Loog Guitar Review (Updated 2022): The Best Way To Teach Kids Guitar

loog guitar review
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The young talents in our house all want to express themselves. Learning and exploiting children’s interests is also one of parents’ wishes, so musical instrument manufacturers have launched Loog guitar products. So what is Loog Guitar? This article about Loog guitar review will show you more about this guitar.

What does the Loog guitar look like?

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Neck and body

Despite having a similar appearance, the Loog 3-string guitar body and neck don’t have the same structure as a ukulele.

The Loog Guitar’s body looks the same as a concert ukulele. However, you’ll focus that the first three strings resemble a 6-string guitar buried in it for both strength and tuning.

The theory behind the three-string Loog mini guitar is that once a beginner has gained enough confidence with the three strings on their little guitar, they will be able to transition to a full-sized six-string guitar.


The construction of a guitar is good but not as good as you’d expect from a high-end instrument. It does, however, have enough sturdiness to withstand some little abuse from a zealous beginner musician.

The guitar’s body resembles the Retro 1950s Style body that many musicians see when thinking of a good heart. Finishes are available in white, red, green, or pink.

If you’ve played the guitar before, you’ll notice that it has a low action. This is because of the instrument’s small size and only three strings. However, for persons with little hands, the low action on the instrument and the of this guitar makes it a fantastic Insurance to play.


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The Loog electric guitar contains a lot of basic hardware. However, the instrument’s basic hardware does not imply that it is less functional.

At the top of the instrument are three open-gear tuners with white buttons. A little wooden bridge will be added, allowing the guitar’s tuning to be more stable.


Another nice touch that comes with the Loog guitar is that it sounds good. Keep in mind that this is a children’s guitar, so there aren’t any complicated overtones this guitar can produce.

Also, you shouldn’t expect to sound as loud as this instrument sounds, especially due to the size of this instrument. Surprisingly, however, it develops a sound very similar to that of a classical guitar.

Keep in mind that a Loog mini acoustic guitar will not sound as full as a regular concert guitar. This is due to the size of the tool, so it shouldn’t cause any concern.


As noted above, the neck of Loog guitar is very thin, making it easy for children of all sizes to wrap their fingers around the entire fret. The body is small and light, perfect for smaller children.

One of the most important parts that the guitar has a big influence on whether a child becomes interested or disliked playing the guitar is the size of the instrument. If the tool is too big for the child, it will be uncomfortable to hold.

Is a Loog Guitar worth the purchase?

For parents looking to invest in an instrument that will introduce their children to the world of instrument, the Loog pro electric guitar is a great investment.

While that’s true and only has three loog guitar strings, you’re getting a basic yet fun instrument that your kids will benefit from using. Plus, it won’t cause a big dent in your wallet.

Over time, your child will get older than that instrument, so you don’t have to, and that’s a lot of money for an instrument they’ll start playing.

The guitar’s construction is pretty nice, so you won’t have to worry about breaking if it gets a few dents and bangs.

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Loog Alternatives & Substitutes to Consider

Do you think there may be a better option for an instrument for your child? We’re here to show you some other guitars you may want to consider if you feel like the Loog guitar isn’t the best option.

loog electric guitar

Let’s take a closer look at the best alternatives: 

Orangewood Oliver Jr Guitar

This is a smaller, kid-friendly guitar (or just great as a smaller option for adults).

It’s small enough to be easy to pick up and play but not so small as to be classified as a ukulele.

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Oliver Jr is a joy to play with because of his bright and crisp sounds. Furthermore, the skilled craftsmanship is evident! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill guitar. The “little” or “kids” guitars are sometimes found to be cheaply manufactured minis. With Oliver Jr., this is not the case.

Side note: I love that my purchase benefits a US-based (Los Angeles) company that employs artists and craftspeople to expand the Orangewood brand.

Makala MK-S Entry Level Soprano Ukulele

Many toy shop-level ukuleles come with colorful color schemes, but this Makala MK-S Ukulele doesn’t.

loog mini acoustic guitar 683x1024

This is due to Makala’s investment of time and effort in establishing a high-quality sound for this ukulele.

You can easily play a 4-string Accord on this instrument.

You might want to consider gifting it to a little child or a toddler interested in learning how to play guitar because it has the same shape as a child’s guitar.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Ukulele

There are still six strings on this stringed instrument. The tuning, however, is comparable to that of a ukulele.

Let’s say you want to give your youngster the foundational abilities they’ll need to go to a full-sized instrument. This Yamaha loog acoustic guitar is the ideal size for a tiny child in that instance.

loog 3 string guitar 1024x1024

If these selections don’t quite fit what you’re looking for in a guitar for your youngster, you might want to look into three-quarter or half-sized guitars.

Your child’s height and weight will determine the size of these instruments. 

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Question: Can I play any song on a Loog guitar?

Answer: On a three-string guitar, we can perform any tune. A basic six-string instrument’s ordinary cord usually contains no more than three notes. By using a three-string guitar, we can play genuine chords and tunes. While a three-string guitar’s tone isn’t as rich and round as a six-string guitar, the three-string guitar is smaller.

Question: Can only children play the Loog guitar?

Answer: No, A Loog guitar can be played by anyone of any size or age. Because of the size of the instrument in children’s hands, playing three-string guitar is a fantastic place to start for them. Anyone interested in playing the guitar can begin with a Loog guitar.

Question: Are there left-handed Loog guitar options available?

Answer: At this moment, the Loog guitar doesn’t offer left-handed options. However, if you’re interested in teaching your child how to play a left-handed guitar, you can flip the strings to make it work.

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Through the article Loop Guitar review, we can know that Loog guitar is not just for kids. Any instrument player can use it. Various models and qualities will easily help your children get acquainted or give musicians more tools to participate in performances easily and conveniently. With Loog guitar, your children will have a great time in their childhood.

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