TOP 13 Low Action Acoustic Guitars in 2023

low action acoustic guitar
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The low action acoustic guitar is one of the most sought-after guitars today due to its ease of play. It is comfortable for most guitarists, from beginners to professional guitarists. However, finding a good low-action acoustic guitar on the market today is really not easy. Too many guitar brands with different segments, quality, and prices make you feel confused when choosing.

To help you out and make the best choice, we’ve rounded up a list of 13 acoustic guitars with low action with expert reviews each. Read the article below to find the guitar you want.

List of 13 low action acoustic guitars

This list not only includes acoustic guitars from the best brands it also features our unbiased reviews to help you choose.

Preview Best Budget
PMDAWN’s Choice
Name Fender CD60s Acoustic Guitar Taylor 114E Acoustic Guitar
Top Material Type Mahogany

Body Material  Mahogany
Sitka Spruce, Sapele, Wood
String Material Type Phosphor Bronze Nylon

Fender CD60s Acoustic Guitar

fender cd60s acoustic guitar
The Fender CD 60s is easy to play and control, and its neck is simple to change and easy to hold

The first guitar on our list is the Fender CD 60s, which is almost the cheapest but has excellent stability. This particular guitar comes in different versions but the most popular are: Fender CD 60s with pickup, Fender CD 60s with cutaway and finally, an all-mahogany version.

The all-mahogany version of the Fender CD 60s gives players an unusually new feeling. In addition to its fresh and sleek look, it features a solid top with a mahogany back and sides. This version is a great and worthwhile investment if you’re looking for the Fender CD 60s low action. It is sturdy and durable and can last with you for a long time.

The Fender CD 60s is easiest acoustic guitars to play and control, and its neck is simple to change and easy to hold. The scrolling keyboard edges with low action make it even easier and more comfortable for players. You can practice with it for a long time without feeling tired.

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Also, the tone this low action guitar delivers is a powerful one with impressive balance. Its X bracing and construction give it an excellent dynamic range. The special thing is that it is sold as a package, you only need to spend some money and can bring back all the necessary equipment.

Ibanez AE245JR


ibanez ae245jr
This low action guitar has a comfortable neck with just the right width and thickness

Although Ibanez is not a very prominent acoustic guitar brand on the market, the Ibanez AE245JR is a guitar that deserves mention here.

The Ibanez AE245JR has a fairly compact body; for many people playing this acoustic guitar with lowest action will be more comfortable than a dreadnought. The AE245JR guitar features a short type JR body with a sturdy Okoume top and laminated Okoume faces. It is this structure that makes it compact and aesthetically pleasing.

This low action guitar has a comfortable neck with just the right width and thickness. It really puts the player at ease, even if it’s a complete newbie. Thanks to the electronics, players can also use this guitar to play higher notes with perfect sound. A side cut not only looks more unique, but it’s also easier to control.

Connecting the AE245JR to an amplifier or audio line is also a breeze, thanks to the onboard Fishman Sonicore Pickup system. You just plug it in and start enjoying your music.

Also, the Ibanez wire repair and change are very easy. Unique advantage latches make it easy to remove the wires when needed.

Although there are many advantages, Ibanez AE245JR still has some disadvantages that you need to be aware of. Because the body is quite small, the sound of the AE245JR also has a lower projection. The bass is barely emphasized. However, experts still consider the sound to be good and sharp with sweet mids and bright treble.


Washburn WLD10SCE

washburn wld10s 1024x576
The Washburn WLD10SCE’s tonal balance is superb thanks to the Cathedral Peaked Scalloped-X

Washburn guitars don’t come out often, but they still have high quality guitars. The Washburn WLD10SCE is one of my favorite low action acoustic guitars

This dreadnought has a Sitka Spruce top and mahogany back and sides. The construction of this guitar is solid, beautiful, and sounds impressive, but the price is reasonable.

The Washburn WLD10SCE’s tonal balance is superb thanks to the Cathedral Peaked Scalloped-X. It has pleasant highs and warm lows that make it easy to create a good tune.

In addition to a polished finish with an appealing natural beauty, this guitar has many unique details that help accentuate the entire guitar. Prominent can be mentioned mahogany neck with satin finish outer layer. It makes it easier to play and move your hands around the neck. Even if your neck is suddenly bent, you can fix it quickly.

If you value a long-term investment in a guitar, then the Washburn WLD10SCE is the correct choice. Solid hardware makes this low action guitar last for a long time. It is also much easier to repair and maintain.

Washburn WLD10SCE integrates perfect connection points with electronic devices, especially the tuner. You can tune your strings and connect them to volume control, phase switch, or other tools.

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Taylor 114E Acoustic Guitar

taylor 114e acoustic guitar 1024x768
Taylor 114E also has a beautiful body with warm and pleasant tones


Taylor 114E is a Grand Auditorium guitar of top quality. It is handcrafted with a Sitka Spruce top and a beautiful solid walnut back and sides. This acoustic guitar is the best choice of the lowest action acoustic guitar you can find on the market.

Not only has a solid shell, but Taylor 114E also has a beautiful body with warm and pleasant tones thanks to walnut. The sound of this guitar is extremely good, with a clear timbre and has a balance between high notes and low notes. The mid-range focus and boomy bass make the tunes played by this guitar so much sweeter.

This acoustic guitar is not a dreadnought, but the sound it produces has enough clarity to rival other ordinary guitars. In addition to having an easy-to-play low action, the Taylor has a rather narrow nut width that makes your manipulations with the strings more flexible.

When buying Taylor 114E, you will be given a performance bag, and it helps you feel more secure when traveling. This guitar is very unlikely to cause damage. However, the price you need to spend to own this guitar will be a bit higher than the guitars on the list. Although this is a guitar from Taylor’s entry-level line, the quality can rival many higher priced guitars. Therefore, you should rest assured that the money you spend is completely worth it.

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Washburn Heritage 20 Series HD20SCE


washburn heritage 20 series hd20sce
The Washburn HD20SCE is a great safe choice

Washburn guitars are not very popular on the market, but this list will cover quite a few of them. The Washburn Heritage 20 Series HD20SCE is the second Washburn guitar on this list. Maybe their low action guitars are really popular.

The HD20SCE has a similar finish to the Washburn HD10SCE but is a bit cheaper.

Instead of Sitka Spruce and mahogany like HD10SCE, HD20SCE is made from Pau Ferro, which is a popular acoustic wood. Although only using Pau Ferro instead of rosewood, this guitar can still deliver a clear sound and warm tone.

Because it is cheaper, HD20SCE also has some disadvantages, and you will find it difficult to control the volume and tone of this guitar due to limited electronic features. The Washburn HD10SCE seems more likable and welcoming. However, if you don’t have enough money, the Washburn HD20SCE is a great safe choice. It’s not too bad.

Martin DJR-10 Guitar

martin djr 10 guitar 1024x1024
The Martin DJR-10 guitar is an upgraded version of the Martin dreadnought JR (DJR)

Martin owns some of the finest guitars in the world, with attractive sounds and classy looks. The Martin DJR-10 guitar is an upgraded version of the Martin dreadnought JR (DJR). This guitar can give you the most realistic feel with the sound of a dreadnought when in reality, it is smaller in size.

The body of the Martin DJR-10 is really small, with a depth of 000. The size of this guitar is bigger than a small Martin but smaller than a regular dreadnought. This special mid-range size is easy to create accents and makes it easier for players to manipulate.

In addition to a comfortable size for players, the Martin DJR-10 also possesses excellent materials. The top is Sitka Spruce or Sapele, and the back and sides are Sapele. You can optionally choose the color according to your personal preference.

The neck of the Martin DJR-10 is quite thin, allowing you to move around your neck without difficulty. In addition to the easy-to-play design, low action is also one factor that makes many people love this guitar.

In terms of sound, Martin always brings many unexpected outstanding points. It has clear highs and rich bass, making your tunes more flexible and soulful.

Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e

taylor academy dreadnought 10e
The sound of Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e also makes players feel excited

If you are looking for the perfect guitar for beginners, you should choose the Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e. This guitar is our best recommendation with a build specifically for beginners and low action. It really makes you feel comfortable, and playing the guitar becomes so much simpler. In other words, this is one of the most recommended low action guitars on this list.

Taylor’s instrument designers created the perfect look for the Academy Dreadnought 10e with a Sitka Spruce front and laminated Sapele sides. In addition, the bottom edge of this guitar is softened by a unique integrated handrail. You can play for hours on end without worrying about hand fatigue.

In addition to the external design, the sound of Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e also makes players feel excited. Solid sound with powerful dynamic ranges and feedback. Warm lows and clear highs create the best harmonious balance.

The A10e also features onboard ES-B electronics with a built-in regulator, making it sound like a real electroacoustic device. Not only is it a lot easier to adjust the sound, but players can also use other aids to make the melody achieve the desired effect.

The Taylor Academy Dreadnought 10e has a very reasonable price despite many such advantages and delight players. It is even cheaper than the Taylor tree mentioned at the beginning of the list. Surely you will feel satisfied when owning this guitar because the money you spend is completely worth it.

Ibanez Avm10

ibanez avm10
Ibanez Avm10 is perfect for beginners

Another quality guitar from Ibanez, the Ibanez Avm10 is perfect for beginners. With its eye-catching appearance, Sitka Spruce top and mahogany side and back panels, the Avm10 is not only durable in construction but also delivers impressive sound.

Essentially a low action acoustic guitar that makes the Avm10 a lot easier to play. Players can spend more time practicing without worrying about fatigue and cramping. This guitar also produces a warm and balanced sound. You may be surprised to find this guitar’s catchy tone.

In addition, this low action guitar can also be suitable for large concerts. Grover Chrome open gear tuner with Butterbean Knobs and rosewood bridge lets you create the sound you need.

With an affordable price tag, the Ibanez Avm10 is one of the best low action acoustic guitar options on this list.

Washburn WlD10S

washburn wld10s 1 1024x576
This guitar has a Sitka Spruce top, mahogany back and sides

If you are running out of hand and need an easy-to-play acoustic guitar, the Washburn WlD10S will surprise you. This guitar has a Sitka Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, solid construction but it has a rather fancy color. The colors are not too dark but not too prominent either.

Although this is a low action acoustic guitar, it is not as low as the models on the list. It’s a bit taller so it also produces distinct interesting sounds and melodies.

Ibanez AEG 24

ibanez aeg 24 1024x576
The Ibanez AEG24 has its very own tone thanks to its signature very low action

Coming to Ibanez again on this list, it seems that this guitar brand is very fond of low action guitars because they have really quality guitars.

The Ibanez AEG24 has its very own tone thanks to its signature very low action. The characteristic sound is like a guitar with electrical properties. The neck and neck are made of rosewood, and the back and sides of the neck are crafted from mahogany, making this guitar not only more durable, but also beautifully colored.

The AEG24 is easiest playing acoustic guitar not only because of its low action, but also because it has a slim body and neck. This light texture makes it easier for players to control and perform operations when playing. In addition, this guitar also has a Fishman Sonicore pickup that best supports the sound of the guitar.

At an extremely affordable price point, the Ibanez AEG 24 is another great choice to make your guitar playing easier and smoother.

Washburn WD20SCE

washburn wd20sce
Low action not only makes the Washburn WD20SCE easier to play

At the bottom of the list will be the WD20SCE from the Washburn family. Like other guitars in its class, the top of this guitar is made of Sitka Spruce, the rest of the parts are mostly rosewood. You can easily recognize this as a beautiful form factor with eye-catching colors.

Low action not only makes the Washburn WD20SCE easier to play, but it also has a special sound form that attracts listeners. This low action acoustic guitar really has a rare country sound.

It’s also very easy to tune and control the sound thanks to the easy-to-change tuner. This guitar’s preamp system works really well. Fishman isys is also one of the biggest plus points of this guitar.

Brands to avoid if you’re looking for a lower action guitar

Besides the guitar brands, you should look to when you need to ignore acoustic guitar, you also need to avoid some confusing guitar brands. Their flock is of a high quality line and there is almost nothing wrong with it. However, the problem is that these guitar brands don’t have really low action guitars.


Ovation has many famous guitar models, with low action they usually set them to 3/32 medium with light gauge strings. They may be easy to play with some people however if you are a beginner I recommend other options.

It’s best to go to the store and experience the action on this brand’s guitar for yourself. Although most of them have the same feel, this guitar brand has some extremely difficult guitar styles to play. A lot of people have talked about this.

For the above problems, both the sound and look of the Ovation guitar are really great. You might consider looking for a suitable guitar from this manufacturer if you love it.


Fender usually has medium action on their guitars. Like the Ovation, they will have some difficult lines to play with. Playing Fender with lighter strings will give you better results, so you need to consider it when choosing a low action acoustic guitar from this brand.


Manufacturer Takamine has many lines of guitars that are loved in the music market. However, many forums claim that most of their guitars have low-medium action or medium action. Sadly there are no exact figures for any of the guitars so it is difficult to make an assessment.

To make sure that the low action guitars you need are really from the Takamine family, you should go to the store to buy them in person or send a private message before buying. Careful consideration will help you not to regret after buying the guitars.

Gibson and Epiphone

Neither Gibson or Epiphone is recommended if you want a low action guitar. These two manufacturers usually feature medium or high action.

Gibson set the guitar to medium highs and the Epiphone was regularly high with 7/32 in the bass end. Not only will this make your guitar very difficult to play, but your fingertips will be sore and aching after playing for a while. The tension also makes your hand movements slower, even slowing down the tempo of the music. Anyway, you should consider it carefully when coming to this brand.

Note of low action

Low action can cause fret buzz, that is a buzzing noise that occurs when the string vibrates against one or more of the frets and it can effect the volume. Because the strings are already so close to the fretboard, which don’t quite have room to vibrate without hitting off other frets.

For beginners, we would definitely suggest crossing that bridge when you come to low action. Once you build up finger strength, you may want to try out something with higher guitar action.


The low action acoustic guitars have always been in demand not only for its comfort to play but also for its versatile sound and construction. Each manufacturer will create its own guitar with a unique character. Whatever the differences, good low action makes your hands more relaxed while playing.

There are many manufacturers that do not disclose what action level their guitars are set to. This makes finding a good low action acoustic guitar not easy. Hopefully, the list and suggestions that we give in this article will help you have more wonderful experiences with guitar songs.