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If you are a music lover and love to play guitar, then you know how hard it is to find a firefly guitar that suits you. When you feel you really have a chance to buy a firefly guitar, don’t miss it. Many people who want to buy this guitar with a better version have to constantly search. Therefore, the firefly guitar is also a musical instrument that many people pay attention to. The Firefly 338 guitar is a great choice for this instrument. It has a budget level and quality that is beginner-friendly. So, is Firefly 338 worthy of buying? Join us to see detailed reviews of it in the article below to get the answer.

In-depth review

We need an in-depth review to know if the Firefly guitar 338 is really worth the money and right for you. We will analyze the design, tones, specs and so on in detail.

Firefly FF338 Semi Hollowbody Guitar
Brand Firefly
Guitar Pickup Configuration H
String Material Type Nickel
Number of Strings 6


firefly 338 guitar 1024x576
This guitar has two unique hollow wings on the sides

First, we will look at the design of the Firefly 338 guitar. It has a similar design to conventional semi-hollow electric guitars on the market, such as pickups, bridges and tailpieces. All of them are attached to the center of the solid wood body of the guitar.

This guitar has two unique hollow wings on the sides. There will be two F-holes, a 3-way toggle switch, two central switches, and two volume and tone controls near each wing. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that the constraints around the F hole don’t feel very uniform.

You will be quite impressed with the top finish of the Firefly hollow body guitar. It has a glossy Spalted Maple finish that is quite rare in electric guitars.

In addition, the body also has a very special design. The body is paired around the corners and has perfect curves at the back. The back of the body has an arched shape that brings out a bit of wave harmonization on acoustic guitars. In short, this particular design makes the overall structure of the Firefly 338 guitar powerful and unique.

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In terms of specifications, nothing much. We will discuss the two issues listed below!

The first is that it has a Spalted Maple layer on top.

Next up, this electric guitar has Bone Nut. It’s exciting for a guitar in this price range! You can adjust the stability of this guitar as you like.


firefly 338 headstocks
Firefly guitar 338 has a pretty aesthetic head

Another important part that we need a lot of reviews on are headstocks. Firefly guitar 338 has a pretty aesthetic head with a simple tuning code and eye-catching logo.

Perhaps more special is Bone Nut. This add-on is an effective add-on for guitars. Many people will be surprised because a cheap guitar can have the same accessories as high-end guitars.

Bone Nut will bring pedaling and a rich tone to your guitar’s sound. The adjustment will also be more stable and easier. Of course, the special material of this device makes it easy to withstand the wear and tear of time. You can be assured of its durability.

The wire slots are meticulously arranged and crafted, resulting in absolute perfection. The neck that connects to the body is very smooth. Even if you focus your eyes on it, you can’t deny it looks like a single block.

Overall, its surface gives a solid body feel with perfect resonance coming from the hollow body. Look at it, its material looks like it was created from rosewood. However, upon closer inspection, we will see some basic characteristics of rosewood. Although the material is not the best, we can still be confident with the quality of the Firefly 338 guitar at this price point.

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firefly guitar 338
You need a pretty slight stretch on the strings, so you don’t get out of tune

Most important of all is the tone of the Firefly guitar 338. It’s a bit difficult to play if you’re playing it for the first time. You need a pretty slight stretch on the strings, so you don’t get out of tune. However, for those who know how to play basic guitar, the balance of the sound and tone will make you happy. Overall, the firefly 388 has a great tune.

In order to have a more objective assessment, we have carried out many experiments. We tested mid-heavy distortions, even checked them onto the bridge, and tested with and without dialing the treble and pickup. This firefly guitar gives us a variety of tones with a crisp boost motor.

Therefore, the Firefly 338 guitar is a great choice if you are a fan of clean pickups and deep crisp tones.

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Build Quality

In the final reviews, we will look at the overall structure of the Firefly hollow body guitar 338. From the above reviews alone, perhaps you already feel the value that this firefly brings to us more than its price.

Many people often complain about the perfection of the keys in the cheap segment. They believe that the small details have not been meticulously completed. However, the firefly guitar 338 is completely different from the rest. The keyboard part is meticulously crafted. The tool marks and files on the frets are safe and won’t scratch or cut.

Bindings and hardware are two parts that bring many plus points to the Firefly 338 guitar. Bindings exist with even and beautiful edges. Hardware with good quality also makes people feel very cool.

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The questionable

firefly hollow body guitar 1024x680
The keys of the firefly guitar 338 need final polishing

To see the goodness of the firefly 338 guitars, you can join us in evaluating the criteria below!


Most of the keys on this guitar are pretty good, and no dead keys were detected. They are leveled and crowned well. When I bend the notes, the guitar doesn’t break. However, they are not really perfect. The frets are not clear and this is often the case on lower priced guitars. The keys of the firefly guitar 338 need final polishing. When I put a little vibration or bend the note, I can hear the zipper on the keys. You can fix this with a very small piece of steel wool, perhaps around .0000.


Next is the sound. The sound of the electronics in this guitar is really soothing. It gives the feeling you’re always looking for on half-hollow guitars. The humbuckers are an average yield.

However, when you play this 338 guitar at gig volume, the pickups are microphones. As you increase gain and volume, there will be considerable feedback.

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Most guitar players, when seeing the firefly 338 guitar, praise its look and sound. The finish of this guitar isn’t bad, and it’s totally worth your money. However, it still has some minor flaws.

You can see the wonderful golden shimmer on the finish. However, you will see a slight scratch on the bottom part if you look closely. The laces at the top of the F-hole are also sloppy. Although there are still a few drawbacks, overall, the quality it brings is also very good for the low price.

The bad

Besides the good values, we can also find a few bad points on the firefly 338 guitar.


Talking about the hardware of the firefly guitar 338 the tuners don’t work. You can try doing a half turn on the tuner, it won’t change the pitch. When you turn the pin, the shaft with the wires wrapped around it doesn’t move at all. It just suddenly jumps when you twist more. You should replace it with a different, possibly more expensive fit adjuster for more consistent quality.

The bridge of this guitar is also a bit of a problem. When unplugging to play, you can hear a creaking sound.

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The nut

You will not have intonation in the first 3 to 5 keys when the keys are too high. This guitar has 4 out of 6 nut slots that are too high. You can fine-tune the opening sequence and chords higher up the neck. However, any open chord in the first few frets sounds out of tune. Even when you are playing with your friends, you will feel the difference in the sound of your guitar. You can fix it with some simple files and a little bit of elbow grease though.


For only nearly $140 you can own a standard Firefly 338 guitar. Although it is not the best quality and high-end electric guitar, the value it offers is completely worth what you spend. Leaving aside a few minor bad points, this guitar is a great product. It has a pretty perfect finish. If you want a cheap guitar with pretty good quality, the firefly 338 guitar will be a good choice. Above is our full review, if you have any thoughts please comment below to let us know!

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