Martin 000-18 Acoustic Guitar: Is It Worth? (2022 Updated)

martin 000-18
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The real mahogany back and sides are a perfect complement to the stunning age toned top made of Sitka spruce that can be seen on the Martin 000-18. Now, what exactly are the characteristics of the 000-18 Martin? And what’s the verdict on the Martin 000-18? Let’s go to the section titled “Everything you need to know before purchasing Martin 000-18”.

Overview of Martin 000-18

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The Martin 000-18 gives the power of a full-sized guitar while providing the comfort and playability of a smaller instrument thanks to its small-bodied Auditorium-style body.

The back and sides are made of solid mahogany, while the top is made of spruce. This combination results in an exceptional overall structure that generates an intriguing sound.

In addition, the use of high-quality woods ensures a consistent tonal balance throughout the course of the instrument’s lifetime, which increases its longevity by a factor of 10.

The neck of the Martin 00018 is thin and easy to play because of its low-oval design, which is enhanced by the Performing Artist taper that runs the length of the neck. This helps to make the acoustic experience more pleasant for the user as a whole.

Technical Specifications

Type Acoustic Guitar
Brand Martin Standard Series
Model 000-18
Price $ 2,599 .00
Rating 4.7 out of 5
Body Type 000-14 Fret
Top Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides Genuine Mahogany
Bracing Scalloped X-Brace
Finish Gloss
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Shape Modified Low Oval
Fingerboard Ebony
Frets 20 frets joined at 14th
Scale Length 24.9 inches (632.46 mm)
Hand Orientation Left (at Amazon)
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According to the review of the Martin 000-18, this instrument is your best bet for getting a full-bodied tone projection from an Auditorium-size acoustic guitar. If you’re searching for anything like this, don’t go any farther.

With the high projection levels that some users have indicated can compete with them, a banjo duel or jam session would be a lot of fun to participate in. The warm and rounded tone works well with any type of guitar playing, delivering richness in both low and high frequencies. This is in addition to the harmonic resonance that the tone has. 

This tone doesn’t sound fantastic, it will be better for recording in a studio.


Outstanding playability is provided by the Martin 000-18’s auditorium design thanks to the usual acoustic instrument’s reduced size. Because playing smaller acoustic guitars is more enjoyable, yet no other guitar comes close to the workmanship and sound quality of the 000-18, there just isn’t one.

The guitar’s playability is further improved by the low-oval neck design and the Performing Artist taper, both of which give the illusion that the neck is thinner than it really is.

Because of this, the amount of strain that is required to navigate the 20 frets is reduced, and we assure that your fingers and tendons will be grateful to you for it.


martin 000 18 review

This acoustic guitar just cannot be beaten when it comes to quality. Martin guitars have always used the winning combination of spruce tops and mahogany backs, and it is lovely to see this history continue on the 000-18.

This product is not only pleasing to the eye and the touch, but it also has a strong resistance to wear and tear.

You can’t go wrong with this wood combination if you want a guitar that will still have that “just bought it” feeling many years from now.

Is it comfortable to play?

The triple O size, sometimes known as the Auditorium size, is seen on this Martin Guitar. As a result, it’s a little smaller than a dreadnought model. The 000-18, on the other hand, is a joy to play.

It also includes a lower scale length, which makes it simpler to bend the strings. Those that play fingerstyle may find this size to their satisfaction.

The frets are closer together due to the instrument’s small scale, however this is just a matter of degree. For example, since I am tiny to medium in stature, I like Dreadnought-sized guitars. Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar or Martin HD-28 may be worth a look if that isn’t an option for you.

In terms of the neck, it has a modified low oval shape and a high-performance taper for the ultimate in comfort. Playing this guitar would keep you entertained for a longer period of time if you don’t get tired easily.

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What others are saying?

In the greater part of the Martin 000-18 review, there are a lot of positive comments made by Martin 00018 customers.

One of the most common criticisms is that although having the comfort and playability of a medium-sized acoustic guitar, it does not have the projection or tone of a full-sized instrument.

In addition, due to the guitar’s well-rounded tone, it is a good choice for both recording in the studio and participating in jam sessions.

Despite this, a number of customers have mentioned that the high-quality wood and pricey price tag of this instrument make it unaffordable for many people to have repairs done.

We only have one bit of advice for these individuals: make sure that you handle your Martin with the greatest care and respect since it really does deserve it.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Lovely woodwork that will hold up very well throughout the years.
  • The tonal spectrum and overall quality of a full-sized acoustic instrument
  • The construction of the neck has been carefully considered with the goals of minimizing stress and maximizing convenience.
  • A comfortable playing experience may be had with an acoustic guitar of a medium size.
  • Due to the high quality of the building, the cost of repairs might potentially be rather high.
  • Some users have commented that the fret edges are overly sharp and have not been appropriately sanded down, which is something that has come under criticism.
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Comparison with other Martin series

Martin 000-18 Vs 000-28

The 18 and 28 series Martins are most differentiated from one another by the quality of their woodwork. The Martin 000-28 uses the same Sitka spruce as the 000-18, but East Indian rosewood is utilized instead of hard mahogany for the back and sides of the instrument.

Following all of that work, the 000-28 is now able to produce a sound that is richer in nuances and places a greater focus on the instrument’s lower register.

This is something that many people like, but there are other individuals who find it to be too overpowering.

Martin 000-15M Streetmaster

Martin 000-18 Vs D-18

The Martin D-18 is a choice that leans more toward history and tradition, despite the fact that its woodwork is comparable to that of the Martin 00018.

In comparison to the 000 18 Martin, the guitar with the dreadnought body form produces a tone that is fuller and more authentic, and the larger body size contributes to the instrument’s overall attractiveness.

They are both really magnificent guitars and share a lot in common. You should choose the D-18 If you’re a lover of the chunkier and older feel of Dreadnought guitars .

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Is Martin 000-18 worth buying?

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The Martin 000-18 is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a more compact acoustic guitar than a dreadnought. It’s worth every penny since it has that lovely professional Martin sound and quality.


Martin 000 18 is a standout instrument that compares well with others thanks to its rich and well-balanced tones, smaller stature, and stunning spruce and mahogany combination.

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