Which Is Better For A Beginner? Stratocaster Vs Telecaster

stratocaster vs telecaster
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You’ve certainly heard a lot about the Stratocaster vs Telecaster if you’re looking for a beginner’s guitar. They’re two of the most recognizable electric guitars ever made, and they’re well-known. From the more expensive Fender models to the more inexpensive Squier models, there’s a model to fit any budget. I’ll go through all of the similarities and distinctions between the Stratocaster and Telecaster in this post. This in-depth analysis will also answer the issue of which guitar should you buy first.

Comparison between Stratocaster vs Telecaster

Some short review of each electric guitar’s primary characteristics:




Body Shape

Double Cutaway, Contoured

Single Cutaway, Flat


Three single-coil

Two single-coil

Neck Shape






Scale Length




Floating Tremolo Bridge

Fixed Hardtail Bridge

Tone Knob




8 pounds (3.6 kg)

8 pounds (3.6 kg)


These guitars use single coil pickups that give the bright, twangy tone that you associate with Strats and Telecasters. The inclusion of a pickup in the center of the Strat makes the most significant variation in tone. This three-pickup setup, along with the additional tone control, provides you even more options.

The original Stratocaster also features a tremolo bridge, which lets you add vibration to your performance without the need of an effects pedal. Because the Tele has a permanent bridge, you won’t get this effect.



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The look of Stratocaster and Telecaster

Many guitars have a distinctive appearance. The Strat features a double cutaway, whereas the Tele only has one cutaway. In contrast to the Tele, which has a fairly flat body, the Strat is contoured and curved.

The number of frets on both guitars is the same, as is the scale length. With each, you also receive a pickguard and a color scheme that is somewhat similar.


The Telecaster vs Stratocaster is the most different in terms of how they feel. The Tele’s flatter body may appear less comfortable when compared to the Strat’s shaping. The Strat features a somewhat thinner neck than the Tele, which many beginners like.

When it comes to comparisons, both guitars have about the same weight and scale length, but the Strat is longer when the headstock is taken into account.

Key Features of Stratocaster vs Telecaster

Now that we’ve gone over a short comparison of the two electric guitars, I’ll go over the primary characteristics of each in further depth.


fender telecaster vs stratocaster


The frame shapes of the Tele and Strat differ greatly, which affects not only the appearance of the guitars, but also how simple they are to play.

The Stratocaster sports a contoured body and a double cutaway design. This is fantastic for two reasons. The upper frets are simple to reach because of the double cutaway design. When sitting or standing, the curved body is also quite pleasant to grasp. Beginners frequently value these two aspects.

The Telecaster, on the other hand, has a flat body with no contouring and a single cutaway design. This makes it a little more difficult to reach the guitar high frets, and it can be a little unpleasant to hold for lengthy periods of time. Although some players, regardless of their skill level, prefer the feel of the Tele over the Strat.

On luxury Fender models, the body is made of alder or ash, whereas on lower economical Squier versions, the body is made of Poplar.


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The necks of Telecasters and Stratocasters have a number of similarities and variances that impact how they play and, as a result, how excellent they are as first guitars. Keep in mind that particular models may differ; this is only a comparison of common features.

Let’s start with the parallels. The scale length on both guitars is 25.52 inches, which is rather long when compared to other large guitar models like the Gibson Les Paul and PRS Custom 24. Both guitars have 22 frets and are normally built with a bolt-on neck. They frequently have maple necks as well.

The form and contour of the necks are the key differences. The most popular electric guitar neck profile is the C-shape, which is found on Strat necks. U-shaped necks are common on Telecasters. This indicates that they are thicker. As a result, for novices, the Strat neck is typically preferable since it is less demanding, making it simpler to hold chords, bend strings, and travel over the fretboard faster.


Single coil pickups are used on both electric guitars. Some guitars have humbuckers instead of single coils, however the usual versions only have single coils.

This results in a twangy, bright tone that works well with clean or low-gain amps. You can obtain some humming background noise if you turn up the gain. To understand more, see this article about the many sorts of pickups.

The biggest distinction is that the Strat has three pickups whereas the Tele only has two. The amount of distinct tones you may achieve depends on the pickup setup. With three pickups, you can obtain five different tones, however with two pickups, you can only get three different tones.

Check out this pickup setup 101 if you don’t know much about the subject and want to learn more.

Another distinction is that the Strat has two tone pots whereas the Tele just has one. When it comes to dialing in the optimum tone, having additional tone pots (also known as controls or knobs) provides you more possibilities.

This isn’t actually essential for some novices, and it can be overly complicated. Other younger players, on the other hand, seek greater diversity and adaptability.


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The bridge type is one of the most noticeable variations between the Strat and Tele. Stratocasters feature a floating bridge, while Telecasters have a fixed bridge.

The Strat’s bridge lets you add vibrato to your playing without requiring an effects pedal by employing a tremolo arm. The Tele, on the other hand, does not offer this choice.

The Strat’s tremolo arm is useful for adding extra effects to your playing, but it’s not entirely required, especially for beginners. Setting up, tuning, and changing the strings can be complicated.

As a result, this can occasionally add needless complexity, and some novices may prefer the simpler Telecaster bridge.

To learn more about this issue, look at this comparison of fixed and floating bridges.

Price and Options

Let’s speak about the various alternatives and costs now that we’ve gone over all of the important features.

Fender is the original maker of both the Telecaster and the Stratocaster. This is a brand that has a long and illustrious history. They make high-end luxury instruments as well as certain entry-level variants. The most affordable Fender guitars cost roughly $700, while the most expensive versions cost several thousand dollars.

If you’re looking for a more economical beginner’s electric guitar, a Squier model is the way to go. Squier, which is owned by Fender, makes guitars that are significantly more cheap, starting at roughly $130.

Squier and Fender guitars come in a wide variety of styles. From the cheapest to the most costly, here’s a short summary of each series.


  • The model for beginners.
  • Affinity is a conventional and cheap brand.
  • The standard model is the most faithful to the Fender series.
  • Classic Vibe: created to closely resemble classic Fender guitars.
  • Trendy: a contemporary take on vintage guitars.
  • The model for beginners.
  • Affinity is a conventional and cheap brand.
  • The standard model is the most faithful to the Fender series.
  • Classic Vibe: created to closely resemble classic Fender guitars.
  • Trendy: a contemporary take on vintage guitars.

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  • Players have the most cost-effective choice.
  • The American Professional is a classic model produced in the United States.
  • American Ultra/ Elite: more high-end options made in the United States.
  • The Custom Shop is at the top of its game.

Which is best for beginner?

It’s all a question of personal opinion when it comes to selecting which guitar is the best, therefore I typically recommend trying both and seeing which one you like. Many believe the Stratocaster is a better choice for most beginners for the following reasons.

It’s more satisfying to have a developed body in your hands.

  • A Strat guitar’s shorter neck makes it easier to play.
  • By giving access to the higher frets, the double cutaway increases playability.
  • The sound variety is aided by the three coil pickup configuration and two tone settings.

However, there are a variety of reasons why you would select the Telecaster, even if you’re a complete novice. Just make sure you try both guitars and find the one suitable for you before buying.

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It’s a detailed comparison of Stratocasters vs Telecasters! Examine both guitars at the store to determine which you prefer in terms of tone, feel, and appearance. It all depends on what’s essential to you and what feels right. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you found it useful.