7 Best Pelican Case Alternatives to Keep Safe For Your Gear

pelican case alternative
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As you have known, Pelican is one of the most famous storing cases brands that have a variety of high-quality cases. However, Pelican’s products are not affordable for everyone to buy. That’s why, in today’s edition, PMDawn.net will bring to you a list of 7 Pelican case alternative products! Let’s get started! 

The Best 7 Cheap Pelican Case Alternatives

In this section, we’re gonna introduce the best 7 Pelican case alternatives that we think are worth buying! 

Nanuk 935 Waterproof Hard Case 

The very first option in the list of cases like Pelican that we think might be a great suit for you is the Nanuk 935 Waterproof Hard Case! The Nanuk 935 Waterproof Hard Case is similar to the Pelican since it has padlock holes, lid foam, steel hardware and the Powerclaw latching system as well as cubed foam. 

  • Overview

The 935 is not the largest alternative to Pelican case in the range, but it is the most unique and can be modified in more ways than any other model. It is highly uncommon for other case makers to provide as many color options as Nanuk does, which is why the company offers six unique hues.

The protective coverings that Nanuk offers are compatible with video cameras, DSLR cameras, laptops, drones, and other electronic devices in addition to outdoor gear and more.

  • The Latches 

Another excellent feature shared by the 935 and other Nanuk cases is the locking hardware. Since the cases shut with a satisfying click, you can be assured that the contents are secure. This, in our perspective, is a major improvement over the hardware latch that comes standard on Pelican products.

Even if your case does not lock correctly and remains closed while you are in flight, you will not need to be concerned and worry about the TSA opening and closing it.

nanuk 935 waterproof hard case 1024x1024
  • The Wheels 

Nanuk and Pelican cases both include wheels on certain of their variants so it could be much easier for you to travel.

Nanuk’s 935 casing contains some wheels that are almost 1/4″ larger in diameter. This isn’t a show stopper, well, but to be honest, the case does look to be rolling better. 

  • Security 

Pelican’s padlock integration isn’t as good as Nanuk’s, therefore Pelican cases aren’t as secure as those made by Nanuk.

To get things started, the 1510 casing appears to have a crimp made of stainless steel that is secured to the plastic. Well, now tell us, is this such a very significant breach of security?

This problem is solved by Nanuk’s 935 casing, which has flanges made of stainless steel and is designed so that the shackle of your padlock can fit inside the case. 

To conclude, with all of those advantages that we have mentioned above, the Nanuk 935 Waterproof Hard Case is definitely a huge VOTE for you! 

Seahorse 920 Protective Hard Case 

The second one that we think you might like is the Seahorse 920 Protective Hard Case! 

  • Overview

A great Pelican style case that we highly recommend is the Seahorse 920 Waterproof hard case, which offers the same level of protection.

It has a safety seal that protects against water, air, and dust, as well as a retractable handle, broad track wheels, and a wider track overall. However, you should notice that this one might not be the most affordable choice, but with its amazing quality, PMDawn.net thinks it is worth buying! 

  • Case Size 

Seahorse cases may be purchased in sizes ranging from micro to small, medium to big, and even enormous. Additionally, they provide pre-built patterns that were created just for photographers.

They have a great deal more examples than we are going to give here, but we are going to concentrate on the most significant ones.

seahorse 920 protective hard case
The Seahorse 920 Protective case is definitely a great choice for your Pelican case alternative! 


  • Micro and Small

In the micro and small size, Seahorse’s cases are divided into three types: phone, tablet and laptop. Some can be made with foam, and others do not. It depends on the price of each case. 

On the back of each of the two tiny cases that are independent of one another is a carabiner loop for simple attaching to bags and backpacks. We are all sure that Seahorse’s small case selection is not very different within the micro category.

In my opinion, these cases are not intended for the average user who is looking for a case to protect his Macbook; rather, they are created for professionals. 

  • Large and Photography Cases

The straightforwardness of Seahorse’s extensive selection of hard cases is exactly what one would anticipate. They have 830, 920, 1220, and 1530, and each one of these models serve a different purpose.

If you have dreams of being a filmmaker, Seahorse can help you realize those dreams. They provide a variety of cases that have been created with you in mind particularly! The 920 is the model that we enjoy using the best.

You all know that the electronic drum equipment is really difficult to keep carefully while traveling. Well, guess what? Many music professionals as well as drummers said that they usually use the Seahorse 920 Protective Hardcase to keep their drums! 

The rotation of the wheel is really smooth, and the case is surprisingly resilient. The Seahorse’s handle is analogous to how the retractable handle functions on this product.

Ibex 2500 Hard Protective Case

We all agree with the opinion that the IBEX case is nearly on par with the toughness of a Pelican case.

Although the plastic outside shell is a little bit thinner than that of a typical Pelican case, it is sufficient for the majority of applications.

This robust container features foam that can be removed to make room for whatever equipment you could have. BEFORE you start removing foam from your gear places, you should make a strategy for those regions.

The IBEX case‘s primary flaw is the extension handle, which is located on the side. It looks like it wouldn’t break the bank at all, and it has the shape of a regular suitcase handle.

Well, just go ahead and give it a shot if you don’t think it will bother you. From our perspective, this case offers amazing protection.

ibex 2500 hard protective case 1024x1024

HUL Large Waterproof Military Style Hard Case 

The next case that we think might be one of the most dedicated cases that is just for you is the HUL Large Waterproof Military Style Hard Case! 

HUL is a brand that was just brought to our attention recently. Even though it is not very popular in the case market, its products are something to tell! 

Their case is resistant to being crushed and has enough space inside for anything from GoPro cameras to SLR cameras. The handles of the case are functional, but in comparison to Pelican, they have a somewhat shoddy appearance. Please notice that they have a “hollowed out” appearance. During the manufacturing process, this is most often done to save money. 

In addition, HUL has a rubber ring that serves as an additional layer of protection against dust and the elements. In addition to that, it is perfectly fine to fly with the case.

The inner foam is the same as the pluck-able foam found in the Pelican 1500. It is much easier to create your own little places to store your goods.

hul large waterproof military style hard case




Basic Hard Camera Case 

Now, let’s check the Basic Hard Camera Case with PMDawn.net! This one, for us, is quite a good choice with an affordable price as well as exceptional good quality! 

Since this case is from one of the e-commerce giants, you can be sure that it’ll be a good product. From the PMDawn.net’s viewpoint, the container is perfect for transporting microphones, SLR cameras, firearms, and virtually anything else that comes to mind.

The outside of the case has a simple design and does not feature any gaudy branding. Just like a Pelican, it has a convenient handle that may be used for carrying.

You could also create a custom molding for each and every one of your gadgets by using pieces of pre-cut foam. The inside is very modifiable, giving you the ability to store and protect anything else you might require.

However, this case still has some disadvantages that you need to take into consideration! The polycarbonate used in the Basics case is obviously of lower quality than that used in the Pelican case. Besides, the amount to which the plastic will compress is directly proportional to the amount of pressure that is applied to the center of the casing.

There is also the case’s precarious position that you need to consider. Because it is not perfectly squared off, the case rests at an angle on the floor and can be easily knocked over if it is not placed in the right position.

basic hard camera case

Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case 

Another choice for you, is the Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case! 

The Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case features inside dimensions that are equivalent to those of the Pelican iM2975 Storm Trak Case. The positioning of the enormous handle on the bigger variants of the case is a significant design flaw that needs to be addressed. Because it is located in the opposite direction to the wheels, it can make wheeling such a massive case quite uncomfortable and strenuous depending on the weight of the contents.

In other circumstances, the central latch may bend inward, making it impossible for the user to secure it in the closed position.

Due to these very few omissions, the user experience is poor. When your company focuses on a less expensive market area, you should make it a priority to become the dominant force in that market segment.

Products sold by Monoprice are, on the whole, quite high quality. Despite the fact that the cases have two major design problems, they will nevertheless offer an adequate level of protection. However, are you willing to choose this? 

monoprice weatherproof hard case 1024x768
Is the Monoprice Weatherproof a good choice for you?

Member’s Mark 20” Safety Box

Last but not least, the Member’s Mark 20” Safety Box is the next Pelican micro case alternative! 

Despite the fact that it is promoted as a handgun case, this hard plastic case is a wonderful option for anybody who is in need of sturdy and reliable protection for laptops, smartphones, iPads, and other electrical devices.

Not only is this an excellent alternative to a Pelican case, but for the price of a single Pelican case, you can get three, four, or even five of these cases. You are out of luck given that there are no devices for locking the case.

However, if you enjoy the way it looks along with the other aspects, and there is no need for you to get the locks, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you! Go ahead! 

members mark 20 safety box 1024x1024

How to choose a good Pelican alternative case? 

alternative to pelican case
Factors in choosing a good Pelican replaced suit!


Choosing the best Pelican alternative case should be divided into four factors: Material, protective Foam, Price and Extra Features! 

  • Material

The most common materials used to construct hard cases are polypropylene and polypropylene copolymer. This is a robust and durable plastic material that will give sufficient protection for secure storage. Overall, it is ideal for people who travel frequently and carry a lot of things.

  • Protective Foam

When it comes to the secure storage of items, foam is an absolute must. Foams that can be customized, such as ELE polyurethane, are an ideal solution for storage that is both flexible and organized. This is because the foam insert specifies the space contained within the container. 

  • Price

Some cases are affordable, others are costly! So depending on your budget, you can find the case that suits you most! 

  • Extra Features

In general, the better a case is, the more alternatives it has. It might be anything as straightforward as polyurethane wheels or something as intricate as a pressure equalization valve. You want the lid to be able to be opened quickly, or you want to know that the manufacturer provides a warranty that lasts a lifetime. 

Remember to check everything carefully before you make a final decision! 


What is the best Pelican style case you should choose?

After all the Pelican case alternatives reviewed above, you should consider the Seahorse 920, it is the favorite choice of most people. It is also the closest competitor to the Pelican and stands out equally. And don’t forget the Monoprice, it can still be the alternative to Pelican case that protects your gear well.

Investing in a case to protect your gear instead of using a large plastic bin like this will make you worry-free on your trips.

What is the difference between a Pelican case and an alternative hard case? 

Pelican cases are commonly known as the industry standard for a reason. Both the outside and inside of these hard cases are significantly more durable than those of regular alternatives. But as we have mentioned above, there is quite an expensive price to pay to own one of these Pelican cases alternative. Naturally, the majority of artists or even professionals will choose a cheaper option, which is why Pelican offers an alternative.

Other hard case manufacturers are not to be taken lightly; they are legitimate Pelican case competitors. Looking at the list that we have made, there are some hard case brands that you cannot underrate! Even though Pelican Cases are still more durable and built of higher-quality materials, some of the best Pelican case alternatives may compete with Pelican Cases in terms of being a more cost-effective choice.

Do I need multiple cases? 

This answer depends on your needs! If you have way too much equipment, so yes. And if you just want to carry some, the answer is no. It really depends, as we have said. 

If you have too many things to carry along, you might wanna think about getting a larger case, especially one with adjustable foam that can support a few pounds. There’s no need to spend extra money if you find a decent all-around solution, which the list above includes many of, right? 


And that is all the information that you need to know about the Pelican case alternative. In today’s sharing, PMDawn.net have shared with you some cases like Pelican to choose from! We hope that with our sharing, you can finally find the best case for you!

That’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading more articles on Pmdawn.net