maintain the rosewood condition for the duration of the instrument’s life.

The PRS SE Standard 24 has a double-action truss rod (read more about guitar truss rods here) that can be changed with a 7mm Hex Socket Wrench. Adjust the saddle heights with a 1.5mm hex wrench, and spin the intonation screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

You’ll want to upgrade the hardware at some point. Fortunately, PRS makes it simple by providing a variety of solutions that will fit properly on the guitar. Graphtech, Hipshot, Wudtone, and other brands also make PRS-compatible nuts, saddles, and bridges.

If you feel the urge to upgrade your pickups, you have a plethora of options. Although PRS core pickups would be perfect additions for these guitars, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Tonerider, Bare Knuckle Pickups, and other boutique pickup makers provide humbuckers or humbucker-sized P90s to fit any taste.

Alternatives of PRS SE Standard 24

Schecter Guitar Research Omen Extreme-6

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PRS SE Standard 24 – a great choice for your guitar career


We would recommend this as the “Best Metal Guitar Under 500” for any type of metal. But especially for quick riffs and solos in current metal. If you’re searching for a high-value guitar with Floyd Rose, this ax is absolutely worth the money.

This Omen is less versatile than the PRS SE Standard 24, but it handles distorted tones better.

This guitar’s entire review can be found here: Schecter Guitar Research Omen Extreme-6 Review 2022 – Before You Buy.

And, in our opinion, this is the best metal guitar under $500. (which I know about). It has some small problems, but for the price, it’s difficult to match.

PRS SE Custom 22

This model is superior to Standard models in the following ways:

  • Tones
  • Playability 
  • Quality

The tone provides the necessary sharpness and crispness for rock (and in metal). Clean tones are yet delicate and clear without being overly dull. The quality is excellent, and the guitar is quite comfortable to play.

This guitar is well worth the money if you enjoy rock and are seeking a versatile guitar with two humbuckers.

LTD EC-256

If you prefer a more conventional, vintage-inspired look to the current classic design of the PRS SE Standard 24, the LTD EC-256 is a fantastic place to start.

The LTD EC-256 has the same mahogany body wood as the PRS SE Standard 24, as well as the same pickup arrangement and coil splitting capability. The key differences between this instrument and others are its single-cut design, 22 extra jumbo nickel frets, and 24.75″ scale length.

This ax is your best bet if you want the classic single-cut design, two humbuckers, but with modern playability and a diverse tonal palette.

Cort G Series G290 FAT

If the versatility and playability of the PRS SE Standard 24 drew you in, the Cort G Series G290 FAT is a guitar we strongly suggest.

The Cort G Series G290 FAT, which costs a few hundred dollars more and has a similar configuration to the PRS SE Standard 24, is for players who like a more super-strat inspired guitar. This model has a flame maple top, an ash body, and a birdseye maple neck. At this pricing point, this is a gorgeous wood combo.

This guitar sticks out more than the SE Standard 24 based only on appearance. This guitar is more focused on modern appointments than vintage specifications.


  • How excellent are PRS SE guitars?

Based on the research and experience, I believe that PRS SE guitars are excellent value for money. The build quality, playability, and sound are all excellent. Besides, PRS SE guitars have a long life expectancy, so most players opt to use them until they break. 

  • What strings are included with the PRS SE Standard 24?

These models come with D’Addario nickel-wound 10-46 strings, but they also function great with various string brands and gauges. Choose 9s or even 8s if you desire a softer and smoother feel. If you like to tune your guitars low, this guitar can absolutely handle 12s.

  • Is there a hard case included?

As an optional extra, the PRS SE Standard 24 comes with its own PRS SE gig bag. Guitar cases for the SE line are also available from Gator and Mono.

  • What are the magnets in the 85/15 “S” humbuckers?

Ceramic magnets are used in the SE Standard 24. Because mahogany has a warm and dark sounding tone, the bright top-end ceramic magnets are an excellent choice. This combination adds significantly to the guitar’s versatility and tonal balance.


If you’re on a tight budget and want a versatile guitar that can take distortion effectively, the PRS SE Standard 24 is a terrific option that’s well worth the money. However, if you solely want to play metal, or if you prefer blues or jazz, I propose that you look into the possibilities I described above.

If you find our information about PRS SE Standard 24 useful, please share it with your friends and family who share the same hobby with you.