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Are you looking for the most popular Yamaha acoustic guitars in 2023? Want to prepare yourself a perfect Yamaha acoustic guitar? Our list of the best Yamaha acoustic guitars can help you end your search with the most suitable guitar. Yamaha is known as a promising musical instrument manufacturer as there are many best-selling acoustic guitars in the world. Although they have not been on the guitar market for a long time, they are still a reliable brand. Our Yamaha acoustic electric guitar review below is sure to help you find the right one!

Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Review Detail

Yamaha FH700s

If you are left-handed and want to become a professional guitarist then the Yamaha FH700s is the perfect starting choice for you. This is an acoustic guitar recommended by many professional players to beginner left-handed guitarists.

According to the company, the Yamaha FH700s is not made specifically for left-handed players. However, the FH700s has a left hand option. Left-handed people can easily manipulate the keys without feeling awkward. In addition, the combination of classical guitar and modern guitar gives this guitar a unique design.

yamaha guitar acoustic price
The FH700s has a left hand option

The Yamaha FH700s features a solid Sitka Spruce top with a diecast tuner. Not only does it give the instrument a sleek look, but it also supports a very good sound. The keys are made from rosewood to help players manipulate more easily.

In addition to a beautiful appearance and good design, Yamaha is also very focused on the sound quality of the guitar. The Yamaha FH700s is considered to have a great timbre that helps players have an enjoyable experience with their guitar. Beginners can easily control, practice and manipulate the keys. The timbre is not difficult to adjust, so you can comfortably practice.

Previous buyers will mostly choose a package of FH700s with guitar, you should choose the same. Package includes guitar, capo, tuner, strap, tuner, steel string bundle, hard case and instruction DVD. Buying such a package will save you money and time to buy other things. Overall, the Yamaha FH700s is a great selection of Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha FG800 is considered by many experts to be the most valuable standalone acoustic guitar. It is popular all over the world because its size and features make it look like an expensive guitar. However, when you see this Yamaha acoustic guitar price, you will definitely be surprised. Although the Yamaha FG800 is designed specifically for beginners, intermediate players can still use it.

You can own guitars made from solid Sitka spruce; bridges, fingerboards made of rosewood; the sides and back of the Nato stock for under $300. The real value of the guitar is more than the price it is being sold for. Thanks to the neck made from Nato wood, the sound of the Yamaha FG800 will have an impressive depth and reverberation like Mahogany wood. This great alternative makes the shape, texture and sound of this Yamaha acoustic guitar even more perfect.

yamaha acoustic guitar models prices
The FG800’s playability will make you feel lucky

If you’re a beginner guitar player then the FG800’s playability will make you feel lucky. It’s really easy to play and budget friendly. The tone of this guitar is also very stable and unique. Surely you will feel satisfied when deciding to spend money to buy.

However, the Yamaha FG800 tends to be high action, which makes it awkward for some players who want to use low action. If you want to play this guitar in low action then you have to spend another money to tune your guitar.

You can purchase the Yamaha FG800 individually or as a bundle. This package will include guitar, hard case, tuner, tuner, stand, hood, and an instruction DVD. From what we’ve seen, buying a package is more profitable.

Yamaha FG820

Yamaha FG820 is announced by the manufacturer as an upgraded version of the FG800. This guitar also has the dreadnought look that is loved by many. The top of the guitar is made of solid spruce with an all-natural finish. The top part is finished with simple but strong and beautiful bindings.

The back and sides of the Yamaha FG820 are made from laminated mahogany. Although the quality is not as good as solid wood, the sound quality is still guaranteed. The neck of this guitar is made of nato wood, so it has a rather resonant and distant sound. Because it is a 12-string guitar, the neck of the FG820 will be thicker than other 6-string acoustic Yamaha guitars. However, players can still comfortably manipulate the keys.

yamaha acoustic guitar review
The Yamaha FG820 is an acoustic Yamaha guitar worth the investment

The neck seems to be more invested by the manufacturer when made of high quality rosewood. It has a deep dark color so at first glance we can mistake it for ebony. The keys are meticulously finished when the key edges are smooth and well balanced.

The sound of this best Yamaha acoustic guitar is really impressive and crisp. The addition of 6 strings increases tension and takes more time to settle into play. However, having an additional 6 strings makes the sound system of this new Yamaha acoustic guitar more diverse.

Overall, the Yamaha FG820 is an acoustic Yamaha guitar worth the investment. This Yamaha acoustic guitar price will really surprise you. You will experience its superb build quality and tonality for a bargain price.

Yamaha FG830

Yamaha FG830 really makes players feel surprised by the sound created from rosewood. If we compare the FG series, we can see that the quality of the FG830 will be slightly better due to the use of special materials. It is thanks to the rosewood found on this acoustic electric guitar Yamaha that it is able to produce a more durable sound than the FG820 or some other FG series.

Summarizing the design, construction and sound of this guitar, the FG830 still has the same classic dreadnought body design. The top is still made of solid spruce, but the sides and back are both rosewood. This is the bright spot that makes this guitar sound more impressive that we talked about above.

yamaha acoustic guitar models
The FG830 still has the same classic dreadnought body design

The neck is made from Nato with a slim profile and is comfortable for the player. The neck is crafted from rosewood, providing a good feel to the fingers when moving. The keys are polished and smooth, causing no discomfort to the player when touching. Overall in terms of design, the Yamaha FG830 does not disappoint fans of the best Yamaha acoustic electric guitar.

Talking more about the sound, many people who have played this guitar commented that it has a great timbre. The spruce material on the top has made the kettle brighter and has more punch in the middle. With such sound quality, the Yamaha FG830 is perfectly ready if you want to take it into the studio.

However, as a new Yamaha acoustic guitar, its strings need to be adjusted. After fine tuning, the sound stability becomes more effective and solid. Actions of this guitar are very beautiful and bass. This makes many players feel excited because the rhythm of this guitar has been improved.

Overall, you can definitely use the Yamaha FG830 even if you are a beginner. Players will feel comfortable playing this guitar thanks to its easy-to-use construction and unique timbre. Yamaha acoustic guitar models prices are also quite attractive and do not cost users a large budget.

Yamaha FGX800

The Yamaha FGX800 guitar is a product in Yamaha’s FG series with the largest body shape, rich sound quality and meticulous finishing. The guitar products made at a higher price than the outside brands can make many people hesitant to buy a guitar. Evolved from the FG800 Guitar – The Yamaha FGX 800C features a solid spruce top with rosewood/okume back and sides. At the same time, the FGX800 guitar has a very professional cutaway body and electrical connection system.

A hallmark of a good acoustic guitar is the quality of the top. Yamaha understands that and has equipped the FGX800 with a top solid Spruce face. This is quite different from the majority of other models in this price range from Yamaha. Nato and Okume wood are made for the back and sides of the Yamaha FGX800 for a significantly improved sound. The keys of this Yamaha electric acoustic guitar are made of rosewood with striking white accents. In addition, the recessed body makes playing the high keys easy.

acoustic electric guitar yamaha
The FGX800C sound when unplugged is quite loud and the sound range is quite good

The hardware of the FGX800C can fool you into thinking you’re playing a guitar that costs a lot more than its under $300 price tag. Yamaha has integrated the System 66 pickup/pre-amp system, which is quite an impressive setup. The pre-amp itself has a 3-band EQ and additional mid-frequency adjustment, so you can easily tune your sound too, along with the onboard equalizer.

The tuner is chrome plated and fairly responsive, so any small adjustments to change your sound are a breeze. It is a bit of a pity that there is no carrying case or gig bag included.

The FGX800C sound when unplugged is quite loud and the sound range is quite good. The bass is powerful but does not overwhelm the treble, can play very distinct and sharp high notes. When connecting audio via EQ, the Yamaha FGX800 delivers a unique sound. The System 66 setup works great when connected directly, with a 3-band EQ that is very responsive and easy to adjust. It’s a great tool for tuning your sound on the fly without having to rely on an audio engineer to take care of everything.

Yamaha FG700S Folk Acoustic Guitar

If you love an acoustic guitar with folk sounds, you should not ignore the Yamaha FG700S. It really impressed many longtime guitar players with this acoustic guitar Yamaha price and quality it delivers. For those who are learning guitar or have played guitar for many years, the special sound of the FG700s is as special as expensive guitars.

The top of the Yamaha FG700S is made of solid Sitka pine, and the back and side panels are made of Nato wood. These materials help to make the sound of the guitar not too outstanding but give it a special country feel. The neck is also made of Nato wood, so it feels solid and comfortable when playing. The keys are probably more advanced by the manufacturer when made from rosewood. The keys are smooth on all the edges to help players operate more flexibly.

yamaha acoustic guitar reviews
Actions Yamaha FG700S range from low to mid-range

Every part of the construction of the Yamaha FG700S is made great, so it feels awesome. Through Yamaha acoustic guitar review of experts, the FG700s has a warm and rich bass. Many even claim that its sound is better than some expensive guitar models. The strings are well-stretched for a very clear and bright sound. We were surprised at how bright it was, but it gets better when you tune the strings.

Actions of this guitar are considered quite easy to play. Actions Yamaha FG700S range from low to mid-range. In short, this guitar is a pretty impressive guitar from sound to exterior construction. With a price in the range of $200, this is a great choice for you.

Yamaha JR1

The Yamaha JR1 is a miniature version of Yamaha’s FG series. This best Yamaha acoustic guitar is ¾ size, so it is very suitable for guitar players with small hands or for children. Many people also call this guitar the Yamaha JR-1 Guitarlele.

The highlight of this series is the quality of its sound, which is very resonant and clear. The sophistication and quality of this guitar are built from the selection of materials. The top is made of spruce, the sides of the body are made of meranti instead of mahogany, and the sides of the barrel are made of rosewood. It is this new combination that makes the Acoustic Yamaha JR1 have a powerful sound, and balanced tone.

best yamaha electric acoustic guitar
This best Yamaha acoustic guitar is ¾ size, so it is very suitable for guitar players with small hands

The neck of the Yamaha JR1 is quite thin and made from Nato wood. This gives players a faster and more comfortable operation on the keys. The neck is made of rosewood as if it has upgraded the quality above its price range.

The Yamaha JR-1 Guitar has 6 strings, tuned ADGCEA. Thus, the upper three strings are tuned as on a ukulele, while the fourth (G) string is tuned one octave lower. In practice, this means that when you play guitar chords on the Yamaha JR-1, the sound is the same as on your full-size guitar, but a little louder (1/4).

In general, the appearance of the Acoustic Yamaha JR1 is quite classic (this line appeared in 1985-1990) but compared to other mid-range guitars, the Acoustic JR1 is still one of the brightest guitars for our Acoustic passion. friend.

Yamaha JR2

The Yamaha JR2 Acoustic Guitar is one of the most valuable guitars in the line of children’s guitars. Not only beautiful in tone, this guitar is also easy to play, durable and features the highest quality wood. The Yamaha Mini 3/4 JR2 Acoustic Guitar is a travel guitar, designed to simulate Yamaha’s famous FG series of guitars. Compact size but delivering an extremely realistic acoustic sound are the outstanding advantages of this product model. You can easily bring JR2 anywhere you want, outdoor parties or picnics need a little music space full of fun and excitement. The guitar also comes with a thick and pretty mini guitar case + a plectrum, making it easier than ever to move.

The Yamaha JR2 Mini Acoustic Guitar is not a full-size guitar, but it’s about the same length as Yamaha’s largest guitars. This guitar features a spruce top, mahogany sides and back, and rosewood frets and bridge.

high end yamaha acoustic guitar
You can easily bring JR2 anywhere you want, outdoor parties or picnics

Every wood used to make this model is quite good, all helping to increase the value and performance of the Yamaha JR2. Not only that, the Nato wooden neck is sure to make it easy to play on the Yamaha JR2 for hours. The comfort this guitar offers is amazing. In general, these materials are selected and treated extremely carefully by Yamaha to achieve the highest quality, contributing greatly to the success of the Yamaha JR2 in the high-end children’s guitar market.

When it comes to playability, this guitar really stands out. Simply put, the Yamaha JR2 Acoustic Guitar is for beginners, girls and children, so the ability to approach Guitar for beginners is very good. With a rosewood neck, you can easily master many guitar techniques and notes in a short time. That’s also why the Yamaha JR2 is really great for beginners.

The Yamaha JR2 is able to produce powerful sound while maintaining a warm and classic tone throughout the game. In addition, chrome tuning pegs and buckles ensure the best performance and timeless durability. Despite its small size, its performance really cannot be underestimated. This cheap Yamaha acoustic guitar can bring you many surprises.

Yamaha AC1M

The Yamaha AC1M is a quality guitar for semi-professional and professional performance, with great sound and a quality wood configuration, always the first choice for performing and recording artists.

Yamaha’s premium guitar AC1M features a concert-style cutaway body, featuring a solid Sitka spruce top with a bracing system and mahogany back and sides. Flesh wood gives a fuller sound, vibrating and reverberating much better than plywood. Yamaha’s original concert-sized body makes the perfect complement to the good looks of the A-Series, while the System 66 preamp and SRT audio sensor ensure good sonic performance.

Developed based on the traditional Dreadnought shape, the Yamaha AC1M has a narrower waist that is more compact, and the width and thickness of the body is also reduced. Its purpose is to provide a balanced sound, clearer midble and treble tones, along with a comfortable feeling when holding and playing for long periods of time. The shape of the guitar is extremely suitable for people with small arms, especially women or children. The balanced sound that accentuates the melody of the music is also a strength and is widely used.

yamaha acoustic guitar prices
The Yamaha AC1M has a narrower waist that is more compact

An indispensable function of a performance piano is to connect to an amplifier to take your performance on stage or use when recording compositions. The built-in SYSTEM72 system allows users to adjust volume, bass, treble, midble and indispensable tuning functions to complete their performance with this wonderful instrument.

The Yamaha AC1M is covered with glossy paint for the body, and the fretboard is covered with rough paint that feels sturdy and durable. The CNC die-cast Chrome(TM-29T) buckle always works smoothly in all usage environments, making it easy for players to tune the strings most efficiently and accurately.

In short, AC1M belongs to the A1 series of A series, which is a combination of Solid Spruce and Solid Mahogany wood. Built-in high-end SYSTEM72 EQ to deliver the most detailed A1M quality sound to an amplifier or recording in composition. This Yamaha acoustic guitar models will certainly not disappoint guitar enthusiasts.


To see clearly Yamaha acoustic guitar with effects, join us to find out and answer the frequently asked questions below. Maybe one of your questions will be answered.

cheap yamaha acoustic guitar
Yamaha acoustic guitar is a good product, worthy of many people’s respect

Are Yamaha acoustic guitars good?

Yamaha acoustic guitar is a good product, worthy of many people’s respect. I know there are a lot of people who don’t like multi-industry brands like Yamaha because they only like brands that focus on developing certain product lines. But multi-industry does not mean their products are neglected, as long as they are producing quality products, multi-industry or not doesn’t matter.

In Europe and America, Yamaha guitars may not be as popular as Gibsons and Fenders, but in the Asian market, Yamaha guitars dominate the two brands above with a series of good models in many price ranges. Regardless of the region, the guitars of this brand are certainly of high quality.

When it comes to Yamaha-branded Acoustic Guitars, although there are not many high-end models for professional musicians, beginner guitars are extremely popular because of their affordable prices and good quality.

Which Yamaha acoustic guitars are made in Japan?

Most people like Yamaha because it is a famous brand and has a long history of Japan. When there was information about Yamaha’s factory moving to China, some customers were skeptical and did not know where the model they bought was made, even the models that were recorded by the company as originating in Japan.

Yamaha not only has 1 musical instrument factory in Japan. They have factories in the United States, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia. In which, the main factory, producing high-class musical instruments is still located in Hamamatsu, Japan. In addition, there are 2 factories located in Thomaston – Georgia and South Haven – Michigan (USA).

Many years ago, all Yamaha musical instruments were made in Japan and you can easily check the origin on the product stamp or warranty card when buying. However, due to the expanding market, the demand for musical instruments is increasing and the price competition is increasing. Therefore, Yamaha was forced to expand its network of production and assembly plants to other countries such as the US, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia… and some other cities.

Based on the musical instrument market needs of each region, Yamaha has made decisions to adjust prices accordingly. Therefore, high-end Yamaha musical instruments are still produced in Japan and the United States. Low-cost and mid-range musical instruments will be divided equally among the remaining factories in China, Indonesia and Taiwan. Then distributed worldwide.

When did Yamaha start making acoustic guitars?

The Yamaha Company introduced its first organ in 1887 and soon began producing high-quality pianos. These instruments sold so well that in the 1930s Yamaha decided to produce guitars and accordions to attract users, expanding the Western market.