Yamaha P45 vs P71: What Is the Difference Between Them?

yamaha p45 vs p71
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New piano players will have many problems to learn, especially choosing the right type of piano. Yamaha p45 vs p71 are two product lines suitable for beginners to play the piano. Although they have similar sound and design, the parameters will be different. The following article will help you distinguish these two product lines and choose the most suitable product.

Features of Yamaha P45 and P71


Some information about the bundles that come with the two models of yamaha p71 vs p45 digital piano will help you get the knowledge you need.

About Yamaha P45

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The model of this piano series has three different bundles which are:

  • Digital Piano Bundle
  • Starter Bundle
  • Home Bundles

Digital Piano Bundle

Digital Piano bundles are rated as the cheapest of the bunch because it’s a popular and basic option used by many people. This special bundle when it comes to manufacturers comes with a standard power supply combined with a sustain pedal. If you choose to use your own bench and table to play the piano, this is a great choice.

Starter Bundle

The Starter Bundle is more than perfect for those who want extra piano accessories for even better music. However, this also means that the price will be more expensive than the Digital Piano Bundle. The Starter Bundle comes with a standard power supply, a durable pedal, an easily adjustable padded X-style bench unit, and an additional two-tie X-type bracket. Loose also helps people adjust.

If you care about appearance, all the extras are available in black to match the black digital piano. The much-loved feature in this bundle is the chaise longue is foldable and lightweight, making this portable pack convenient for the user.

Home Bundle

Home Bundle brings many new features and features so the price will be the most expensive of the three bundles offered. In which the manufacturer has equipped this line includes a power supply, sustain pedal and a bench. Of particular interest is that the Home Bundle’s bench is different from the one in the starter bundle.

The fitted benches come with the much-loved Home Bundle, which features a stand that securely attaches to the piano. This makes it possible to own a luxurious and professional piano. Especially the room containing that piano will also become more delicate and special.

About Yamaha P71

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Similar to the Yamaha P45, the Yamaha P71 is also available in three different bundles from manufacturers. The difference is that the bundles will have other names such as Digital Piano Bundle, Basic Bundle and Deluxe Bundle.

Digital Piano Bundle

Digital Piano Bundle is always the cheapest bundle because it only meets the basic standards, suitable for beginners and non-professionals. Included with this bundle is a standard power supply and a sustainability pedal. For those who already have a stand or a table suitable for use with the P71, choose this bundle to save a lot of money

Basic Bundle

Compared to the technical piano bundle, the market price of the Basic Bundle will be slightly more expensive. Not only is it equipped with a sustain pedal and power supply, it also includes an X-style stand that can be easily adjusted and also an X-style bench that can also be adjusted by anyone. A convenient on-the-go advantage for this bundle is that it is equipped with both a bench and a stand that are both easily foldable and portable.

Deluxe Bundle

Currently, Deluxe Bundle is also being chosen by many people. Although it has a relatively high cost, it gives users many outstanding advantages. In addition to the basic features, the Deluxe Bundle also comes with a standard power source, a sustain pedal, a bench and an additional stand. The aesthetic of this bundle is also very high as the top of the stand that houses the digital piano is fitted in white and the bottom is black for harmony.


The characteristics of the yamaha p45 vs p71 have some very similar points in terms of their size and layout. The advantage of both models is that they are simple and easy to play, suitable for beginners. Although the design of the yamaha p45 vs p71 is minimalistic, it still exudes elegance and elegance to the user.

The front of this model is equipped with a control panel that has a number of control buttons and knobs for easy operation. The power button of both models will include a protection feature to prevent the piano from suddenly shutting down while in use. In the design of both these products to be equipped with additional function buttons for the purpose of creating “shortcuts”. This feature requires knowledge so don’t forget to consult the user manual to learn how to use this feature in the easiest way.

Both of these product lines have the same dimensions of 11.7 inches x 16.1 inches x 58.2 inches. These parameters give a lightweight model, which is also an advantage that many people choose to use. The weight of the yamaha p45 vs p71 is both 11.5 kg or 25 lbs. With these size and weight parameters, making these types not only light, but also compact and thin. This will be suitable for those who want to bring their piano to many places.

Depending on the performance of each person to choose the most suitable bundles. If you are already a professional artist and can perform on a big stage, choose the starter or the basic bundle for more convenience. However, if you prefer a furniture-style stand or shelving that blends seamlessly with the room’s interior design, a better choice is the Home Bundle or the Deluxe Bundle.

Features and Connectivity

The Yamaha p71 vs p45 offers many of the features and connectivity of digital piano models for the ultimate convenience.


The Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 feature 88 keys with Yamaha’s premium keyboard technology commonly known as Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action. Users will get a real touch based on this new technology. If you choose the low level, the activities that appear GHS weight will be heavier, vice versa, will be lighter at the high level. In essence, these two models feature the same internal hammer as an authentic acoustic piano. It is because of this that the Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45 are ideal choices for beginners. These digital pianos help beginners master the feel of using a real acoustic piano.

Another feature is that the black keys of these two digital pianos are equipped with a matte finish. So in the process of playing people will be really comfortable when the keys are less slippery than the plastic keys.


The connections for the yamaha p45 vs p71 are located on the rear panels of these digital pianos. Both of these are imported lines so there are not many connection options. Instead, both models are equipped with the basics, necessary, such as a sustain pedal jack unit and also a stereo output for people to choose to connect a speaker system. .

Besides, you can also use it more easily when it comes with a USB-to-host port. Based on this USB port, users can easily connect the piano to iPad or iPhone whenever and wherever. To do this people often resort to a number of mobile applications.


Both yamaha p45 vs p71 are equipped with 10 different voices to suit each person’s needs, specifically:

  • Vibraphone
  • Wire
  • Harpsichord – 2 voices
  • Pipe organ – 2 voices
  • Electric Piano – 2 voices
  • Grand piano – 2 voices

One advantage to these 10 voices is that they all support layered players. This feature makes it possible for everyone to start playing with two different voices at the same time. The voices will be based on the user’s preferences to choose the most suitable type.

Manufacturers have also included a Duo mode in these digital pianos. Then you can also play with a companion using similar octave ranges. Thus, the results of the teaching process when there is interaction will be more effective.


Through the above sharing, everyone feels that yamaha p45 vs p71 has no difference, all features have in common. By the parameters as well as the design, they are indeed the same. The main difference that can be seen between the Yamaha P45 and P71 is their intended use for different retailers and markets. The Yamaha P45 digital piano is available at most retail stores, making it easy to find anywhere. In contrast, the Yamaha P71 is a product that only Amazon customers can own. The basic features of these two types are also not much different.

Many people find the difference of these 2 lines based on performance, you can look more at the sound. The Yamaha p45 vs p71 both have a pair of 6-watt speakers suitable for performances that aren’t too large. However, when it comes to larger parties, they cannot be used because the volume is not loud enough. The solution in this case is to connect an external speaker to increase the volume.

Speakers of this series are suitable for those who only spend their time playing indoors, ensuring solid and highly accurate sound. If you don’t push the volume up too high, the sound is guaranteed to be smooth, without distortion.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) is an advanced acoustic technology developed by Yamaha that has been incorporated into these digital piano models. This enables pianos to produce a rich, deep and wide sound that lends an impressive amount of style.

This technology helps players get the same authentic sound as an acoustic piano. Because of this, both the Yamaha P71 and the Yamaha P45 can produce very natural and realistic sounds.

Which one should you buy?

The information given in the article about “Yamaha p45 vs p71” is given for the purpose of letting everyone know these are identical keyboards. The only difference between these two product lines is the price and the gifts included. Therefore, the advice given to the question of which type to buy is to buy one with a cheaper price. For these 2 lines when available at Marts 2018 – Amazon UK, the Yamaha P45 has a price lower than the P71 by about $80.

Where to buy Yamaha P45 and P71?

As for the Yamaha P45 keyboard, it is easier for people to find and buy, can be purchased at any music store or can be found at online retailers. This product is also available on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

In Europe, customers often come to Thomann to buy products because this is a reputable and quality online reseller of large musical instruments. Currently, this address is also starting to expand and grow in popularity in the US.

Besides, there are a number of bundles of Yamaha P45 also available on Amazon, which include keyboard stands, benches, and headphones that you can choose according to your needs.

Unlike the P45, the Yamaha P71 is sold exclusively on Amazon and does not appear in any other stores. A few have offers at craigslist or eBay but no guarantee of safety.

More information about Yamaha P Series

The P Series Yamaha P45 and Yamaha 71 are just two of the many digital pianos offered by Yamaha as part of the P Series. Yamaha’s P series is known around the world for delivering high-quality, dynamic sound fidelity and natural piano touch response. Users will feel as if they are playing a real-world acoustic piano.

In addition to the two introduced lines, the Yamaha P45 and the Yamaha P71, the P Series also launched many other models such as:


Yamaha P515 has a variety of sounds for everyone to freely choose according to personal preferences. However, the features that this product is equipped with are the same as those of the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer concert grand pianos.


Yamaha P125 Bundle is suitable for those who love simple designs. Every detail is not too fussy and user-friendly, yet the piano performance is amazing.


The Yamaha P121 is small and light, more popular with women than men. The series is also suitable for small personal performances, user-friendly and minimalistic. This product is only equipped with 73 keys, so it is light and convenient to move.


This product line will be suitable when you choose to perform live.


Beginners or experienced people can use the Yamaha P115 series. Its design is relatively thin, light and portable, with high piano performance. This product line rewards professional musicians for live performances.


One of the pianos that many people love because of their compact and portable digital but still impressive sound quality is the Yamaha P105. However, the capabilities of this product are relatively complicated, if you want to keep it simple, you should consider choosing some other lines.


It is a portable piano model but still ensures excellent sound quality.


The Yamaha P155 is a model that delivers the professional sounds that make for legendary piano music. For digital pianos, this is a perfect choice with impressive sound.


It is difficult to make a clear distinction between Yamaha p45 vs p71, it just differs based on the target market as well as different retailers. In which, the Yamaha P71 is a model that only Amazon customers can buy. The Yamaha P45 is highly recommended as it is an easy to find digital piano model. However, the features of the yamaha p45 vs p71 are not different, so you can buy whichever is convenient for you.

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