Marshall DSL40CR Review: Is It a Good Amplifier?

marshall dsl40cr
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The advent of amplifiers brought changes on a guitar. This is the solution to the process of emitting the most smooth and airy sound. Marshall DSL40CR is one of the most sought after diffusers on the market today with many outstanding advantages. So what is special about this product, let’s follow through the sharing below.

Features of Marshall DSL40CR

Marshall DSL40CR
Brand Marshall Amps
Compatible Devices Guitar
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.9 x 29 x 19.3 inches


The preamps fitted in the marshall dsl 40 are four 12AX7/ECC83 tubes and in addition to the power amp tubes are two EL34s. One of the great things that most people love about the EL34 is that the tubes produce the traditional Marshall sound.

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Two master volume

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The two sounds go well together

Marshall dsl 40 is born as a more advanced improvement of the new version compared to the previous version, DSL40C. dsl40c vs dsl40cr is a new and independent control over the volume of each channel. With this new addition combined with the ability to change modes by pedal is added. The DSL40 has successfully won the trust of its customers by adding the class functions of today’s most modern amplifiers from the JVM brand.

In addition to the added footswitch is a digital controller that makes it completely possible for anyone to handle all the amp options. It should be noted that only channels without -ON/OFF- mode and reverb- are controllable from the Footswitch.

Those mechanisms allow one to use two different volume levels in principle, triggering one Master Volume or possibly another. Therefore guitarists can use this amplifier as a volume booster.


The reverb or just reverb on this amp is simply known to be digital, but the pros deliver great sound. Compared to the previous version, this new version is a remarkable improvement and is well received by many people.

Footswitch Stock

The equipped Marshall DSL40CR amplifier comes with a PEDL-90012 foot switch. It is known as two buttons: Channel and FX Loop. This introduction only allows the player to change channels and activate or deactivate the FX Effect Loop. Because of this, it will not allow the player to choose between two Masters or the modes of each channel.

You can perform select operation between any combination via: between Channel/Mode or Main, PEDL-91016 Footswitch is required. This is understood as the FS included in the Marshall JM. This function has also allowed players to get the most out of this device. However, it should also be made clear that they are not necessarily the right devices in the low-cost segment but are actually relatively high.

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FX effect loop

The Marshall dsl40CR has a Serial FX Loop, which allows the player to use modulations at the same time while using the amp’s saturation. This is the perfect solution with delay or any other kind of modulation effect. Another advantage of the loop is that it can be turned on and off with the Footswitch.

Speaker also brings advanced improvements, different from the previous version. The DSL40 in the new version has Celestion V-Type, thereby creating a warmer, more classic sound than previous versions.

Power attenuator

Nowadays, the process of finding a dimmer is easier because it is becoming more and more popular. Marshall DSL40CR is also one of them, you can downgrade to 20 watts. Through many practical experiences, it has been shown that in most cases, they help guitar players feel calmer before any problems arise.

For most amplifiers, after using a lot, the sound quality, frequency and timbre will also degrade. Based on this, there are some exceptions like when you don’t have Master or Gain volume it is advised to use an amplifier. This won’t reduce its power, you can simply choose to set the volume to a lower level, instead of turning it down and turning it louder.

An easy example would be that a 40 watt amp becomes 20 watts when attenuated, so it doesn’t sound like it’s actually 20 watts.

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Channel options and sound type

This amplifier usually appeals to guitarists through its very musical sound drive channels. You can play classic blues and rock music and it will feel really good. Today’s amplifiers are basically four different channels.

  • Channel 1: Clean channel. This is highly appreciated and praised for the fact that Fender is the most powerful clean channel amplifier available today. The clean channel has the characteristics of being clean, warm and at the same time ensuring a beautiful end, which can handle the pedal really well in any situation.
  • Channel 1 (green): On the amplifier, this is also rated as one of the most popular channels. This channel can be played by anyone with a clear tone suitable for Rhythm guitars and also applicable to the first rise stage of solos.
  • Crunch Channel 2 (red): This channel is suitable for solo guitar lovers. The sound is guaranteed to be just right for the ear, it’s the same as the other Crunch channel so people can choose to go higher and louder. Then you will get a track with a very consistent guitar tone.
  • Ultragain channel: Compared to other channels, this channel is somewhat less used. If you love 80’s Chug sounds then this is really a great choice.


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The preamplifier tubes/valves fitted in this amp are the 12AX7 and the coaxial with the power tubes is an EL34 set. Big sound is one of the advantages of the EL34’s series. It has two main volumes as well as independent channel volumes used for the purpose of being able to run the overall output however you want.

The reverb on the Marshall DSL 40 CR amplifier is for great sound even digitally. However, it is also felt that the echo on this amplifier does not travel far enough. It is commonly used to create classical sounds in the up and three quarters way up. This is quite new and adventurous but guarantees to bring extremely great sounds.

Besides, the Marshall DSL40CR amplifier has an additional two-button Footswitch included. When people decide to choose two channels on the amplifier, the button on the left will have the role of switching between those two channels. The right button will toggle in the meter or break the FX loop. Besides, another popular feature is that it can run a delay in the fault loop. Running the pedal late in the effects loop is a great choice when everyone is playing solo.


marshall dsl40cr speaker

The Marshall DSL40CR is equipped with a Celestion V-Type speaker. The advantage of having these speakers is really certain. After you proceed to turn the amplifier up a bit louder, you will notice that there are not many spikes left at the top. The process of screwing the valve/tube amplifier will make it possible for you to evaluate the top end. Only professional players know that things will change if there is a loud sound.

What speakers in this amplifier have I tried?

Eminence Tonker: Although this particular speaker sounds great, the downside is that it makes the amplifier heavy and too loud. Marshall DSL amplifier after being matched with specific speakers up a few steps will not be able to last long. Then people will need a louder amplifier and the great choice is the Eminence Tonker speaker. Besides, this set of speakers will also give the amplifier more space.

Eminence Texas Heat: Texas Heat also has a lot of advantages for amplifiers. The first advantage is that it is much lighter than the Eminence Tonker speaker. Next, this speaker is shaved off the top and thereby giving people a smoother tone.

Celestion V-Type: This type of speaker is considered a stock speaker that comes with an amplifier with the advantage of being lightweight. This type of speaker is also suitable for classic-rock players with big treble and big sound output.


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How well does the Marshall DSL40CR handle Pedals?

There is no problem with the FX loop when performing the pedal handling function. Experiments have been carried out with several different delay pedals and the results are amazing. If people want to overload or change to an amplifier with three amplifier channels, it is relatively inconvenient, but if you want, you can still choose.

The choice to run and accelerate on a clean channel is optional for an application like this. If only two pedals are available on the floor, this amplifier can also be used.

The volume pedal is the first choice that you might consider. If you can’t find a place to watch larger solos, you can turn up the volume on the floor. However, if you stream live, this should not be selected.

The other pedal people might also consider is the Wah pedal that goes straight to the front end of the amplifier. This landing board is not like many other amplifiers, it is equipped with wet petals. If you want to go live, this is a great choice, as it allows a lot of freedom of action without having to worry about pedals.

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The tone shift button and when to use it?

The special amplifier Marshall DSL40CR equipped with a time switch is something very unique. Basically the biggest advantage of playing is that it’s safe in terms of EQ. Selecting a toggle in the audio will help people hear less and have a tighter low end. This helps people get as little peak as you will get due to tube compression.

If your need is to sound at a lower volume, do not ignore the Tone Shift button option. If you are feeling that your amplifier has too bright speakers, this is also a good choice. The Texas Thermostat won’t have any use for this particular button so you’ll need to change it. When choosing to install Tonker speakers into the amplifier, it will be much more useful.

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How to run Marshall DSL40CR for best sound?

Everyone’s requirements for sound are different from person to person. The settings given below are intended to reflect the amplifier from left to right on the control panel and are related to the “clock scale”.

  • Gain 1: 11
  • Episode 1: 11-12
  • Gain 2: 1
  • Episode 2: 1-2
  • Treble: 10
  • Middle: 2
  • Bass: 12-1
  • Tone Shift (off / off)
  • Reverb Classic: Full
  • Reverb Ultra: 4
  • Master 1: Full
  • Master 2: Full

Applying these settings will give you great sound with almost any guitar people choose to plug in. Depends on the room everyone is playing in, the top end or bass can be adjusted to best suit. When choosing a guitar amp, each room will bring out different sounds. This also makes it possible for anyone to run the amplifier with both stock speakers and Texas Heat speakers.

New Marshall DSL40CR better than previous versions

Marshall DSL40CR vs Marshall DSL40C

Honestly Marshall DSL40CR is a new improved version of the old version so they will be equipped with more features than the old version. Specifically, you can look through these comparisons:

  • For the new version, everyone can completely use different volumes without the need for boosters. This is thanks to the addition of 2 master controls that the Marshall DSL40C has never had.
  • The new Marshall DSL40CR has compatibility with PEDL-91016, the six-button Footswitch included in the JVM series. Each channel’s modes rely on this to be viewable and automatically turn it into a real four-channel rig.
  • Speakers with the new version are Celestion V-Type not as high-end Celestion as Creamback or Vintage 30 but for previous versions are also considered high-end. From there, the new version has a more classic and warm sound.
  • The new DSL40CR has a more balanced Ultra Gain channel gain structure and is an over gain channel. This version’s OD1 mode is also akin to Classic Gain’s Crunch mode, which provides a more coherent and balanced sound across channels and has different modes. This is really an excellent improvement that many people love.
  • Besides, the new version’s digital reverb is also much better than the old version’s limitations.
dsl40c vs dsl40cr
The new version has more improvements than the old version

Marshall DSL40 vs Marshall DSL20

Advantages of Marshall DSL40 over DSL20

  • The Marshall DSL 20 is also highly regarded as a very solid amplifier. However, some benefits have also been pointed out for DSL 40 over DSL 20. Some of the advantages are given below that will help people understand more about these two versions.
  • Compared to its predecessor, the Marshall DSL 40 has more tonal options.
  • During use, people can completely switch Marshall back to 20 W and use it normally or still have more channels to choose from.
  • The Marshall DSL 40 has better internal speakers than the stock speakers in the DSL 20.
  • The sound of the Marshall DSL 40 will be louder based on the larger cabinet size.

Advantages of Marshall DSL20 over DSL40

  • The Marshall DSL 20 is easy to move around and produces a high-pitched sound because it’s so much lighter.
  • Marshall DSL 20 has few options so it doesn’t make the player feel complicated.
  • Suitable for those looking for an amplifier for a small room.
  • The boost channel included in the DLS 20 amplifier is the perfect super gain channel for those who don’t plan on using crossover channels.

Final opinion about Marshall DSL40CR

Marshall DSL40CR was born with many strengths, suitable for all guitarists. Marshall has very successfully won the trust of customers when he introduced the DSL40CR amplifier to the market. Although this version is quite good, there are also some limitations that people need to consider such as:

  • Inability to control modes from footswitch
  • Poor response
  • Speaker needs further improvement
  • Unlimited gain on the Ultra Gain channel will not be compatible with the Classic Gain channel

These limitations are not too significant compared to the strengths that Marshall DSL40CR brings to players. In the future it will certainly further improve these limitations. Those who play in the band need flexibility, this is a great choice that everyone should not ignore.

Watch video to see this is how Marshall dsl40cr sounds


The Marshall DSL40CR is suitable for many playgrounds with the best choice for festivals or noisy rooms. Customers are really satisfied with this amplifier when using. Then the less effects you have on the floor, the easier it is to set up. If you are looking for a quality amplifier, don’t miss the Marshall DSL40CR. Hopefully with the above sharing, everyone will find the best solution to play guitar.

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