What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders

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For harmonica players, they will always look for opportunities to make the best use of it. Professional players often learn how to play harmonica and guitar together. Beginners will find it difficult and may take a long time to learn. If you are also a beginner and are learning about harmonica holders, this article will help you get the information you need.

What is a harmonica holder?

The harmonica holder can be understood as an instrument equipped with special designs. This product is used to allow you to keep the harmonica in place during guitar playing. The purpose of a harmonica holder is to allow you to play two instruments at the same time, the way it works is to swap between them. Before starting to use the harmonica stand, players will have to place it around their neck so that everyone can touch the harmonica during the performance.

harmonica holder 1024x576
As props equipped for special designs during performances

How to choose a harmonica holder

In fact, most people need to have some skill when it comes to playing a harmonica. The harmonica clip will be held and used by a spring-loaded clip, and then worn around your neck. The harmonica neck holder is used by bringing it to everyone’s mouth, then tightening the two rear wing nuts to keep it in place. When using this product many people are also concerned that if the wing nuts slip, the instrument will proceed to move out of your mouth. The solution to this is to choose more expensive brackets as they have stronger wing nuts which can prevent this from happening.

Harp_HandleDunlop “Harp Handle” is a display mode that gives people more options to adjust. In which, 3 nuts are used for the purpose of providing an additional convenient turning point. This will also allow players to have better control over the height and angle of the harmonica compared to those holding a simpler harmonica. This clamp requires a real fit over the ends of the harmonica.

Harmonica holders can enjoy playing the harmonica “hands-free”. But this is not really easy, their challenge is being able to keep good pressure between the harmonica and the player’s mouth without using their hands. These effects are also essential for the music to have a good tone and play at its best. Then people will often love a harmonica stand with more sturdiness, where the instrument continues to stay close to your mouth when you press on it. Every professional player will often use the Hohner stand because it provides a very sturdy element and keeps the harmonica where I want it to be.

It is important to note that the wing nuts at the joint of the harmonica mount will not slip. The harmonica with the neck holder moves away from your mouth, and so does the music that comes out. To limit this problem, people often choose to install homemade plywood washers into the joints. In which each washer is a piece of 5mm plywood about 1/4 inch cut into the shape with a drilled hole in the middle. There will also be a large metal washer located on the outside of each plywood washer. There is also a non-slip washer located under each propeller. You need to proceed to tighten each propeller as much as possible, the harmonica will then stay in the original place and cannot move elsewhere.

Another approach to keeping harmonica holders from slipping is to invest more money to get the Hohner Flex Rack. Everything like the height, angle and position of the device is adjustable. Their purpose, of course, is to keep the harmonica in place, even after the audience is gone…

Finally, an alternative to wrapping the bracket around the neck that people often do is to use the Harp Hugger. This accessory will be attached to a mic holder, incorporating additional clamps for the mic under the harmonica and another mic for vocals to create a high aesthetic.

choose a harmonica holder
You should learn how to choose a harmonica holder to get the most suitable product

How to adjust the harmonica holder

In the first step, put your guitar aside to learn new methods. For the brackets around your neck, find and stand in front of a mirror and plug the harmonica. Then everyone should look directly in the mirror and proceed to slide the harmonica so that hole 4 is moved and is directly under the nose. your. The way people want, the instrument will be somewhat out of tune. In fact, experienced players will often choose to hit the 4-hole draw to start, based on this choice you can play without turning back.

If the options are mainly blues then it will be necessary to proceed to line the harmonica up to hole 3, then everyone will have a position that is directly below the nose. It is worth noting that those who choose to play blue only need to play the first 6 holes, this makes it easy to get to them with minimal turning.

The first steps above need everyone to complete and then be able to blow the harmonica hard into their mouths and start trying out a few notes. During play it is necessary to keep your hand on the holder’s arm so that pressure can be maintained. The playing position of this new harmonica will not be too different from when you hold it in your hand, then everyone will have a good sound.

One worry here is that it’s hard to move each player’s own head off the instrument when it’s so close. Because it will make it difficult for you to sing… The solution to this situation is to move the harmonica holder slightly away from your mouth. Then it will be easier for people to lift their heads to sing. However, the problem is that your head is facing forward to attach to the holder and the pressure on the harmonica is not so good. But don’t worry, experiment with these positions until everyone feels the best compromise between maintaining pressure on the harmonica and easily lifting your head off the stand.

Many professional harmonica players often don’t accept compromises in sound, so their solution is to always keep a tight grip. And then instead of lifting their heads on the stand, they simply turned their heads to the side to sing. They share that this means a bit more stance when playing, but will result in a better harmonica sound.

How to check your harmonicas

The guitar player’s case will be equipped with a few harmonicas combined with a harmonica holder hidden somewhere else in the bag. If these accessories have been used for a long time, it is best to replace them. Because you only need to play a few notes, you will feel a separate sound on the first 6 notes. If you play a few more chords that sound sour, then it’s time to change.

In fact, the 4-hole drawn note will be flat, similar to the 6-hole blown note. Not even the age of the guitar strings or the harmonies. If your sound is not good, it is best to replace it with a new one.

If people chose not to have air conditioning for a long time, it was a pleasant surprise. The ever-competitive competitors in the market have begun to significantly improve harmonica quality. Then you will have more choices with many great new high end instruments. Before you buy, check some online harmonica retailers if you can’t find the right product at your local music store.

10 Best Harmonica Holders

Hohner Harmonica Holder HH01

The Hohner HH01 harmonica is a product brought to market with a design similar to most of the old Horner Accordion harmonicas that have been around for a long time.

First of all, the design is suitable for 10-hole harmonics similar to previous products. This is what most of Hohner’s HH series harmonica holders are used to. Next, this line of trumpets is also equipped with suitable sizes, which can be used by everyone with a variety of different sizes of harmonics.

A notable feature of this product is that the neck brace also has a rubber cushion, so it will be able to create a comfortable feeling when hugging the neck during use. Besides, the frame design of the bracket provides the certainty that makes the harmonica Hohner Accordion more special.

Finally, there’s the dual buffers, which will do the job of providing you with the perfect ability to lock your instrument into position and start playing without going through the motions. Compared to the rest of the HH line, there is not too much difference in this feature. The only difference here is that the steel on this version is a bit worse than some of the previous versions, but it does do what users are expecting.

hohner harmonica holder hh01
Hohner Harmonica Holder HH01 with many outstanding advantages

Hohner MZ 2010 Flex Pack Harmonica Holder

Hohner Accordion brings to the market another top quality harmonica holder with the name MZ 2010 Flex Pack. Like other products, this harmonica holder has a body structure and size that is relatively suitable for the needs of users of 10-hole harmonicas.

The Hohner Accordion brand also made a pre-market commitment that this harmonica holder will bring comfort to the player during use. The neck brace is improved with a great rubber cover, from which it will be comfortable to use. Besides the frame of the bracket is a rope and comes out a very long time. Choosing the right one-size-fits-all means that different sizes of harmonica can be used on this neck stand.

The MZ 2010 harmonica clamp has another advantage that it is lighter in weight and smaller, so it is very convenient for storage and transportation. Then to be able to lock it in any playing position you want just use the plastic knobs. This part will give you a padlock at any distance from your mouth for easy maneuvering.

Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder – LO10

The LO10 is now known as one of the most functional harmonicas available in the market. The introduction of the Lee Oskar harmonica holder offers simple design interfaces that, unlike other top quality stands, can boast greater versatility.

This difference will give the advantage of its anti-slip shape design. And a harmonica holder can only function smoothly if the holder holds the instrument firmly so that it does not slip or move to another position while playing. Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder

 did it while many other products could not.

The makers of this product have really succeeded in mastering the “L”-shaped design incorporated in the underlying frame structure. Through that, the screws of the tension knob will also be in the right position that everyone wants.

With an extremely simple design and form, Lee Oskar helps players to avoid neck pain due to its user-friendly design. The strong feature of the steel body is that it adds to the durability of the harmonica.

Hohner 154 Harmonica Neck Holder

Hohner Accordion is one of the most famous brands in the field of harmonica accessories. This harmonica neck holder by Hohner is popular with harmonica players with 10-hole harmonicas. The frame design of the harmonica holder is relatively sturdy and the weight is appropriate. The neck brace is also equipped with a rubber design so that the player can hold the harmonica’s neck comfortably.

It is also based on this added comfort that this neck stand will give your hands a lot of freedom to play another instrument like guitar or keyboard while still playing the harmonica.

The Hohner 154 harmonica neck holder also has the advantage of being extremely convenient, suitable for any performance space because of its smaller and lighter design. It was also very easy for anyone to lock it into play position using the single wing nut. Then channel those pieces into the harp to hit the sound waves with this one-size-fits-all harmonica holder.

hohner 154 harmonica neck holder
Hohner 154 Harmonica Neck Holder

HarpArm Ultimate Magnetic Mic Stand Harmonica Holder

The HarpArm harmonica holder will give players a hands-free harmonica feel suitable for players who like to play different instruments at the same time. In the design of this product line there are also many unique things.

HarpArm Ultimate Magnetic Mic Stand Harmonica Holder has a huge difference compared to other products on the market before it. Not to mention that this product does not include a neck-wearing movement. This is intentionally omitted by the manufacturer to reduce fatigue on the player’s upper body. Then if you own a standard 10-hole harmonica with an iron base construction. Then just get ready for a softer and smoother performance on this harmonica stand.

This stand’s added attachment mechanism is what makes it stand out so much. When using it, everyone can fully adjust it in three different ways so that players get the best flexibility during the performance.

Besides, the magnet part covered with rare earth polymer is also equipped to completely fix the harmonica in the playing position according to the needs of each person. The best part about this part is that people can completely free their hands to play other instruments like guitar while playing the oral harmonica. Thereby the simplicity and functionality of this harmonica stand from HarpArm create a sense of delight and wonder for the participants.

Stageline Harmonica HH10

If everyone is looking for a great product that is a cheap alternative to more expensive models that cannot be afforded, the Stageline Harmonic Holder is the product that everyone wants. Thereby this stand will have features suitable for any harmonica player with a 10-hole harmonica. People give you the ability to play multiple instruments on the go. The material and body of the stand are also of relatively good quality, although not considered the best on the market.

For this product line, people can completely adjust themselves according to their needs through the spring mechanism to get the perfect height and distance you want. Even when people choose to tighten the bracket, it continues to stay in place because the wing nuts and bolts are sturdy and easy to use.

The Stagelne compartment area is also an outstanding feature that allows players to choose from different sizes of harmonica. The two tension springs are also reliable to keep everyone’s harp in the perfect position. Compared to the market this product is not the best, but it will also allow you to change the position of the note in the most suitable way. Besides, the assembly is also extremely simple to make it easier for everyone to start playing.

Eison Harmonica Holder 10 Holes Harmonica Holder ET10H

For players who own their own 10-hole harmonica, and need to lock in the playing position so that they can play more for another musical performance, the Eison ET10H harmonica holder is an option that should not be overlooked.

The ET10H is equipped with a sturdy locking mechanism with double wings that makes it possible for the player to completely lock any harmonica at any distance from the mouth. The solid springs will start working once the key is in place, this is to ensure that the harmonica stays in place without moving or rotating while you play. Players can fully enjoy the game without worrying about anything.

The Eison harmonica holder offers hands-free ability to play a mix of other instruments while the harmonica is being played. Then people will need the best protection for their harmonica. The harmonica Eison ET10H has really done that, it supports a rubber grip with a scratch-resistant design that keeps the harmonica from being damaged during play.

eison harmonica holder 1024x1024
Eison Harmonica Holder 10 Holes Harmonica Holder ET10H

K&M Stands K7M—Harmonica Holder

The K&M Stands harmonica stand is a popular product line with top-notch design with many features to meet the needs of users. In which, the rack has a steel body structure. This design creates durability over time and is not easily corroded or rusted.

In terms of neck holding area, K&M Stands are designed by the designer with a spring tensioning system that makes it easier for players to grip the harmonica. And keep it in place until you finish your musical performance.

Besides, if your instrument part is within the threshold size of 7,283 x 1,693, the K&M Stands K7M is completely a reasonable choice. The K&M harmonica clamp also becomes extra special as everything matches the harmonica blues versions with a breath size of 4.252 inches.

In addition, the support arm comes with a rubber design, which will make it more secure to hold your instrument in place. The rubberized design on the neck frame creates a smooth feel. and comfortable to use. Everyone can fully adjust the tension spring then proceed to use the two slotted screws to get the perfect height and spacing you want.

Dealgrinder Harmonica Holder HH—002 Neck Holder

The Dealgrinder harmonica neck holder is a great solution for harmonica players who want to keep their instrument in a hands-free position. It actually has features that work with all 10-hole harmonicas. This product is guaranteed to be of high quality and at the same time can provide players with complete independence.

The Dealgrinder features a spring-loaded stand that will allow any player to make quick harmonica changes. Your instrument will be protected from scratches thanks to the superbly padded harmonica holder body. In addition, the padding is permanently fitted at the neck, and due to the spring loaded configuration, you can adjust the stand to get the perfect angle that you are comfortable with.

In addition, people will also have more peace of mind when there is a problem with memory, because in it this owner will not add memory. This stand can help people fold flat quickly and easily store away when not in use. While still playing the harmonica, people can still enjoy the performance of another instrument using this product.

dealgrinder harmonica holder
Dealgrinder Harmonica Holder HH—002 Neck Holder

Foraineam 10 Hole Harmonica Neck Holder Stand

Compared to other product lines appearing on the market, the Foraineam harmonica holder is not much different. Both form and construction share the same characteristics with other models and the same can be said with a size fits all.

The Foraineam harmonica holder is introduced with a black design that will provide a comfortable and beautiful balance to harmonica players. Besides, the addition of a spring system will help it be able to bear both light and comfort during play. The design of the Foraine 10 Hole Harmonica Neck Holder Stand also includes dual wings that anyone can fully use to lock the instrument into place and then start enjoying the best of their performance.

Overall, some users have complained about the product not living up to their expectations. However, for the price segment, this is one of the most reliable and affordable holders on the harmonica accessory market.


For those of you who are already good at the guitar and can professionally play even the harmonica, having a harmonica holder is essential so that everyone can help you realize your dream of becoming a band. The above article will help you choose the right harmonica holder according to your individual needs. Hopefully that will be important knowledge to help everyone in choosing a harmonica holder.

What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders
What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders

What is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holdersWhat is a harmonica holder? List of 10 best harmonica holders

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