Fender Champion 600 Guitar Combo Amp Review: Why You Should Use It?

fender champion 600
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After many attempts to find a low power amplifier suitable for home use, the Fender Champion 600 is an option worth considering. Coming from the leading audio equipment brand – Fender, the Fender Champion 600 has many aspects that deserve a closer look. This product is a small tube amp with a long history with the company going back to 1948. It allows you to discover great tones without hearing damage or a broken back. Guitarists also love the Fender Champ 600. However, we need a more detailed evaluation to know if it’s worth buying and really suitable for you. The shares below will help you realize that.


Fender champion 600
Brand Fender
Compatible Devices Guitar
Material Ceramic,Vinyl,Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.75 x 9.75 x 18 inches
fender champ 600 1024x768
The Fender Champion 600 has two high and low instrument inputs and single volume control

First, the Fender 600 Champ is a 5 watt amplifier with 1 x 6 speakers in terms of specs. This amp weighs 15 lbs and has a single 12AX7A preamp tube and a single 6V6 rectifier tube.

What’s special is that the Fender Champion 600 has two high and low instrument inputs and single volume control. This makes it more convenient and efficient to feed the sound into the amplifier. All issues related to audio adjustment are also done easily and quickly.

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fender 600 champ 768x1024
The color of the sound is quite monotonous, but it can bring out the natural sound of the guitars themselves


You will be quite surprised when you see the single knob of the Fender Champ 600. That’s right! This amp is not like other amps, with many audio controls for you to manipulate and adjust as you like. The Fender Champ 600 has only one knob. This will make you think about the monotony of the sound, but maybe it is worth it.

For testing, I plugged in Champ 600 and played a few simple chords. The sound of this amplifier is truly amazing. It is the ultimate practice/recording amp for tube amp aficionados. Basically, the color of the sound is quite monotonous, but it can bring out the natural sound of the guitars themselves. It can feel like the sound is just getting louder without any amplifier. With this amp, you can hear the vibrant and bright sound of the Telecaster or the rich, rich sound of the Les Paul.

Fender 600 Champ will make you feel satisfied with its friendly pedal. The pedal can accelerate well to help music genres such as blues or slightly rock work effectively. Being able to tune the amp to 5 watts makes hard rock enthusiasts less than happy, but it can still run. Even when tested with different microphones, this amp still sounds very satisfying compared to other small chassis amps of its kind.

What makes many people unhappy about this amp is probably its rather weak reserve tubes. For a better experience, you can look for some better replacement tubes. However, this disadvantage is not significant compared to the sound value that the Fender Champion 600 brings.

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Small Tribute

fender champion 600 small tribute
The Fender Champ 600 has something quite special with the small tribute

In another aspect, the Fender Champ 600 has something quite special with the small tribute. This two-tone amp has some differences from the ’40s version. In the original, it worked with the 6sj7 preamp. However, since the 6SJ7 has been discontinued for a while, the Fender Champion 600 now uses 12AX7 tubes.

The Fender experts use the 12AX7 in the preamp section and the preamp design is more similar to the 5F1 Champ. Of course, this design change makes the current Champion 600 more profitable than the original version.

The 600 Champ Fender is currently mainly produced in China with modern production lines and methods and technology making it cheaper.

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Big Sound

fender champion 600 sound
You’ll be surprised at how well the Fender Champion 600 works for the price and size

As said earlier, the Fender Champion 600 is a low power amplifier, and it is not a high gain monster. Of course, given its small size, we shouldn’t expect it to be a giant amp. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when you break up nicely from about 9 on up to 12 on the volume knob when using single coils. According to experts, pickups with higher capacity will run out of headroom sooner, but the Fender Champ 600 remains cleaner than we imagined.

With 5 watts of power and 6″ speakers, you can turn this amp’s volume all the way up to decide when to switch from clean to dirty. In reality, much of the result of this conversion depends on pickups. If you need something more powerful, you can stick a suitable boost bar in front of this amp.

Anyway, I believe you’ll be surprised at how well the Fender Champion 600 works for the price and size. At a glance, we might not expect much from it due to its small size. and cheap price. But this is a spectacular comeback when you hear the sound it makes. With its exquisite beauty and three-dimensional quality, hard to find in amps in its price range, you’re sure to be pleased with the Fender Champ 600. Its sound tuning is also easy to do, even if you do not have so much knowledge about amps.

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It can be seen that the Fender Champion 600 can bring many surprises and great experiences to its owner. You can use it in a home or low volume situation. The ability to get a perfect little grind, as well as clean tube compression at an apartment living-approved volume, is the Champion 600’s greatest strength. Its look, design and price are totally worth it for you to choose. If you are looking for a low power small tube amplifier, then the Fender 600 Champ is a great choice for you. Hopefully, through our sharing, you will have an accurate assessment of this amp. Please comment below if you have anything interesting to share about this amp.

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