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p90 pickups
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Choosing P90 pickups is an important thing that affects the change in tone of a guitar, but people often overlook this issue. The P90 offers users different coils, which are wider and shorter. It is because of this that the sound has changed and people need to make the right choice to get the best music. Some of the information shared regarding p90 pickups will help you get the most needed knowledge.

What is a P90 Pickup?

The P90 Pickup has an impact on the sound of the guitar, but very few people pay special attention to it. In fact, when a P90 pickup arrives, it will give every user the same distinct sound like a pickup with the support of a coil. Besides, another part of the sound will be like a humbucker pickup, where it creates the classic low output sounds that are fed into the sound mix coming out of the guitar. Thus, when listening to people will get many different feelings about the tone of each song.

P90 Pickup and humbucker pickup is 2 types of pickups that have been used by many famous guitars such as Les Paul (humbucker pickup) or Strat (single coil). These guitars will have to depend on these two pickups with many of these advantages to be able to produce the most suitable sounds.

However, people often use humbucker pickups, so the P90 pickups are often overlooked and forgotten on the market. What causes them to be forgotten is really unclear and no one can explain. The sound of the P90 pickup truck has a lot of novelty that single coil pickups don’t have. So it can be said that the high-end P90 has more features. If professional guitarists can’t find the right sounds for a dedicated pickup, they will often turn to looking for the high-end sound that P90 pickup can bring.

If you make a basic comparison between a P90 pickup and a humbucker pickup, people will get amazing results. The P90 pickups are equipped with the ability to compensate for harsh mid-range growls and increase sharpness for high tones that in fact humbucker pickups are not equipped with.

An interesting fact about the advantage that the P90 pickup brings to the user is that it pairs particularly well with semi-hollow guitars looking for support to create a bright tone.

p90 pickups 1
P90 pickups create unique sounds for guitar playing

What are the different types of P90 pickups?

Currently, on the market, there are many versions of the P90 pickup truck that are offered to meet the needs of every customer. However, it is difficult for people to distinguish each version because these pickup trucks are marketed with the same color scheme. But it still has different shapes that if you pay attention you will distinguish. The three different types of P90 pickups given below will help you choose the most suitable one:

  • Humbucker Case: The Humbucker case version is also easy to distinguish because it has the same design as the image of a standard humbucker. Compared to the traditional humbucker design as before, these P90s are made thinner and slightly longer. It’s just a change in appearance so the humbucker P90s won’t have too much of an impact on everyone’s instrument changes.
  • Soap bar: The second version that is also interesting to many people is the soap bar. The design of this version will be somewhat similar to the rectangular Gibson P90. On it the mounting screws will be positioned in the center of the pickup. This feature leads to the initial difference that the pickup will not be in your shield like it used to be.
  • Dog Ears: The characteristics of the dog ear catcher will make it difficult to distinguish from the soap bar. Because their design is similar and the dog ear clipper also has a rectangular shape. The difference for you to distinguish these 2 versions is that the mounting screws of the dog ears have been placed on a triangular extension design at each end of the pickup. With this design, you will sometimes have to modify some positions on the guitar to better fit, because the ear picker will have an additional hook to your bar.
p90 pickup
P90 pickups have many different choices to suit every player’s needs

How do P90 Pickups Sound?

It is impossible to describe all the tones of the P90 pickup truck because it is so diverse. The sound of this product delivers melodies that stand between a pickup truck and a conventional single-coil pickup. Therefore, its sound is especially harmonious and more pleasant. In addition, you can also understand that based on a conventional hum coil, the P90 will deliver much brighter and clearer tones than humbuckers, but sometimes their sound is also quite heavy.

It is commented that the P90 offers a versatile line of pickups that can change many different timbres. Because of its characteristics, it is still far from the brightness and edge of previous single-coil designs. This makes the P90 pickups the perfect combination to create the most enjoyable sounds for every player.

The case design of this product line will sometimes make you feel extremely confused. Because people often have to distinguish between 2 different designs of this pickup. The first design mentioned is the soap bar and the appearance of mounting screws located inside the case.

The other design as shared is the dog ear version and in this case, the mounting screws are not mounted in the case but are located on the side. These are just the versions given for people to choose from according to their favorite style. Since in fact, the shape of the housing has no effect on the tone of the instrument, every sound produced is the same. Currently, knowing the advantages of the product, the P90 pickup trucks are becoming more and more popular and widely used in the world market.

The 5 Best P90 Pickups For Your Guitar

Anyone wants to own a high-quality P90 pickup with a reasonable price and long service life. The top 5 best P90 Pickups for your Guitar shared below will help you choose the right product for your needs.

Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Set

One of the most popular P90 pickup trucks on the market today is Phat Cat. It is not natural that this product line is known by many people but it has many advantages. First, Phat Cat is a product from one of the famous car manufacturers around the world that everyone has heard of.

This version offers a standard humbucker size suitable for any guitarist who has used a humbucker before. So when choosing this product line, they will not need any modification on the guitar with humbucker pickup when it needs to be installed and replaced.

One of the advantages that make this Phat Cat famous is the variety of tones. This product line can be viewed as an Alnico II pickup. Then their actual volume will be a bit lower than that of the P90 pickups available on the market. Their timbre is also very fluid, smooth and mellow, which is perfect for guitars with hollow keys. Then this product will work excellently on Les Pauls which is being used by so many people.

Not stopping there, the design of this product line also has a lid made of wax with a fairly thick shell design, making it convenient to use with a microphone. With so many advantages, Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Set has an extremely attractive price, so this is absolutely a product that you should have.

p 90 pickups
Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Set is a premium product line with a pleasant sound

Metallor P90 Soapbar Pickup

The Metallor P90 Soapbar Pickup is one of the more traditional P90 single-reel pickups suitable for beginner guitarists. This product can well meet the standard requirements. The specifications as well as dimensions are given for the product are not in the high-end form but still ensure full basic features. The biggest advantage of this line is that it is affordable, not too expensive, and suitable for beginners and inexperienced.

To compare the sound of Metallor P90 Soapbar Pickup with other lines. Of course, it will not be equal to the more advanced lines. But compared to the price you spend to own this product, it is very worth it, the sound, although not diverse, is also very stable. You can start playing with this product, after mastering it, you can change to a more advanced product.

This product will provide users with an antique pickup and a bridge pickup. In fact, these P90 pickups are extremely simple, suitable for those who just want to practice playing simply, and do not want to spend too much money to invest in this field.

gibson p90 pickup
Metallor P90 Soapbar Pickup has a cheap price suitable for beginners

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Pickup – Kent Armstrong, Stealth 90

The Kent Stealth 90 pickup also delivers distinctive sounds suitable for a wide range of audiences. The tone and sound this product is equipped with will be somewhere in between the noise and the conventional single coil. Compared to the other P90 pickup, the Kent Armstrong Pickup, the Stealth 90 has a double-rolled design. This is what makes its sound without too much noise, a softer and more airy sound.

It is this design that makes it not too noisy, suitable for those who like lightness. This pickup has the strong advantage of being quiet, but many people have a slight dislike of the different tone compared to other P90 pickups. Then their sound is also somewhat darker, while their output will be slightly lower. However, it is really suitable and is a best-selling product for those who like hi-gain style.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 is a high-end product line with every perfect design. Therefore, with quality, of course, there will also be a higher price. This is truly the perfect solution for those who are looking for authentic P90 tones. This product is the dream of many people, professional players appreciate that every exterior design to interior quality has similarities with the famous original pickup truck on the market from the 40’s

With such strengths, many people are willing to spend large amounts of money to own this product. This can be assessed as one of the most expensive P90 pickups on the world market.

With the design of the bottom of the dog’s ears, people will easily see the same features as the original pickups before. All the necessary features such as the same bobbin and wiring, smooth enameled wire, flat tape, everything is fully equipped. Therefore, the sound of this product brings an extremely realistic feeling to bring exciting feelings to all listeners.

Besides, the tone equipped for this P90 is extremely bright and has many unexpected attacks. Each chord is well-tuned, so it can be heard clearly, and the single notes in each piece are also extremely rich.

p 90 pickups sound 1024x643
Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 is a product with a finished design

Lindy Fralin P-90 Soapbar Pickup Set

For those who love the unique characteristics of classic sound, the Lindy Fralin P-90 Soapbar Pickup Set is a perfect choice that should not be missed. This product also offers the same unique features as the original P90 pickups that were born a long time ago. These pickups feature a premium Butyrate P90 bobbin with USA-made alnico IV rod magnet formation. In addition to the 42-diameter smooth enameled wire design, these are all high-end accessories that have appeared in Gibson’s P90 pickups since the 50s. That’s why it delivers classic sounds. with amazing music.

Because of the classic sound, this P90 pickup is designed in a variety of mid-range tones and has a strong advantage in durability. The chords from the Lindy Fralin P-90 Soapbar Pickup Set sound very clear and the single notes are also very well rounded.

It is also assessed that this is probably the only pickup in the P90 that has a quiet sound, thanks to its reverse-bridged design. In short, this product line will be a great choice for those who are looking for a complete P90 that does not need to be replaced too much and offers classic colors and sounds.


The P90 pickups deliver many strengths, with an effective balance of the characteristics of each timbre. Each sound produced is guaranteed not to be too dark or too bright, allowing for a variety of pickups to be combined during the use of your guitar set.

The P90 series often has characteristics suitable for lovers of classic deep tones. Besides the classic, they also have a number of modern lines with a high-end sound that you can also choose the product that suits you best. Depending on the budget as well as the need to use the product, people can choose for themselves the most suitable P90 pickup truck. Hopefully, the sharing given in the above article will help you find the best product for each person’s guitar-playing process.

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