How Many Frets On A Guitar? What Are Effects Of Frets?

how many frets on a guitar
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On a complete guitar, the keys are indispensable. People who are just starting to learn about guitar will wonder why the number of keys on the guitar is different. This issue is often overlooked but is important to learn because you will need to know how many keys your keyboard has to play the types of music you want. So how many frets on a guitar? If you are also learning about this field, do not ignore the shares in this article.

acoustic guitar frets
The keys on the guitar are extremely diverse

What are guitar frets?

The frets are one of the elements that have been enhanced on the neck of a guitar. This part is made of brass and nickel alloy. The fret is formed over the entire length of the guitar neck next to the neck. Their purpose is to change the length of the string’s oscillations based on which it is possible to create different sounds separately or to mark a particular note.

In fact, many people are confused about the shape of the fret as a small square box. However, the manufacturers claim that the fretboard is shaped like a metal band. It was then shown that the part between these two metal bands could be called the fretboard.

To better understand this, you can explore the middle of the nut located at the bottom of the fretboard and also the first metal strip. People named this part as the ‘first concern. Also, for the part between the first metal band and the second metal band, one might call it ‘second fret.’

This is exactly how people number on a fretboard. It’s relatively confusing so there are also a lot of guitarists who are really confused when learning about it. Thereby, it can be seen that although people know what the keys are, they do not know what the keys do and how they affect the timbre?

Another interpretation that you can refer to is that a fret can completely raise the tone of a note by a half step or a half step. You can understand as in the process of playing guitar, if people have a need to raise the level to a level. Then people will have to change the position of their fingers on the second fret on the guitar.

Another feature is that these metal bands divide the guitar fretboard into small segments. It is specified that each segment will represent a negative half. Many people do not care about this problem because they think that these are just simple metal bands, but in fact, they play the role of supporting guitar players to achieve the desired sound intonation. Not only stopping there, playing chords is also based on that, becoming easy and convenient.

In addition to the advantages, it will also have the only limitation that is that they limit the pitch to the properties determined by the key positions. However, this can be overcome by choosing the bending technique.

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The keys on the guitar affect the sound produced

How does fret number affect scale length?

This is an important issue that is also worth paying attention to, but you should understand that the number of keys will depend on each time to affect the length of the scale. However, the number pad will of course have an effect on the position of the pickup truck and also on the neck length.

According to research on guitars, most of the 24 frets found on guitars have a longer neck length than guitars with only 22 frets, which is quite true even if the overall scale length is given as difference.

Not only that, the positioning of pickup trucks is also different. It can be seen that the neck receiver on the guitar is only equipped with 22 frets located below the second major harmonic. As for a guitar with 24 frets, the pickup will be located closer to the bridge.

How many frets does an electric guitar have?

For each guitar, the fret is a very important factor to evaluate whether the guitar should be bought or not. In which the number of keys on the guitar will determine both the tone that comes out and the playability of an electric guitar. Currently on the market, there are three main types of electric guitars, classified based on the number of keys, including: guitars with 21 keys, guitars with 22 and 24 keys. In addition, there are some manufacturers that also offer guitars with 30 and sometimes 36 keys, but less often appear on the market.

Electric guitar with 22 frets

The 22-key guitar is a very popular line that is chosen by many people. The feature of this product line is to bring classical sounds, so it is for classical music lovers. In these guitars, the A will be located just above the octave that you can easily see.

Professional guitarists will find that the keys will eventually be able to help them get an E at a certain pitch. With a guitar with 22 frets, the timbre is very mellow and warm. Soft jazz tones along with classic Strat tones are created from these guitars. For example, there are classical musicians who love Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani using the 22-key guitar for their performances.

fret on guitar 1024x576
Very popular 22-key electric guitar on the market

Electric guitar with 24 frets

One feature of the 24-key guitar is that it doesn’t help the player create melodies like light jazz or classical sounds. It delivers modern-styled sounds. The reason people choose this sound is to provide a comfortable space when moving. However, the 24-key guitar also has a lot of other benefits for every player.

The most important thing when playing a 24-key guitar is knowing where to place the keys. The two extra keys will perform the task of pushing the pickup truck to the bridge. Then it will make the melodies emitted to the outside become light, dark and have a softer sound.

This feature helps modern rock electric guitar players unleash their passion. The 24-key guitar allows players to go from calm, fatty pick-up tunes to old-school sounds that still retain the essential tone of the guitar. Previously, artist John Petrucci also used a 24-key guitar to burn out on stage for the audience.

Electric guitar with 21 frets

On the market today, guitars with 22 and 24 frets are two popular lines. 21-key guitars are no longer popular today, but before the 1980s they were the choice of most people. Later, when the 24-key guitar was introduced to the market, it replaced the 21-key guitar. Because 22 and 24 fret guitars are easier to disassemble and sound more stable.

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how many frets on an acoustic guitar

How many frets does an acoustic guitar have?

Unlike electric guitars, acoustic guitars have a smaller number of frets. In which manufacturers give a maximum of 20 keys for each acoustic guitar and a minimum of 18 keys. In its structure there will be a part between the nut and the starting point of the body in which there are from 12 to 14 frets. Acoustic guitars used in the living room will have lower frets than a guitar used in a large auditorium.

How many frets does a classical guitar have?

Classical guitars are similar to acoustic guitars in the number of keys. Besides, the current nylon-string classical guitar is only equipped with 12 frets. The reason is because for those who play acoustic guitar, they will usually not play on the frets higher than 14 and classical guitar is the opposite.

Another special feature of these tables is that classical guitar manufacturers have added six to seven frets to their models. It is because of this that a classical guitar will in fact come with 17 frets.

frets on a guitar 1024x1024
Classical guitar has very few keys

Differences between 22 fret guitars vs. 24 fret guitars

For a 22-key and a 24-key piano, when making a choice, there are two factors that are often taken into account. Including the advantage of the keyboard and the sound emitted by the instrument.

The most noticeable difference here is the change in the position of the neck and the position of the pickup in the middle. 24 fret guitars these features require more bridge direction. Then the guitar sound will be brighter and create more modern rock melodies.

Besides, in terms of classical tones, it is recommended that you choose a 22-key guitar as the best choice because the bridge and neck push further. The closer they are to each other, the darker the tone will be.

For the 24-key guitar, the lower cut was moved to the rear by the manufacturers. This is there for the purpose of making it easier for professional guitar players to use the two frets on their body without interference or hindrance.

frets acoustic guitar

Does it matter how many frets a guitar has?

In fact, people will not check the number of keys on a guitar when deciding to buy it, which often happens with beginners. Experienced guitarists know exactly how the number of frets on a guitar affects the performance of the sound, so always choose carefully.

It has also been shown that the number of keys given determines the type of sound a guitar player can produce when using that instrument to perform. The 22-key electric guitar is commonly used by artists to create light jazz, while combining similar timbres to produce a bright and mellow sound.

For professional rock guitarists, choosing a 24-key electric guitar is perfect for creating metal music. In short, each guitar only needs to add two more keys to change the other status page sound, that is from soft and mellow to dark and light. Thereby it can be seen that the number of keys is extremely important in emitting sound.

When you’re playing professional guitar music, you’ll find that you need a 24-key guitar to be able to play certain solo pieces. This is non-intrusive and is worth the real interest of beginner guitarists. However, everyone should learn to become a professional player, ignoring this factor may cause guitar players to make the wrong choice.

One thing that is being said here is that if you want to know how many frets you need on a guitar, the most important thing is to learn about your favorite musical style. To know that you can also find out based on famous musicians playing the songs you want to play then see how many keys they use.


The above article has helped you learn more about what a keyboard is and how many frets on a guitar. Thereby, when you want to buy a guitar, learn all the relevant information carefully. This will avoid investing money in a product that does not match your wishes