Best 3 4 Size Guitar: Everything You Should Know Before Buy

3 4 size guitar
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For many beginners with small hands or children who want to play the guitar, the 3 4 size guitar is the best choice. It makes your playing process much easier and less painful. Even 3/4 acoustic guitars can become a convenient travel guitar. This guitar is also one of the favorite choices of professional guitarists. Learn everything about this exceptional guitar with us.

What is a 3/4 Guitar?

3 4 guitar 1024x580
The scale of the 3 4 guitar sizes is about 23 inches long and shorter than a standard guitar

A ¾ size guitar is a medium-sized guitar approximately 36 inches in length. It’s shorter than a standard-sized guitar that’s about 40 inches in total length.

The name ¾ is not used to refer to the entire length of the guitar, but ¾ here is ¾ inch of the total length of the scale, which is basically the length from the soundhole to the tuning peg.

Every guitar has an important measurement that buyers rely on to choose their favorite guitar, that measurement is the scale length. The scale area is where you wrap your fingers and slide up and down to adjust the sound of the strings. That means the scale length not only determines the sound but also determines how easy you play or not.

The scale of the 3 4 guitar sizes is about 23 inches long and shorter than a standard guitar. You will easily reach all the strings without trying to stretch your arms to reach different positions. The strings are also looser for an easy-to-play feel.

A guitar with a scale length greater than 25 inches is a full-size guitar. Therefore, if you really want to buy 34 guitar sizes, you need to check more carefully.

Can adults use 3/4 Guitars?

Yes, adults can use ¾ guitar. One thing is for sure, the 34 guitar sizes can suit every adult with small hands or personal preference for this guitar. In fact, ¾ acoustic guitar is recommended for children over 8 years old, but because of its ease of play, it is loved by many people.

Although the 3 4 guitars are not traveling guitars, you can take them with you on all your travels thanks to their compact size and deep sound.

Why should I buy it?

3 4 size acoustic guitar 705x1024
Especially those with small hands, can use ¾ guitar to create great sounds

There are many people who choose 3 4 size guitars instead of a standard full-length guitar. This is completely understandable because we have dozens of reasons to choose ¾ guitars such as easier to play, faster chord typing, and less hand pain. Especially those with small hands can use ¾ guitar to create great sounds more easily. Plus, you’ll have easy access to a wider variety of music by using a variety of bar or solo chords on this guitar.

To show you clearly the benefits of buying a ¾ guitar, we will do some analysis below.

  • Easy to play: ¾ size guitar is really easy to play. You can manipulate multiple bars or solo chords at the same time. In addition, due to the limited scale length, your string manipulations also become faster and softer.
  • Full sound like a full-size guitar: Although the ¾ is smaller than a standard-size guitar, it still has all the notes and timbre of a full-size guitar. Its sound is excellent, allowing you to play any music.
  • Easy to move and carry: The compact size and design of 3 4 size guitars is a plus. You can take it with you to travel or picnics. ¾ guitar will help you bring music everywhere you go.

What factor to consider when buying a 3/4 guitar

Although it is a good guitar, you need to consider and consider many factors before buying a ¾ size guitar. Our suggestions below will help you make a perfect choice.

Guitar Action and Adjustability

3 4 guitar acoustic
The ¾ guitar is a guitar that can help you create and hold chords more easily

When playing the guitar, you have to push the strings down to create a chord or note, the space between the fretboard and the string here is called the guitar action. Of course, the first time you play, you cannot perform professional guitar action, but experienced artists. However, the ¾ guitar is a guitar that can help you create and hold chords more easily.

Lower action guitars allow you to switch chords more easily when you’re a new player. Even if the new player is a child, learning how to play the guitar becomes quicker.

You should also notice the thin metal rod running inside the neck, which prevents the neck from bending under the tension of the strings. This adjustable strut also helps you to adjust the tension in your neck when you want to switch strings.

Guitar String Type

acoustic guitar 3 4
For the convenience of players, they can choose the right type of string to replace their guitar

There are many different types of strings, but the most popular are still nylon and steel strings. For the convenience of players, they can choose the right type of string to replace their guitar.

For a ¾ size guitar, you can use nylon strings if the player is a child. This type of string is quite soft and easy to play, it is not as rigid as steel strings and does not cause players to feel pain in their hands.

However, if you are a classical music player, steel strings are the best choice. It will give you a brighter sound and a firmer feel to the touch.

Cutaway Guitars

The cutaway design is usually for guitarists who want more range on the fretboard. Regular guitars are usually symmetrical, with both sides of the neck being the same height. You can see that when you look directly at the guitar.

However, the cutaway guitar is not symmetrical, one side will have a dent. This unique concave design makes it easier for players to reach really high notes on the fretboard. Players have also since then performed guitar in more different styles.

Best models of 3/4 size guitar

best 3 4 guitar
¾ size are just the general structure of this guitar

In general, ¾ guitars are divided into 3 main categories: classical guitars, acoustic guitars, and electric guitars.

Classical guitars often use nylon strings and are preferred mainly for children or beginners. Thanks to the nylon strap, the guitar is easy to play, and the strings are easy to press down and don’t hurt your hands. It helps you get acquainted with the guitar in the perfect way.

In contrast, experienced guitar players will prefer acoustic guitar or electric guitar. These two types of guitars usually have steel strings. Players need to have strength in their hands to be able to pluck the strings to create a louder, louder, and more powerful sound. To give you the best options, we’ve rounded up the best ¾ guitars in each category. Follow the list below to find the right guitar for you.

Best 3/4 classical guitars

The 3/4 classical guitars not only have a classic sound that’s easy to hear and catchy, it’s the easiest to play with nylon strings. Most beginners or children who want to get acquainted with the guitar are introduced to this type of guitar. They are pretty cheap to get you started learning a new instrument. In our list you have 3 options with 3/4 classical guitars:

Yamaha CGS103A – 3/4 classical guitars

fender 3 4 acoustic guitar 794x1024
The Yamaha CGS103A is a great value for money 3/4 classical guitar

Yamaha is one of the most famous musical instrument manufacturers in the world. Most new guitar players will choose this brand’s guitar because of its low price and very good quality.

The Yamaha CGS103A is a great value for money 3/4 classical guitar. It features nylon strings with a spruce finish that ensures impeccable sound quality. The neck also has a characteristic design of the ¾ guitar series, so it is very easy to play.


  • Nylon strings are easy to play and do not hurt your hands
  •  m sound smooth and not broken
  • Suitable for many different audiences
  • Impressive tone and volume


  • No accessories included
  • There is no truss rod

JZ 3/4 classical guitars

best 3 4 size guitar
JZ 3/4 classical guitars

JZ is another guitar brand from China. Their 3/4 version of classical guitars is pretty good for beginner players. When you buy the instrument, you will also be provided with some necessary accessories. The sound of this guitar is quite good, sharp and has a certain bass. The ¾ inch design and nylon strings are easy to play.


  • Great price
  • All necessary accessories included
  • Easy-to-play nylon strings


  • Bags without padding
  • Haven’t given the sound at its most perfect level yet

Pyle 3/4 classical guitars

34 size acoustic guitars
Pyle 3/4 classical guitars

The Pyle is also a guitar similar to the JZ. They are of Chinese origin. They provide a ready-to-use accessory bag that includes additional straps, tuners, and strings. You only need to spend a small amount of money to be able to own a guitar ¾ to start getting used to this instrument.


  • Great price
  • Comes with accessories
  • ¾ Design and easy-to-play nylon strings


  • The sound is not perfect

Best 3/4 acoustic guitars

For those who know how to play guitar and professional guitarists, the acoustic guitar is a great choice. The 3/4 acoustic guitars usually have strings made of steel. Their sound is quite resonant, clear and attractive. However, the price of 3/4 acoustic guitars will be more expensive than 3/4 classical guitars.

Here are some of our recommendations for the best 3/4 acoustic guitars:

Yamaha FG JR 1

fender 34 acoustic guitars
The Yamaha FG JR 1 is a truly amazing 3/4 acoustic guitar

Yamaha offers many different lines of guitars and 3 4 guitar size is one of them. The Yamaha FG JR 1 is a truly amazing 3/4 acoustic guitar. You can play it easily and comfortably, the string control is also very natural. The sound it produces is like magic, making the listener feel excited. Included with the Yamaha ¾ acoustic guitar are a tuner, a gig bag, and several other accessories.

You can use this guitar as a travel instrument. It is definitely worth the money you spend.


  • The short scale length of only 21 “
  • The sound of steel strings is loud and bright
  • Rosewood material for a soothing sound
  • Comes with some accessories


  • Steel rope is difficult for beginners
  • No electroacoustic function

Fender FA-15

34 acoustic guitar 815x1024
Fender FA-15 is completed by the manufacturer quite well and has good sound quality

Another world-famous guitar brand is Fender. They are famous for their electric guitar lines but 3/4 acoustic guitars are also one of their impressive products. Fender FA-15 is completed by the manufacturer quite well and has good sound quality. Thanks to the steel strings, the sound is clearer, louder, and brighter than a classical guitar of the same size.


  • Good sound quality, loud and resonant
  • Steel strings let you feel each beat more clearly
  • Size brings a great user experience
  • Free bag and some accessories


  • Steel rope is difficult for beginners
  • The price is quite high

Oscar Schmidt OG-5

3 4 scale guitar 800x1024
The Oscar Schmidt OG-5 is a perfect choice

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar for children, the Oscar Schmidt OG-5 is a perfect choice. With over 100 years of musical instrument manufacturing experience, Oscar Schmidt can create the best acoustic guitars for beginners. This 3 4 size guitar has a nice and bright sound. You can also make the sound more varied by using chords.


  • For impressive sound
  • Suitable even for children who are just starting out
  • Good price
  • Comes with many accessories


  • Steel rope is difficult for beginners
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Best 3/4 electric guitars

Electric guitars can bring out sounds that you can’t find in other guitars. For various reasons, there are not many ¾ size electric guitars on the market. 3/4 electric guitars also use steel strings, but these strings are thinner and less tight so the player can easily push the strings down. Therefore, beginners can play electric guitar easier than playing acoustic guitar.

If you are really not used to using steel strings you can replace them with nylon strings to get used to it gradually. If you love rock music then you should not miss the best 3/4 electric guitars below!

3/4 electric guitars Yamaha APXT2

34 size guitar 766x1024
3/4 electric guitars Yamaha APXT2

The Yamaha APXT2 is a very convenient electric guitar. It’s really versatile and produces compelling sounds. Its design is quite new and unique. This line of 3/4 electric guitars features flexible tuning with pickups featuring Yamaha’s acoustic resonance technology that many desire. All in all, this is a great electric guitar for the price and utility.


  • The built-in detector is more convenient and flexible
  • Cutouts on the body give you more access to the keys
  • Beautiful pickups that help you plug into an amp or PA system
  • Adjustable truss bar


  • Steel wire quality is not good
  • The adjustment pin needs replacing for better

 3/4 electric guitars – Squier Mini Strat Bundle

34 size guitar acoustic 1024x331
3/4 electric guitars – Squier Mini Strat Bundle

With a design of 3 4 guitar sizes, the Squier Mini Strat Bundle is one of the most impressive electric guitars. It’s for kids and beginners. Compact design and eye-catching colors create a brand for Fender. When you play this ¾ electric guitar you will feel like you are a real rock star. When you buy the guitar, you will also receive a complete package that includes accessories such as cables, and audio amplifiers.


  • Full accessories included
  • Easy to play with kids and beginners
  • For outstanding and impressive sound


  • Metal strings can cause some problems


Regardless of the famous brand or type of guitar, 3 4 size guitar are always a great choice for most new players. For adults who have small hands or want to take their guitars for travel, there’s no better option than ¾ guitars. This sized guitar is small but packs all the sounds needed to make any impressive music. Each type of guitar from classical, acoustic to electric guitar has its own impressive characteristics. Hopefully, our sharing in this article can help you choose the right guitar.

If you are still worried about the 3/4 guitar not being suitable for your hand. So why not try looking at a 1/2 guitar? I believe this is essential for you. Check it out right here: Best 1/2 size guitar.

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