Fender FA 100 Acoustic Guitar Review – The Best Cheap Guitar for Beginner

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Instrument manufacturers have always reserved basic and popular designs for beginners. Of course, with it comes the surprisingly low price tag. If you have chosen the guitar for the beginners’ segment, then we should choose the best products for it. Fender FA 100 is a great choice from a famous Fender brand that can give you peace of mind in terms of quality.

Fender primarily makes high-end guitars at a hefty price tag. The appearance of an acoustic guitar as cheap as the FA-100 Fender really surprises people. This guitar is more popular for beginners. If you want to buy it, you need to consider and learn carefully. PMDawn’s Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar review will help you get to know all about the Fender FA 100 dreadnought acoustic guitar.

Features of Fender FA 100

At this price range, the FA 100 Fender has the basic features of an acoustic guitar for beginners. The specifications stated by the company are not too prominent as other guitars of the same type.

However, unlike other cheap guitars, the FA 100 has a synthetic bone compensated saddle and nut for a slightly more consistent and distinctive sound. It also comes with a dura tone Fender cord, so you don’t have to switch right away and can use it for a long time.

In addition, its appearance and texture make many people feel impressed. The Fender acoustic FA 100 is a basic dreadnought guitar. Its top is made of laminated spruce wood. The sides, back and neck, are made of Agathis wood. Its fingerboard is also quite impressive with pau ferro material instead of a rosewood like many other cheap guitar models.

The string action regulator is a c-shaped neck with a truss rod. This design makes it quite easy to adjust. The regulator is chrome coated, so it is very durable and efficient.

The Fender FA 100 acoustic guitars are sold with a package that includes several accessories, a performance bag, a strap, and a tuner. Thanks to this package, you don’t need to search for or retrofit the necessary accessories. Perhaps the Fender FA 100 is not so prominent compared to acoustic guitars in the same segment, but from the small details, we can see that it is much more special.

Fender acoustic fa-100 price
Top Material Type Spruce
Body Material Wood
Neck Material Type Agathis
Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
String Material Type 


Who should buy a Fender FA 100?

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Fender FA 100 is absolutely the best choice for beginners

Fender FA 100 is so easy to play, it can suit any guitar player. However, the features and features of the Fender acoustic guitar FA-100 will generally appeal to and suit two main types of users: the beginner and the standard guitarist.

First of all, those who have never played guitar may well know Fender and their quality guitars. With Fender FA 100, it is absolutely the best choice for beginners. Not only is the quality coming from the brand, but its playing style also makes it easier for newcomers to get acquainted with the guitar. Especially the state of this package, its main goal is to appeal to beginners.

The second type of users to be attracted to are standard guitarists. Although the Fender FA 100 is not as special as high-end acoustic guitars, it is fully worthy of being included in the collection. The Fender FA 100 guitars can be a great choice for traveling or keeping in the room for impromptu music.

Is it worth buying?

fender fa 100 acoustic guitar
You can rest assured that the Fender FA 100 is absolutely worth your price

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Fender FA 100 acoustic guitars are made in the east at a lower price than the market. Many companies with vague locations mass-produce and they can put any label on it. However, because of this, the cost for you to buy a FA100 Fender has been greatly reduced. You won’t be able to complain if you’re looking for a cheap guitar.

However, the Fender label printed on the headstock is not for free. As the leading manufacturer of musical instruments in the world, Fender is sure to place more emphasis on quality control than many other brands. They will not for a little profit but discard their famous brand over the years. You can rest assured that the Fender FA 100 is absolutely worth your price.

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Although there are a lot of questions about the parts used to make this acoustic guitar, from the review, we think that the Fender FA 100 is a really good guitar. It’s not as good as high-end acoustic guitars, but it’s actually better than others in the same price range.

However, looking at some of the key points on this guitar will help you understand it better.

The first is the neck joint, and its neat arrangement is so successful that it is considered better than the neck joints of the high-end Fenders of the 70s. The neck joint looks nice and has no scratches or anything extra. Perfect!

The rest also have good build quality. There are 20 keys in all and they are absolutely in top condition. The locomotives are tight and do not vibrate or make strange noises.

However, the body has been finished with a black binding that makes many people feel uncomfortable. People always want to replace binding with something brighter like white or cream.


Fender acoustic guitar FA-100 will give you the sonic experience you desire. Its tone is richer and more harmonious than most acoustic guitars in its price range.

When playing, you may find some echoes or imperfect intonation, especially on the higher frets. There seems to be some minor contradiction between them. However, that does not affect the beginner players much. There is nothing to complain about with such a cheap and stable quality guitar.

Honestly, although the sound is fine, it’s not suitable for you to bring to performances. It doesn’t deliver sonic performance at that level. This FA100 Fender is suitable for you to practice or carry on busy trips or gatherings.

The laminated spruce also makes the Fender FA 100 guitar sound thinner, lighter, and duller. However, this guitar can still meet the needs of beginners. You can rest assured about that.

Check out the videos below to get an idea of the sound of FA 100 Fender for yourself.

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The playability of the Fender acoustic guitar FA 100 is quite impressive.

Its action is not particularly low. Therefore, even if you are an inexperienced player, you can play well. More emphasis helps your fingers increase power and accuracy after a period of practice. It is the perfect advantage to help you have a good foundation in the future playing guitar.

What sets the Fender FA100 apart is that it doesn’t have the same finish as other instruments. Its exterior finish is standard glossy polyurethane. We don’t know if that coating is thin or thick and if it’s as good as other expensive instruments.

Still, it’s a reasonable cost-cutting measure while the Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar is still cheap and beautiful.

If you are an intermediate or professional guitarist, then this guitar may cause some discomfort for you. Because you’re used to acoustic guitars with better finishes and lower action. But the FA 100 is still something that reminds you of when you first started with the guitar.


Fender acoustic FA-100 price is considered its biggest advantage. This guitar has good quality, rich, stable sound, and is exceptionally easy to play. However, a new Fender FA100 acoustic guitar individually only costs between $100 and $140.

This Fender acoustic guitar FA-100 price is much cheaper than other lines of the Fender brand. Since its launch, it has surprised many people. You can purchase an FA 100 guitar separately, but I recommend purchasing the Fender starter pack. It will cost you around $150 to $200, but it’s totally worth it.

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Pros and Cons

Fender acoustic guitar FA 100 possesses many different advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in this acoustic guitar, you must know it.

Pros of Fender FA 100

  • Price is too cheap
  • Easy to play for everyone, especially suitable for beginners
  • The value received is worth the money spent
  • Everything you need is in the package

Cons of Fender FA 100

  • Buzzing and inconsistent action
  • Not many highlights
  • Does not meet the needs of experienced players
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If you feel that the Fender FA 100 is not suitable for your starting guitar playing, you can consider alternatives. So that you don’t waste time searching, we will give some of the best FA 100 alternatives for your reference:

Epiphone PR-150

epiphone pr 150
The Epiphone PR-150’s playability and almost everything is similar to Fender FA 100

The first choice comes from the Epiphone brand made by the East. This brand is quite famous for its quality and affordable products. Beginners or intermediate players who want to save a lot of money go to this brand. The perfect FA-100 replacement is the Epiphone PR-150.

The Epiphone PR-150 has mahogany back, sides, and neck. While this wood is better than cheaper laminates, at the PR-150’s price point, it’s not particularly high-end. The sound of this acoustic guitar is quite smooth. Its striking difference is the name on the top of the car. Playability and almost everything is similar to Fender FA 100.

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Yamaha F335

yamaha f335 1
The Yamaha F335 is suitable for beginners just like Fender FA 100


Next on the list is a classic dreadnought look and sound guitar from the Yamaha brand. The Yamaha F335 is a great cheap alternative to the Fender FA100. Its finish is not natural and has a higher gloss black ratio than the body’s yellow hardware.

The top of this guitar is made of common spruce, and the sides and back are made of Meranti. This wood is also known as Philippine mahogany; however, Meranti is not mahogany and is not of such good quality either.

The Yamaha F335’s sound and tuners are stable. It is suitable for beginners just like Fender FA 100.

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Where is Fender FA-100 manufactured?

Most of Fender’s product lines are manufactured in the United States, Mexico, Korea, and Indonesia. However, the Fender FA 100 is made in China.

Is the Fender FA-100 guitar left-handed or right-handed?

The Fender FA 100 is a right-handed guitar so that some left-handed players won’t be suitable for it. If you are left-handed, you can look for some other models of the Fender house. However, most of them are more expensive than this acoustic guitar model.

Are Any Fender FA-100 guitar strings available?

Like other acoustic guitars, the Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar usually comes with steel strings. If you don’t want to use steel strings, you can replace them with the type of strings you want. Depending on where you buy it, you’ll sometimes be given extra pairs of cords.


If you are a beginner and want to own a cheap guitar from high-end musical instrument brands, the Fender FA 100 is your great choice. Its materials and sound are both standard and too good for your money. Moreover, it is also sold with some necessary additional support tools. You can play it right after you buy it.

Even if you are an intermediate guitar player, you can still use this guitar as a backup guitar. If you want the Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar to be more impressive and special, you can spend a few dollars to renovate it.


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