Martin 000-15M Streetmaster Guitar Review (2022 Updated)

martin 000-15m
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Playing guitar is the passion of many artists and they have to have perseverance to learn the best music. To be successful in a piece of music with bass sounds the most important thing is to choose the right guitar. The Martin 000-15M is a guitar that many people love and choose. If you are looking for a product with many strengths, then learn more about the Martin 000-15M.

Overview of Martin 000-15M

Finding out the information related to Martin 000 15m review will help you know whether you should choose to buy this product or not. You might think first of the superior handcrafted designs that all high end martin guitars have. Including the time it takes the workers to make each guitar and the cost they put out. Just thinking about the process they go through will tell you how perfect the product is.

On the martin 000 15m streetmaster is equipped with nuts and saddles made of high quality natural bone. Besides, the finger board is made of solid East Indian rosewood by craftsmen. The modern output scale is 25.4″ with an “X” A-Frame head bracing pattern, which has the strength of taking sound projection to a whole new level.

Martin Guitar 000-15M Acoustic Guitar
Top Material Type Mahogany
Body Material Mahogany
Neck Material Type Mahogany
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
String Material Type  Nickel

martin 000 15m streetmaster 1024x682The Martin 000-15M is meticulously designed on every detail

Technical Specs


  • Top wood: Premium, genuine, solid mahogany
  • Wood back and sides: Solid genuine mahogany
  • Color: Natural
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose Satin
  • Wood back and sides: Solid genuine mahogany
  • Color: Natural
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose Satin
  • Design : 000-14 Confused
  • Style: No Cutaway
  • Frame: A-Frame “X” 5/16 Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Length: 19.375
  • Width : 15
  • Depth : 4.125


  • Wire Type: Steel
  • Number of strings : 6
  • String : Martin, .012-.054


  • Ancient wood : Mahogany
  • Neck Shape: Modified Low Oval
  • Radius : 16


  • Material: East Indian Rosewood
  • Fingerprint inlay : Diamonds & Squares – Short Pattern
  • Number of keys : 20 (total), 14 (clear)
  • Scale Length: 25.4″
  • Adjustment key: Nickel open with Butterbean knob

Bridge / Nut / Saddle

  • Bridge material: East Indian rosewood
  • Nut & saddle material : Bone
  • Nut width : 1.68


  • Case includes : Box
  • Overall length: 39.8125
  • Right handed


The Martin 000-15M has a sound that is known to be a sizable acoustic guitar for its size. These are perfect for solos, leadwork, and even strumming. The advantage of sound is that the whole body structure is made of mahogany. Therefore, the sound evokes extremely intense and clear from the tight breasts and creates vibrant music. The sound is so clear and powerful that you can completely hear the sound even if it’s just a single string.

This guitar’s tonal consistency also comes in handy when it comes to tonal sustainability. When listening to music you can feel the 000-15M Evenness making it perfect for accompaniment. However, it also has the small disadvantage that the treble and bass are not as prominent as that of a solid spruce top.


Martin’s 000-15M model has a slightly more compact design than the dreadnought D-15M. It is very pleasant to the touch and player to use because, as mentioned, the entire body of this guitar is made of mahogany with a delicate satin finish.

Besides, the C-shaped neck design fits comfortably in the hand, making it easier for beginners to adapt, without getting entangled or losing control when holding the instrument. The body size of the 000-15M is comparable to Martin’s 000-14 neck, which provides comfort and ease of play over a wide range of music.

This product is also equipped with a classic open gear adjuster with many advantages. There are three sets of gears on each side of the body, allowing players to harness every bit of the benefit and potential of Martin’s .012 or .054 strings.


As for the construction of the Martin 000-15M, all the forming parts speak for classic sophistication but no less luxury. The decoration that people put into this product is also very special. When held in the hand you will not see the lack of binding or glitter.

In addition, the appearance of Sitka spruce braces also ensures the stability of the A “X” frame inside the guitar. This ensures it is strong enough to safely support its mahogany top. Another advantage to this product is that the head with the classic Martin logo on it has no grooves.

The 15m martin 000 neck is made of east Indian rosewood which has the advantage of having a beautiful grain on it. At the same time, the keys are also classically sized, which is one of the hallmarks of Martin’s 000 models. The discreetly designed abalone inlay is also present, along with the combination. of the traditional Martin pigeon-tailed joint. 

Body & Neck

The body has a front panel made of solid mahogany for a softer, more tonal sound, when it’s lighter it produces a clearer and louder sound than spruce, though cedar is limited in volume.

The back and sides are made of mahogany, which is considered a solid, balanced tone with a powerful midrange, very good mid-range frequency response and superb sustain.

The body is also finished in a natural matte hand-painted finish, has hand-inlaid wood trim on the vents, and is fitted with Savarez strings and a nickel-plated tuner with pearl knobs.

The neck is also made from solid genuine mahogany with a modified low oval shape. Some specific parameters of the neck that you can refer to are as follows:

  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Fingerprint material: Katalox
  • End of neck: Satin
  • Wood color: Dark mahogany
  • Fingerprint style: Relatively short square shape and made of diamond
  • Fingerprint Inlay Material: Abalone
  • Neck joins body at: 14 Fret
  • Face mask: Yellow

Pros and Cons


  • The whole body is made of high quality mahogany
  • The adjustment keys are made in a beautiful vintage style
  • Melodies of crystal clear sound
  • Comfortable neck for grip


This guitar has bass and treble that are not really outstanding like the sounds emitted by the Sitka spruce wood.

Comparison between Martin 000-15M Vs 000-15SM

If you are learning about the differences between 000-15M and 000-15SM as well as interesting facts about these models then keep an eye on some of the following:

Nut & Bridge

The 000-15SM guitar has a slightly wider design than the 000-15M both in the nut and bridge sections. Besides, the 000-15M’s bone bead is also slightly smaller in design and the chain spacing is narrower than that of the 000-15SM.


The 000-15SM is equipped with a slotted head clef, which is not available on the 000-15M guitar.

Key 12 vs Key 14

The name of the 00015-SM is indicated by the manufacturers to have a neck of 12 keys, in contrast to the 00015-M, which has a neck joint of more than 2 keys and 14 keys. So the one difference here is that 00015-SM’s body seems to be smaller. However, the SM version has a longer body structure, while the 00015-M’s body is shorter and somewhat squarer.


In terms of sound, only those who have played a lot will know how different it is. As a result, experienced guitarists also say that the 00015-M’s 12-key design produces a louder and louder bass than the 00015-SM’s 14-key version. This difference is mainly due to its larger surface area.

In contrast to the above characteristics, the model with 14 keys will have more projection angles, resonance as well as better mid-range focus because it is wider. As a rule of thumb, 12-key guitars are usually equipped with a rounder and fuller timbre, besides, the timbre of 14-key models will be faster and smaller.

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There are many questions related to Martin 000-15M streetmaster that you need to learn to get important knowledge.

What Is The Difference Between Martin 000 And OM?

The Orchestra Model has a longer and wider neck, making it more suitable for fingerstyle play.

What Does 000 Mean In Martin Guitars?

000 is the content given for the purpose of indicating the size of the guitar. This design is considered to be smaller than Martin’s Orchestra Model and the classic style dreadnaught. However, it comes in larger sizes than the 00 and 0 series. This product is suitable for travel as well as small club gigs.

Where is Martin 000-15M Made?

The Martin 000-15M is an original product manufactured in the 1930s at a company factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. To this day, this beautiful acoustic guitar is still produced by the company from which it was born.


This 100% acoustic guitar offers a lot of strengths that any guitar player would love to have. The introduction of this product struck the perfect balance between build quality and affordability of each object. You will also have a variety of choices as it offers a lot of projections for the size, only the difference is that it is a bit smaller than a classic dreadnought.

This is a perfect choice that you should not miss, it beats guitars designed with small bodies in terms of mids and bass. Hopefully, the above sharing about Martin 000-15M will help everyone make the best choice for themselves.

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