Oscar Schmidt OE30 Review

Oscar Schmidt OE30 Review
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Oscar Schmidt has stepped it up a notch ever since Washburn bought them. This company’s ability to produce Oscar Schmidt OE30 is only one example of its capabilities. In today’s sharing, we have conducted a list of the reasons why it is currently considered one of the greatest semi hollow body guitars available. Let’s check them out, shall we? 

Features of Oscar Schmidt OE30

First of all, we will share with you some key features of the one and only OE30 Oscar Schmidt . We focus on four main factors, which are the guitar’s body shape and material, sound, hardware and price. 

Body and Neck 

The elegance of its design lies in its seeming simplicity, making it accessible to listeners of many backgrounds. This guitar has a traditional hollow body design with a double cutaway at the neck. We highly recommend that you should notice that there are two F-holes, one on each side of the guitar’s flat top. The guitar’s rounded base completes its form, making it one that’s easy on the eyes and ears. While all colorways are stunning, the sunburst design evokes a more traditional aesthetic. If you are looking for a vintage guitar, this OE30 Oscar Schmidt  is exactly what you need! 

oscar schmidt oe30

A hollow body or semi-hollow body guitar is the epitome of retro cool. However, they are more difficult to make and need more precision than regular solid body guitars, which is a consideration that you need to pay attention to. It’s rare to see a major brand produce a guitar of this caliber at such an affordable price, so we have to say that it’s very impressive to see this one here.

The OE30 Oscar Schmidt is an electric guitar with a conventional double cutaway body. The overall build quality is quite good. Usually, there are zero flaws in the coordination of the many organs and tissues. There’s no way to judge a semi hollow’s quality unless you actually play one. If the job is done well, you’ll be able to feel and hear it.


And yes, here is the part that you are all looking for! What does it sound like? The OE30 Oscar Schmidt ’s sound is amazing, and we are quite surprised because there would never have been this incredible sound at this price range! Very adaptable, working as well with rock and jazz. There is a lot of volume, a wide variety of tones, and excellent clarity and nuance in the sound. A super plus point for the Oscar Schmidt Delta King OE30, right? 


Another main feature that you need to pay careful attention to is the hardware. The hardware that the OE30 Oscar Schmidt  has chosen for also conforms to the classic, historical depiction of a hollow. In fact, though, it’s really advanced. Oscar Schmidt used a standard Tune-o-Matic bridge instead of the more elaborate tailpiece-equipped antique bridge. At first glance, it appears more robust than the typical semi-hollow body. But it still has many of the hallmarks of a semi-hollow guitar. Any musician interested in a type of music that incorporates elements of hard rock, blues, and maybe even jazz should give this Oscar Schmidt a try. This option greatly simplifies things for both the buyer and the seller.

A lot of people don’t realize how good the built-in tuners are. Under normal conditions, they will be able to perfectly maintain the melody. Although some may have disagreed with Oscar Schmidt’s decision, the guitar’s hardware is much more playable now. With this price range, we all think that this type of hardware is amazing! 

oscar schmidt oe30 delta king


The price is another prominent factor that many people like about the OE30 Oscar Schmidt . The price range of OE30 Oscar Schmidt  is not very expensive, instead, it is affordable. With this price range, the quality of sound as well as hardware that this acoustic guitar has is amazing.

Pros and Cons of Oscar Schmidt OE30 

Pros of the Oscar Schmidt OE30 

The hollow-body archtop guitar, which Gibson popularized 80 years ago, continues to enjoy widespread acclaim. For example, this OE30 Oscar Schmidt  is in excellent condition.The advantages they used to provide, such as improved sustain, acoustics, resonance, and depth, are now even more pronounced. Since they are designed for more delicate kinds of music like classic rock, reggae, jazz, and indie, they are a reaction to the aggressive and rock-fueled modern solid-body guitar. We also think that the price as well as the quality of this guitar’s sound, hardware and body are also advantages. We have reviewed the details in the section above, let’s check it out! 

oscar schmidt delta king oe30

Cons of the Oscar Schmidt OE30

The only drawbacks of these guitars—a lot of hum and feedback—have been successfully addressed because of the improvement in current single-coil pickups. The advantages they used to provide, such as improved sustain, acoustics, resonance, and depth, are now even more pronounced. Since they are designed for more delicate kinds of music like classic rock, reggae, jazz, and indie, they are a reaction to the aggressive and rock-fueled modern solid-body guitar.

Alternatives Oscar Schmidt OE30 

If you don’t think the Oscar Schmidt OE30 is the one for you, here are some other options. In this section, we have come up with two reasonable alternatives for your guitar ideas. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we? 

Oscar Schmidt OG 2 TBL-A-U

The very first alternative for Oscar Schmidt OE30 is the Oscar Schmidt OG 2 TBL-A-U. This guitar is striking, thanks to its deep blue color. A beautiful spruce top, catalpa back and sides, and a six-string neck make up this instrument. Rosewood is used for the fingerboard of the neck. Steel strings on an acoustic guitar are normally arranged so that they run from the nut to the bridge, whereas on an acoustic guitar, they run from the left side to the right. 

When a guitar is put into an amplifier, the sound is actually picked up by a magnetic pickup at the instrument’s neck’s end. You can adjust the length of the strap by pressing one of the buttons on each end. This is a six-string instrument, however if you’re just starting out and find that nylon strings sound better than metal ones, this is the guitar for you.

oscar schmidt og 2


Oscar Schmidt OD312

The body and cutaway of this twelve-string guitar are derived from the dreadnought style. Oscar Schmidt guitars have a long history of being praised as a great choice for newcomers. This 12-string guitar has a cutaway for more convenient string access. That’s not a terrible design for a beginner.

This guitar may look like an acoustic, but its pickup and preamp set it apart from the others. A high-quality acoustic-electric 12-string guitar. This topic will be discussed in greater depth at a later date.

oscar schmidt od312


And with that, all the information regarding the well-known Oscar Schmidt OE30 that you were looking for has been brought to your attention. We hope that you will be able to make the best decision possible concerning your acoustic guitar by using the information that we have provided for you in this post. We have done our best to supply you with as much relevant data as possible, from reviewing to alternative choices. And yes, if the timeless quality of these instruments is enough to pique your curiosity and you value classic design, the Oscar Schmidt Delta King OE30  guitar will satisfy your needs. Thanks for reading! We hope that you will find the best guitar for yourself!