8+ Best Fender Acoustic Guitars

best fender acoustic guitars
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If you play music or DJ at venues like cafes and bars, the Fender Passport Event system will work for all. Compact yet powerful, it has all the features a small band needs, can be moved easily with one hand and set up in seconds. With the introduction of a wide range of Fender Passport Events, you will find it more difficult to find the best product. The 8+ Best Fender Acoustic Guitars shared below will help you get the best choice for your performance.

Fender CC-60SCE Acoustic Guitar

The CC-60SCE guitar is one of the best fender acoustic guitars with a compact Concert Cutaway shape, very easy to play, suitable for beginners or those who are not tall. The full keys on the Rosewood fretboard feel incredibly comfortable, making it ideal for beginners or inexperienced players. Mahogany is used in the back and sides of the CC-60SCE guitar for the CC-60SCE guitar. The sound is very clear. The sound is warm and suitable for blues and fingerpicking techniques.

Spruce is a wood with high strength and toughness, used very commonly to make soundboards. Spruce’s characteristic is that it is very hard and light, so it is also a wood that has a very high speed of sound transmission, very high reverberation, a very clear and full tone, and responds well to any style of acoustic playing.  

CC-60SCE uses Fishman’s pick-up with 3-band EQ with customizations: bass, mid, treble and a volume control knob. In particular, there is a built-in chromatic tuner function that helps you keep the guitar in tune, and a chromatic tuner that makes it easier to tune the strings to different tones (Half step down, D tuning, Open E…) than other types. regular tuners. Fishman’s preamps bring unparalleled amplification performance to your guitar, perfect for those looking to play on stage with a big sound system.

best fender acoustic guitar
Fender CC-60SCE Acoustic Guitar

Fender Paramount PM-3 Acoustic Guitar

The Fender PM-3 is the current best-selling acoustic guitar model with EQ. Entire guitar is made of high quality Mahogany wood, compact size, versatility, sophisticated design, nice sound, warm offering high quality sonic performance, this model promises to satisfy all guitarists on the way to pursue their musical dreams.

In addition, the Paramount PM-3 acoustic guitar is designed and distilled from elements of Fender’s classic ’60s guitars, including checkerboard contours, and delicate mother-of-pearl surface finish. piano on Deluxe models.

Interestingly, this guitar still retains its own modern design or in other words, it is a great harmony between classic and contemporary. Certainly, these guitars will always excel in any performance.

fender acoustic guitar models
Fender Paramount PM-3 Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-140SCE Dreadnought

If you are looking for Best Fender Acoustic Guitars, the Fender CD-140SCE Dreadnought is also a choice that you should not miss. This is an acoustic guitar with EQ that possesses many outstanding features such as: beautiful design, modern features, equipped with improved Fishman Presys electronic system compared to previous generations. The Fender CD-140SCE is for every use whether the player is practicing at home or performing on stage.

Large-sized body for a louder, warmer and fuller sound, suitable for accompaniment and pick users. You can also use the instrument in picnics and camping. In addition, the soft cutaway adds to the aesthetic of the guitar.

Front Fender CD-140SCE made of solid spruce wood. Spruce is a wood with high strength and toughness, often used as the front (top) of the guitar. The outstanding feature of Spruce wood is that it is very hard and light. As a result, this is also a wood with very high speed of sound transmission, very high reverberation, very clear and full tone, and responds well to any acoustic playing style, from hard strumming to fast flatpicking or delicate fingerpicking. Rosewood back and sides produce an evenly balanced sound from Bass to Treble, very good reverb.  

best fender acoustic guitars
Fender CD-140SCE Dreadnought

Fender FA-235E

The Fender FA-235E guitar is an EQ acoustic guitar model, smaller in size than the D shape, with a variety of color versions to give players more options. It has eye-catching looks, stylish colors, and versatile features that provide the perfect sound for your music. This guitar has the appeal of a classy, ​​classic look.

Flame Maple is light in weight, produces a clear, bright sound, and the notes come out clear and uncluttered. The wood grain has a luster and is a solid metal. Mid and high frequency range, outstanding treble, sharp, bright, suitable for acoustic guitar.

Fender FA-235E also has other outstanding features such as: rosewood neck and rosewood bridge. The neck features 20 frets with a Graph Tech TUSQ nut and pear-shaped “Keystone” inlay. You can also easily tune the strings, the neck ratio is 25.3″.

fender guitars acoustic
High quality Fender FA-235E

Fender Sonoran Mini Acoustic Guitar Bundle

The Redondo Mini is also rated as one of the best fender acoustic guitars that pack a lot of great features into a smaller acoustic guitar model. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, this guitar has a 22 ¾” scale but delivers the same sound quality as a full-size guitar. Like other guitars in the California Series, the Redondo Mini features a 6-in-line neckline inspired by Fender’s electric guitar heritage.

Other premium features include a walnut neck and bridge, and a Nubone nut and bone. Whether you are a young guitarist looking for a smaller instrument, or you are simply looking for the perfect guitar for travel, the Redondo Mini will always be your trusted companion.

fender acoustic guitar price
Fender Sonoran Mini Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Fender FA-115 guitar has a dreadnought shape, large acoustic resonator in the body along with a luxurious, solid design, using Spruce wood for the front, Mahogany for the back and 2 sides to create a clear tone, better sound transmission speed.

The sound quality of the instrument provides a loud, clear sound suitable for Fingerstyle playing styles. The Model FA-115 features a Dreadnought profile that offers a solid, classy look, and a large acoustic resonator in the body for a bigger, more resonant sound and a great experience. Spruce top for better sound transmission, high reverb, clear tone.

Quartersawn Scalloped X braces are thinner than conventional braces causing the resonator head to vibrate freely, toning well with many shades. The strings are made of steel but do not cause pain when using. Therefore, for beginners, they can rest assured when using this guitar.

fender acoustic guitar cutaway
Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought

The Fender CD-60S is the ideal guitar for those looking for high-quality dreadnought, standard tone, and great playability at an affordable price point. Guitar CD-60S is suitable for picnics, cafes… and suitable for classic Fender style.

The instrument has an eye-catching design, delicate lines. Dreadnought shape – with a large, hollow body that produces a warm, full sound and loud volume, you can use a pick or play accompaniment. In terms of color, the Fender CD-60S guitar has two color versions: natural wood color or black for you to easily choose according to personal preferences.

The guitar is made from imported woods, carefully selected and carefully selected. The front panel is made of solid spruce wood. With its inherent stiffness and lightness, the wood produces a clear, deep tone that responds well to a variety of acoustic playing styles. The back and sides of the guitar are made from mahogany, also known as mahogany. The wood sound is quite standard, creating realistic tones for the music. With this warm sound, it is very suitable for fingerpickers, blues music.

The Fender CD-60S guitar is truly superb in sound, playability and style that will satisfy even beginners and even experienced players. With an affordable price, good quality, Fender CD-60S is being trusted in the market today.

fender acoustic electric guitar
Fender CD-60S Dreadnought

Fender FA-125 CE Acoustic Guitar

The Fender FA-125CE is a simple design with the traditional missing Dreadnought shape that feels clean, simple, intimate and very easy to play. Fender has created a highlight for the guitar with an eye-catching rosette-decorated soundhole. The piano’s surface is gloss-coated for a super-glossy and eye-catching appearance, making it look great under the spotlight. This paint is friendly to the environment and the user, the paint film is long-lasting against harsh weather conditions from the outside, moisture and water thanks to its waterproofing, UV and fading resistance.

The FA-125CE guitar front is made from multiple layers of thin spruce laminate. Spruce wood is a familiar and popular wood for acoustic guitars, for sound transmission speed, very high reverberation, very clear and full tone, responds well to any acoustic playing style.

The back and sides of the FA-125CE acoustic guitar are made of pressed basswood, a very light wood, which reduces the weight of the guitar, especially suitable for beginners. The basswood contributes to the warm sound of the guitar, and especially the mid-range response is superb.

Beginner guitarists or those in the process of developing their skills will appreciate the FA-125CE’s mahogany neck, as it gives the guitar a lively tone and smooth, easy-to-play feel.

fender guitar acoustic
Fender FA-125 CE Acoustic Guitar

The sound of the Fender FA-125CE guitar is largely determined by the shape and the wood that makes up the body. If spruce wood brings a bright, resonant sound like a bell, basswood has a warm bass quality with a very clear and standard mid-range tone. The combination of two woods with contrasting tones (light – warm) creates a resonant, warm, balanced sound from Bass to Treble.

This guitar shape has a large body for a louder, warmer and fuller sound, suitable for you to play accompaniment and pick, and use the instrument in picnics.

Inside the neck is a truss rod for simple neck adjustments, and at the top is a die-cast chrome tuning mechanism for good string retention for a guitar in this price range.

The bridge is made from Rosewood for good sound transmission, combined with the comb and bone made of synthetic bone material for a more stable sound and feel than the plastic materials commonly found in trees. this segment. Guitar Fender FA-125 CE Acoustic Pack is great for beginners with everything they need to start playing, including folk sounds, electronic tuner, performance bag, selector, coils and books guide.

The single-cutaway FA-125CE combines Fender style with Fishman electronics for an ideal guitar built for stage performance. When plugged in, this model’s electronics provide simple yet incredibly powerful audio control.

fender acoustic guitar
Best fender acoustic guitar for beginners


How to pick the best Fender Acoustic Guitar?

There are many factors to consider when you have the need to choose the best Fender Acoustic Guitar. The most important thing is that everyone has to study, learn, listen and evaluate each specific instrument in detail. The best way when you can’t go to a guitar store to see it in person is to watch guitar review videos on Youtube. Find out about reputable, experienced and trustworthy reviewers to get objective information.

You need to learn every little detail on the guitar from the beginning, the neck to the body. Then see more nuts, saddle, shape and hear the different sound of each guitar.

You can also find semi-acoustic hybrids, a prominent example being the Fender Acoustasonic, electric guitars that are guaranteed to give the user the most quality and full-featured experience possible.

What is the best wood for a Fender Acoustic guitar?

One of the issues that many people are interested in when looking to buy a guitar is the wood that makes up the guitar. When you have a need for a mahogany neck, it is essential to ensure the quality of a solid sitka spruce. Experts advise that acoustic guitars made from solid wood will ensure the most pleasant sound compared to acoustic guitars made from laminate.

In fact, Fender acoustic guitars will also use laminates on the guitar for the sides and back, but still ensure very good sound. Some cheap guitars also have laminate tops.

However, if your requirements for sound are higher, then choose a guitar made from wood on the top, which will ensure the certainty to create the best tone. Also an option for the highest quality is a solid-top that will sound much better than a wooden top acoustic guitar. Of all the woods, an all-solid wood will be the perfect match for a high-end guitar.

How to Choose the Best Fender Acoustic Guitar Body Style?

Currently, there are several styles of Fender acoustic guitars for users to choose from according to their needs. In particular, the California Series is equipped with a head that has a characteristic that looks like a cascading machine. Besides, the Dreadnought is produced with a traditional shape on the larger face. Finally, for the Parlor, it was produced in a smaller size and equipped with the Concert Fender sound line with a more rounded shape.


Thus, the above article has provided everyone with detailed information about the best fender acoustic guitars and the necessary knowledge related. Hopefully, that knowledge will help you get the information you need to find the best guitar for you.